“The Truth Will Out”

Last night my husband and I were talking about “the truth” and more specifically about myths about the truth that I internalized when I was a kid. “People know the truth when they hear it”. That was the big one. I heard this said repeatedly when I was kid. I believed it was true.

It assumes people have common sense and some degree of instinct. The idea is if you listen to someone with some degree of attention, you’ll be able to discern if they are truthful. This seemed the case for me personally. I can tell when someone is lying to me and even when I can’t, I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ve held the naive belief that this is how it for everyone.

Because I believed the truth would always come out in the end, and I did not want to be seen as a liar, I opted to become an honest person and again, projected this quality not only onto other but onto everyone. I stayed in this state for many years. At least until my late 20’s, around the time of my Saturn return.

I told my husband about being in court and seeing someone tell an absolute lie under oath and being completely astounded. It seems funny when I look back on it, but I just could not believe someone would sit there and lie, particularly when there were three of us in the courtroom that absolutely knew the truth. My husband thought this was funny and I suppose it is, though I still feel sad and disillusioned when I think of that day.

My jacked up beliefs were still in evidence in my 40’s when I wrote my husband’s son and told him any number of things, all of them true. Eventually he wrote me back to say he only believed 20% of what I’d said and I was devastated. I was stunned and hurt to my core and I remember him at that time, the untrue truth – “I thought people knew the truth when they heard it.”

There are two issues here. One is that people don’t necessarily know the truth when they hear it (::sobs:::) and also, the truth does not necessarily ever come out. People die in prison for crimes they did not commit, for example.

Anyway, this is all Jupiter stuff.

What do you believe about the truth? Where is your Jupiter?

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“The Truth Will Out” — 14 Comments

  1. It’s easy to remember the truth. Questioning truth can be relative to the source of learning. People who read the STAR for example.. They may actually believe that shit is true…
    Seven people can be at the same event and yet if you ask them to tell you the story, their impressions may be different. Perspective perhaps..

  2. It’s like you wrote my life story. I have Neptune in Sagittarius in the 1st trine Mercury and Jupiter in the 8th. Neptune is transiting my 3rd house and South Node in Pisces and opposing my Saturn in the 9th. It should go without saying that I’m disillusioned about the truth every second of every day. I’m currently building a new set of beliefs based on what I sense and experience rather than what I (want to) believe.

    In addition to the truth, I’m also learning to accept that everyone is not intellectually gifted and that some are so intellectually and emotionally retarded that no amount of tutoring or therapy can help.

    I refused to accept this until I left my academic-gifted and corporate bubble, and did field organizing for political campaigns. The general public needs major mental health help.

  3. I learned early not to lie because my parents *always* swiftly found out and punished me. With rulers of the 1st, 4th, 9th and 10th houses in the 8th house, I learned that I can’t escape Universal law (karma) just because I manage to convince people who didn’t know me as well as my parents of a false reality. But my parents’ Pisces planets fall in my 3rd and 4th houses. They lied to me plenty! And I resented them for it. One lie: that hard work reaps material benefits. It does not. It gets you exploited by lazy people. And so many others.

  4. Heh, there was an episode of The Good Wife this season where clients were totally, blatantly, lying on the stand and their lawyers found out about it. It was interesting to see what they had to say in that situation.

    I can usually tell when people are lying too, but some folks do not want to know this information, are living in denial/their own reality, etc.

  5. I’ve learned that the truth doesn’t always come out.
    But this only seems to work for other people. With myself the truth does come out (or sometimes the lie feels so heavy inside that I have to take it out and set it straight myself) and that is why I rather stay on the safe side and be honest.

    I still like to believe that, even though the truth doesn’t always come out, people do feel the consequences of a lie, one way or another. That’s the whole purpose of karma. What goes around comes around, right?

    I’ve Jupiter In Cap in the 9th.

    People will believe what they want to believe. But when you tell the truth and people flat out tell you: “I don’t believe you”, it’s kind of offensive. I mean, “Are you calling me a liar?”.

  6. I get very creeped out when I hear “perception is reality”, therefore if err said lie is the truth to one person, that so it is the truth! And this has happened to me over and over with individuals. Even though I have all the facts spread out before them, they claimed it wasn’t the truth. 0_o (queue Twilight Zone theme)

    Even though I surround myself with what I call “truth seekers”, people who dig to reveal what does not necessarily want to be revealed, I still come across those who are completely dishonest.

    My dad said, “Honey, you would make a great lawyer, but what is it you want to defend?” That made a huge impact on me at a young age and I was terrified of law. What is law?

  7. Hi Elsa,

    Sadly, the rewards for honesty and integrity that we sow in this life are not instantaneously evident. Evil prospers as much as good, if you will (evil defined as deception, oppression, violence, selfishness, etc.). This week I am especially challenged by the lack of tangible proof in my life that I have done the right things and made the right choices by myself and by others. I am lighting sabbath candles for the first time in years to affirm my faith in myself and in my integrity, as well as to acknowledge that there is (in my personal view) a vast life beyond the small life I here now know. In that vastness, I have faith my rewards are ripening.

  8. Oh… I should add I am a Scorp/Scorp rising with Venus/Neptune/Sun stellium. I have overly suspicious tendencies. I have compensated for them as I get older by requiring a long period of evidence gathering before I really “condemn” someone. Also, I am lately learning that perpetuating anger and animosity towards those who have clearly harmed me is just another way I harm myself. So I am learning to love my enemies and pray for them (very, very challenging tasks!!).

  9. I believe everyone has their own truth.
    My favorite example is one of numbers : where I live, a social battle is “raging”, and those who are fighting for their beliefs are seen by the rest of the country as lazy, self-entitled dreamers who won’t pay their fair share of anything. However, they truly believe that they are fighting for noble and important causes. And each side has stats to back their arguments. And funnily enough the math works, either way. So each camp has their truth, and how can anybody be heard, how can anyone convince the other of anything ? Mercury and Sun sq. Neptune here.

  10. I was going to ask where’s your Jupiter!
    Square or trine to Pluto?

    Mine’s trine to Pluto (Jup. in Aquarius).

  11. Ah, this topic is the joy and the curse at the same time.
    @darbydarcy, i agree with your rhetoric question ‘what is law’? and this is precisely why i chose not to study it even though i felt i wanted.

    For me truth is closely related with how well people bring out their categorical truths from the unconscious into conscious.

    One simple example how untruthful unconsciously humans can be is the housing crash and economic meltdown. Every day lots of ‘clever’ people were living in a deceit. The fact is, all these fancy economic models, computer graphs, are built on the assumption that people make decisions by consciously weighing the relevant factors, but the psychological research suggests that most of the time people act on simple, unconscious rules that produce irrational results. I remember just after the crash i came across with the book titled ‘Animal Spirits’, written by the economists. I think it tells it all.

    I guess my answer about the truth is, the more people will look into their unconscious and deal with any issues they may have (and most people have plenty to deal with), the more the society will benefit. Hopefully with neptune in pisces more people will be drawn to do so.

    There is this new book called ‘Hidden depths’- it talks in more detail about what i’ve written. There’re chapters on courts talking how unreliable evidence can be.

  12. The easiest way to become hated as a liar is to tell the truth.

    If the truth is out there, that’s where you’ll find yourself for telling it.

    The law serves those whom it is expedient to serve. The truth knows nothing of expediency, thus, the law knows nothing of the truth.

    How much money have you earned by telling the truth? Really, that little?

    How much money have you made by telling lies? Really, you’ve lost count?

    If you’ve lost your tongue by talking, you must love the truth very much.

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