The Sun Is In Scorpio – What A Relief

scorpio necklace niceThe Sun left Libra for Scorpio today, I feel all kinds of relief. I think it’s the Uranus Pluto stress on my planets in Libra.  All this niceness-manipulation is about to make me gal. Yours, mine, ours, yuck!

I feel a lot more comfortable, underground these days. I think about working in the yard all summer. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed getting to know my neighbors. But I am ready to retreat at this time. Live (Sun) in private (Scorpio). Thrive there too, I hope.

How do you feel with the Sun in Scorpio?


The Sun Is In Scorpio – What A Relief — 13 Comments

  1. Sigh, I don’t fully know the relief until I see it haha. I feel however that… I can move on, progress into the work a little deeper. That may be my Capricorn talking.

  2. It trines my all my cancer and sextiles my cappy moon/Jupiter, so relief to me. I enjoy the private, deeperness that seems to come with late October (including longer nights like Tonya said). Plus Scorpio spans my 4th and 5th houses, so what’s not to like about that 🙂 😉

    • You just nailed a big reason that I love the longer nights. More privacy. Thanks, I had not thought so much on that part of it, but privacy is sacred. 🙂

  3. Not good. I don’t feel great. Moon opposite Pluto transit and Saturn transiting my midheaven. I just don’t like November ordinarily which is weird because I like when the moon is in Scorpio, etc.

  4. I like it when people are nice. I live my whole life with all these Scorpio planets so almost anything else is better……

    I don’t pay any attention to manipulation anymore. They do it, I see it, then either laugh, ignore or move on. Sometimes my youngest son thinks he is doing it. What he doesn’t realize is I would give him anything even if he didn’t open his mouth ….. lololol

    Pluto is getting ready to square my sun like I haven’t been through enough. Sun in the 4th, (stellium in the 4th) moon in the 10th…..yeah, that’s right……just hit everything at once. I can’t wait for that. FML!

    I’ll take nice. I’m about to get hit with a steamroller

  5. No crap with Scorpio, it’s in your face, the truth, the raw truth – you don’t get away from it or get it fluffed up like Libra allows. Scorpio peels away the layers, slowly and painfully but with the aim of truth, empowerment and growth. I’m glad we’re in scorp season.

  6. Sun’s in my 4th house. This is the time of year I love to cuddle up and stay home. When it’s in my 3rd, it’s constantly running and social activities. ? I’m exhausted and so ready to chill. Once it hits my 5th with Sag, it’ll be all busy Christmas holidays then. ?

  7. I’ve been enjoying some aspects of Libra season (I do have a 7th house moon after all.) That said, I’m about to move into a new house and I’m happy to pull in my resources a little and focus on making a cozy home.

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