The Sky NOW: Taurus Full Moon Conjunct Vesta – Sacred Cows

sacred cowThe full moon doesn’t reach the exact degree of opposition to the Scorpio Sun till tomorrow morning. However, things often pop in the hours leading up to a transit. The quicker moving the actors, the less time you’ve got in the lead-up. So I’d be looking at today and tonight for effect.

Vesta is currently retrograde and will be tightly conjunct the full moon. If you’re interested in a breakdown of Vesta’s energies, try Introduction To Vesta. In the end, Vesta symbolizes deep devotion. In Taurus, and here comes a dad joke: It’s a sacred cow.

It’s an indicator of devout attention in a fixed sign, ruled by Venus. So the collective Vesta energy centers itself on values, what we consider ours, our valued attributes, and commerce. Dolla dolla bill, y’all – not only that, but that too. It can be how we value our possessions, our looks, and with Vesta – whatever we hold dear.

Look to the house that this full moon will inhabit (just under 20 degrees Taurus) and that is where Vesta is also transiting your chart. Vesta in that house will be bringing focus to devotions in that area of your life. The full moon will likely involve those sacred cows. It behooves* us to investigate those subjects in our individual development. It’s likely to be something dear that is up for renewal or reversal.

It’s time to double down or move on… about something you value. It is likely time to look at your devout devotions and decide if that’s the hill you want to die on. Perhaps it’s time to let that go and put your energy elsewhere. It may be that particular value has served its purpose and is no longer needed. We can let some things pass in order to move on to something fresh and full of new pleasures.

Where does the full moon conjunct Vesta hit your chart? Do you have a sacred cow coming up for review? Have you considered it?

MANY areas in our lives are up for review and on the verge of great change over the course of the next few months. Many additional areas are covered in the new holiday guide, as well as my own 12 sign breakout with tips for a better holiday (and after) experience. Also, it’s a great way to support what we do here at the EE site. If you’re interested: Using Astrology To Navigate The Holiday Season.

*Unintentional dad joke about sacred cows… hooves, get it? I may have low blood sugar. I’m not even a dad, or a man. I bought the variety pack of Cap’n Crunch – it’s probably that. Also, the roof of my mouth hurts.



The Sky NOW: Taurus Full Moon Conjunct Vesta – Sacred Cows — 20 Comments

  1. I think that the Vestal virgin archetype has something a bit more for us here, they tend the flame and must never let it die. So I wonder if this full moon is there to give succor to those feeling hopeless and saying that they must preserve that spark of inspiration within through the dark night of the soul

    There’s also an element of transmuting sexual energy and raising it to the level of the sacred so I think it will be a powerful time for Kundalini Yoga and ritual magic.

  2. 12th house, but mere degrees away from my ascendant.

    I’m thinking about how limited I feel about the fact that I don’t look exactly the way I want to. I berated myself in the mirror earlier, telling myself how ugly I am. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that (for the record, I feel better about that now…usually that just means it’s time to shave, lol).

    Because I’m so alone and generally worthless to most people now (for a multitude of reasons), I like to escape to one of my favorite pleasures, which is food. But I know that I can no longer do that whenever I want to. Getting into the best shape I can get into is more important. That is a bit of a sacred cow for me. The idea is that I can’t really make progress in a lot of other areas until I get this sorted out, which requires staying in isolation as much as possible (12th house). Unless I’m going to my group workout class as I am tomorrow morning…that kind of thing is great.

    None of this is new, but it definitely feels like an excellent time to renew and double down on my priorities. I’m at least glad that I am much closer to my goal now than I was a few years ago.

  3. n.Vesta in Scorpio

    Weird, its like I’m staring the answer dead in the face, but I just don’t get it!

    I might have to wait for St. Nicholas day to find another piece of the puzzle or solve the puzzle.

  4. He.
    Birthday today, in 3rd house, opposite Sun-Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio.
    Just recieved a text from someone I hadn’t spoken to since February.

    Weird stuff, huh?!

  5. In the natal second house. Just did a purge of belongings that I guess I don’t value anymore. Knowing they are being reused by others in need feels great. I need less stuff as I age after quite a materialistic youth. I go out less and don’t always buy the best on the market like I used to. Quiet activities and being lazy feels good.

  6. Smack dab on my Moon/Mercury EXACT conjunction at 19 Taurus in the ninth.

    I meditated on material gains and a dog of a stock I’ve owned forever is up 200 % this morning related to it’s anti-counterfeit
    successful plant DNA tagging of LEATHER !!! Woo-hoo I’m MOO-VED !

  7. It is exactly on my moon in the 8th and I’m trying to figure out what it means. I do have a potential date who is a father and a widow so not sure if it is something to do with him.

  8. Rx Vesta and Taurus FM in my 3H. I have been rethinking (Gemini) my decision to continue living in my house (Taurus) and my current city (3H). After two years here, I continue to not feel bonded to this house or city. I have begun exploring other local options and I am excited about new residential possibilities.

  9. Moon and vesta opposite natal Uranus transiting my 7th house and squaring my natal moon in Aquarius. I had a minor break down over relationships, feeling pressure to commit before I’m done developing myself and just wanting to break free of anything and anyone that seemed to be standing in the way of my healing journey. Thankfully I was able to communicate that and work through it but it took over 24 hours! What a year it’s been.

    • Quick question if you are willing, did you have the breakdown/crisis in the waxing-moon period leading up to the full moon? I only ask because I had a bit of a paranoia breakdown in the area of life ruled by the full moon’s position in my chart (11th), but it was in the weeks between new and full moons and the full moon coincided with me working it through and resolving it.

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