The Venus Neptune Angle On The Failure Of My Bank – Netbank

Today, I had the biggest payday I have had in twelve years. I was paid for administrating another person’s blog. Money flowed in, yes?

Then I went to pay bills and I found my bank had gone missing.

Pretty funny, don’t you think?

Fact is the money I had will reconstitute (reappear) within a couple of days. It will come back like the tide but I just marvel at how these things could happen on the same day.

Easy come, easy go. All you can do behold the art of the universe. That and try to figure out its tricks.

Because I think this means something of course. Matter of fact I think it means all kinds of things. But in the end, what I have is some more Saturn in Virgo tasks.

I have used Netbank for nine years. I totally rely on them for bill paying. This is daily routine stuff (Virgo) so now I need a new structure… something safe, ha ha ha. As if I can have that with Saturn / Neptune.

Oh well, how about I go for the illusion of safe? Put my Venus Neptune money in the bank on faith and see if it disappears.

Or maybe I can hide my money in a hole in the ground for fear (Saturn) and then forget where I put it (Neptune). Is that a better idea?

Let’s face it, you just can’t hide. And here’s the other thing.

The money comes back so it’s like nothing happened, but that’s an illusion. Something happened all right. A bank failed due bad loans and we all know there is no scarcity of those…

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The Venus Neptune Angle On The Failure Of My Bank – Netbank — 5 Comments

  1. Well, seekingzen, I expected this. I didn’t think MY bank would be first to fail but I definitely think this will not be an isolated incident.

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