The Stellium In Virgo Is Stressing People To The Max!

don't worry VirgoWe’re beyond the new moon in Virgo (Effects By House) but the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will remain in Virgo for another ten days or so. People are stressed!

Many are busy. Others are facing health problems or worried about the health of a loved one. Others are resigned to work and work and more work. Emails and phone calls are flying left and right and to and from.

Mental stress threatens health.  Some have been hit by a hurricane, others are waiting and wondering. And oh yeah. When the next data breech or shooting going to take place? How about some other kind of attack?

log in attemptsLook at these bastards who try to hijack my site, constantly, relentlessly.

Sleep well, Elsa!

I’m always waiting for the next person to spew.

I tried to find a picture for “worry”.  A search returned a bunch of hands holding stones.

Sorry, no! I don’t think a rock you sell me is going to help with this this kind of frenetic energy.

I have gotten numerous emails asking how long this will last. Check my Transit Calendar. See all those entries, the first two weeks of this month? That’s where we’re at.

If you’re wigging out, try slowing down. Stopping to breathe, for just one minute, four times a day, is known to return cortisol (stress hormone) back to normal levels.

Are you stressed?

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The Stellium In Virgo Is Stressing People To The Max! — 43 Comments

  1. There’s a high speed chase turned “reportedly armed, reportedly dangerous man on the loose” really close to and possibly inside my (very small) town.

    I’m supposed to leave for work in an hour. So yeah… a little stressed.

  2. Oh my… I see that all around…I feel it on the się around me… I feel it by myself…
    One minute ago I wrote to my friend that I’m so stressed I do not feel hunger – I have to Remondis myself to eat. And when he asked why I couldn’t find a real reason. Just small things here and there…

  3. Whelp- today’s my birthday! Lol. Thanks for the present universe 😉
    Yeah- been feeling it….though today is better. Went to the river & relaxed.
    Plus working hard on my novel- major breakthroughs.
    & this stallion in my solar return is in the 10th 🙂
    So: silver lining

  4. I have a new Lunar Return kicking in tomorrow and this Virgo Stellium is in the LR 12th H. Seriously?!

    Looks like a whole month of massive confusion.

    This would be a great time to get abducted by aliens!

  5. I have a stellium in Virgo, resting across my 12th and 11th, and yet, i have been feeling peaceful, handling work and emails and projects easily though it is busy; feeling centered and positive. The past week….fine. Things nice and fun last few days in particular, with good interactions, a nice flow. Not sure why this, but i’ll take it!

    That said, yes, others are so very stressed though, just as Elsa describes. I am trying to help a few. My dear Cap and Cancer friends/ family seem the most affected. The “pause to breathe” tip Elsa offered is absolutely vital now, I think! For everyone facing the hurricane, though, sending extra love.

    • I have the Virgo stellium in my first house and I’m busy but it’s going well. I felt overwhelmed today with all I had to do but it was physical work so I’m tired but feel accomplished.

      • I hear this! Busy esp some physical tasks in addition to regular desk work, but like you, am feeling nicely accomplished not stressed or drained. Do you feel in general like you “own” your work now versus, well, the more Virgo-servant-like feeling about work efforts? Working more for your satisfaction, not just for the satisfaction of others? I feel like something clicked over. My Asc is Virgo too.

    • Me too! Virgo stellium in 8th. Feeling good partly because I am treating myself well, for a change and prioritizing sanity and happiness come what may.

      • @Venus flytrap – right?! Treating myself well and minding my happiness has become a priority for me, which is not the norm, haha. It helps so much…and thus, maybe this us a lesson we need to carry on with into the months ahead? I am so glad you’re feeling good!

  6. This stellium falls in my 9th house. Basically I’m dealing with interesting situations. A splitting drive belt on the car that only the Ford dealer can fix (regular mechanic is out this week). Paperwork that had to be redone for storage unit, since the facility changed hands just after I moved my stuff in. Main fridge/freezer at the place I just moved has decided to go haywire, so everything had to go to the garage units.
    Sigh. Just a lot of weird stuff. Oh wait, Uranus is retrograde now, isn’t it? ?

  7. Stress, no sleep, stress related tinnitus, a shitload work, filled schedule, emotional breakdowns, having to cut out people to get things done, colleagues taking their anger out on me, anxiety and everything in between.

    7th house for me.

    • You just described my life exactly AND its my 7H too!! Hang in there Annette – I’m going to try the breathing tip and wait for the shitshow to pass.

  8. Not me, I have a Virgo stellium in the 8th, I am good to go after two years of stop start.

    Also, being as it is the 8th I came into a legacy and a govt grant on the same day.

    “The house of other people’s money”.

    I put enough of my time into both those benefactors. Virgo says “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

    • LOL….I work in IT and it has been absolutely nuts. Not only tech wise but changes in our department (sudden annoucements!) and VERY crossed messages for all kinds of requests. Un-be-liavable!!

      I have a Virgo Moon in the 9th but it’s on the cusp of my MC. I definately feel the “frenetic” energies – kinda feels like I am in a blender.

      • I meant the people trying to screw with Elsa’s site. I’m pretty sure you know what I was talking about, just saying it just in case!

        Good luck at your IT job or career.

  9. Clean up your bathrooms. Get out the clogged hair and animal soap fat out from the drains and you will find you feel a lot a better about yourself.

    Most problems in life come from trying to have control over things (or people) you cannot control and not looking after the things you are supposed to look after.

    Virgo speaks.

    • Yeah, cleaning, doing the laundry and all that, helped me too. But I am a Virgo Moon.
      Thank God for that. These are not easy times and dirty as f***. Anyway I hope we can do better.

      Pffff, that sounds as lame as it is.

  10. Is this what’s causing my crazy commutes this week? Yikes, it has been a long time since I’ve seen traffic and delays like this. Some wild weather too. (Falls in my 7th house…doesn’t seem to have anything to do with traffic!)

  11. God I’m not stressed at all – on the contrary, I’m loving all of this!

    I’m a Virgo sun/mars/asc with mars conj asc – getting shit done is my absolute jam! I’ve been going from one place to another, not needing as much sleep to feel regenerated, and being on top of every chore and assignment. Virgo season has been GREAT – my only lil complaint is that most of the action is in my 12th since i’m a late Virgo asc, so it does feel like everything I’m doing doesn’t get me the attention I want in the outside world. I don’t think what I’m doing is worthless since I feel more grounded than ever and, actually, calm: I just wish I felt like I’m generating concrete results that’ll forward my aims.

    But the season isn’t over! Libra season mostly takes place in my 1st house so September and October are looking good 🙂

  12. Elsa, I am in Virgo bliss. The Virgo stellium is all over my solar powered 2nd house Virgo stellium. I am getting things done and I can see where it will benefit my career in the near future. Even with Uranus Rx beaming at me from my 10th house.

    There is a steady amount of work to be done every day (lots of creative writing, phone calls, driving) but I am good with that list of chores.

    I have peace. My financial life is healing. Money is flowing and being saved. The things I value are blossoming. Hacker attacks have increased on all my websites but I can protect myself now with Wordfence.

    I am, in a quiet way, feeling joyful. Things are quietly orderly and heading in the right direction for the first time in years. I feel free to dream and relax a bit. I am even listening to music more and I’ve started swimming again.

  13. Hi Elsa. What are the “bastards” trying to do? I don’t understand that screen shot. Are they pretending to be you? Are they taking your money? Are they using up all your data? What are those numbers for? Sorry for the problems they are causing you. Char

  14. My husband and I were not even on speaking terms over an issue where we were on the same side of! It was crazy. Then we found out his colleague signed out Wednesday, saying he wouldn’t be in the next day, and went home and attempted suicide. I could totally understand, because our own energy was so ramped up as to be off the charts.
    Thankfully he is being cared for in hospital and will receive mental health care for a month before returning to work.

  15. Slow down is right. That’s my day today. I got concerned over a possibly new health issue after living for decades with others. I should be used to this bad health stuff by now but it’s still upsetting. So I’m taking the day “off” and not worrying about it. Because I can’t do much about it that I’m not already doing!

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