The Spirit Of Jupiter In Sagittarius

Yesterday, a client told me that she wished there was more talk or education on a particular topic.  This struck me to be in spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Let’s say you’re bold and candid and honest.

What do you want to know more about?

What do you know that you would like to share with others?

How can we be better or do better?



The Spirit Of Jupiter In Sagittarius — 7 Comments

  1. I want to learn how to set intentions. For some reason it’s a hard thing for me to dig through my busy mind and actually write something down.

  2. To me, the spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius is bouncy, happy, optimistic, expansive in knowledge and experiences, and adventurous! It’s VERY Yang energy. It is the opposite of Cancer’s warm home energy.

  3. Great questions for a very rainy day. Funny, I wrote in notes to myself today: “How long has it been since I began studying astrology?” Counting, I figured 20-24 yrs. Yesterday I received my Solar Return Chart from Elsa and for the first time I could understand the influence of the aspects (where the planets will be when the Sun returns to ‘place of origin in the sky’) and the interpretations WITH so much MORE CLARITY.

    To answer your questions: In the years I’ve been coming to ElsaElsa (10 of them) I have learned so much, on many levels, about astrology and application to my life. Your perseverance and consistent is a model for this internet-based era. You and Satori have raised my natural level of Jupiter (I have it natally in Sag conjunct Venus) and Satori’s weekly and week-end forecasts have developed such a depth of navigational insight over time.

    Would it be possible for you two to create an online class that looked in depth, and in particulars, at the way a Forecast for a Week (for example) is created? What goes into the read, the intuition the drawing in of archetypal planetary character tossed with the questions that come up when these forecasts (or consultation) is offered. The foundational info would lay a background for interaction with those who come. Your style of receiving questions and moving content forward would exemplify Jupiter at his(your) best.

    Not to put you out of a job Elsa, but to build on the level of knowledge that you’ve nurtured through your blog/forum/consultations. And if this is NOT what you were asking, it WAS something I was thinking before you published this post.

    Jupiter as you say is spiriting us away. Thanks for the questions.

  4. *** What do you want to know more about?

    I want to know more about joy, happiness, giddiness, laughter, merriment, pleasure, delight, and such. I want to know more about these by EXPERIENCING them.

    *** What do you know that you would like to share with others?

    I have within me a vast trove of historical knowledge about certain people (family groups) of a certain geographical area. Knowledge NOBODY ELSE possesses. The time has come for me to share it. I am pretty sure very few people will be interested, “today”. But I NEED to do this for posterity. There will be one person like me down the road, in 100 years perhaps, who will be GRATEFUL that I shared my trove.

    *** How can we be better or do better?

    I will need to think on this one and come back.

    I will also come back and re-answer the first two questions in terms of astrology and EE.

  5. The recent election came with a lot of commercials. Some reps talked about the legislation ie. bills they spearheaded and got enacted. I was thinking why is this not news. Why can’t I turn on the news and hear about government reps doing that. If I research congressional bills, I struggle with the lingo. But they could guest the experts that can cut through all that. I suddenly realized that what goes for news coverage is the tabloidous stuff. And I suppose they are concerned with ratings and must feed the ravenous to get them.

    Personally I am trying to pick up more DIY skills.

    I share when I am asked. I am finding folks so uptight about everything that I refrain from speaking most of the time. Except with my besties, of course.

  6. I want to learn more about generational astrology. Understanding the various cohorts of the slow moving planets. For example, the Pluto in Cancer vs Pluto in Virgo. Same with the other slow movers.

  7. Personally Ive been exploring tarot, and its coming quickly to me. I had one person who seems to be right about a lot of things about me, tell me that Id be good at it.

    I have a lot to share about sacred sexuality, energy, spirituality, yin/yang, metaphysics, how to create sacred spaces, how to become a vessel.

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