The Two 8th Houses Discuss Death And The Movie (Neptune) That Is Their Live

lonesome doveToday’s Eclipse and Saturn is conjunct the soldier’s natal Pluto in the 6th house (health) so of course there has to be a health scare / death scare and he got it.

“Don’t you come here and die!” I said. “Don’t you… you get that Lonesome Dove movie out of your head!”

(He thinks he is the “Gus” character in Lonesome Dove and I am Clara, the Anjelica Huston character.)

“I don’t wanna, P.”

“Well okay. So just get that movie out of your head because I know it’s in there. And I know you are coming to me to die. I know it and you know it and you can do that. You can have your movie but for Godsakes you don’t have to die right away. You can die later, okay? Don’t you come here and up and die on me – first thing you do is die!”

“Okay, P. I’ll try not to die. I’m tryin’, okay?”

“Okay, good. Okay, that’s fine. I think you’re okay. I really think it will be all right. I think it’s just a scare but I still want that movie out of your head. I don’t want you playing it out. I mean you will play it out but you don’t have to die now. You can die and I will stand it but make it later, okay? Later, later, later, later?”

“Okay, I’ll try. You just come out here and get me.”

“Well I am. I’ll come get you and meantime you just think about how you’re not going to die on me as soon as you get here like that movie because if you do I will not think it is funny. In fact I will be very UN-happy.”

“I know. I’ll try not to die, I said. Don’t worry, P. Just come here on Friday and we’ll just be together from then on.”

“I know.”

We will know if he has a problem within a week. Sooner if we’re stoopid lucky which I hope we are. But you know the universe is up to something and does tend to take it’s time when it come to us… never mind take us to the edge. ::rolls eyes::

No one worry, we are both inordinately comfortable with the edge and also known for teetering on it and coming up just fine.


The Two 8th Houses Discuss Death And The Movie (Neptune) That Is Their Live — 7 Comments

  1. Hey, I’m with you. Nobody I have ever ordered “Don’t die!” has ever died yet.

    I’ll really hate the day I won’t be able to say that any longer.

  2. Well… he responds to orders – he’s a soldier. Plus he has a sense of responsibility!!

    Jamie – I am sorry but I have to write this. I HAVE to because I think it (telling the story) invokes Jupiter which is protective.

  3. It was a TV movie, so you can definitely change the channel. 🙂

    Hoping for the absolute best for you. Crossing everything I have.

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