The Saturn Pluto INTENSE CRUSH, Dirty Grave, Circa November 2009

This is a heads up for people with planets at the early degrees of the Cardinal signs. Pluto is going to be in Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra and if you happen to have planets at the early degrees if of the Cardinal signs (or very late mutable) you are going to feel this big time.

The first exact crush is @ 1 degree Cardinal in November, 2009 and I have been coaching a good number of clients so that they can not only endure this but work it to their advantage. In short you have got to accept and ultimately marry the “dark” with “reality” because you are sure to be in it, up to your neck.

There is no sense worrying but what you can do right now if you are in this group, is accept the fact pressure and intensity is going to increase between now and then.

You’ve got to work (Saturn) to tap your deepest resources (Pluto) and if you will do this you’ve can effect a real (Saturn) transformation (Pluto) but there is no levitating about it.

This is work in the dirty grave that is your psyche… that you would normally put off on the other.

If you come around here, I will try to help you with my morbid jokes. I mean, let’s face it. If you had to work in a dirty grave who would you rather work ‘long side of, hmm?

::laughs at her own joke that isn’t even a joke::


Diversion, bay-bee! It’s priceless!

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The Saturn Pluto INTENSE CRUSH, Dirty Grave, Circa November 2009 — 53 Comments

  1. Elsa- You are freaking me out! Did I have a past life grave digging or stacking skulls and bones in the paris catacombs? Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Libra.

  2. Oh yeah, I have Mercury at 1’57 Cancer, and Saturn at 28’48 Pisces. Do I qualify? I think so. I’m up for the ride though.. could even be fun reinventing myself.


  3. Oh goody…like I need that on top of all the crazy transits I’m going thru right now? πŸ˜‰ S’ok, I laugh at everything anyway…I’m the queen of inappropriate laughter πŸ˜€

    Question – how far out is “early”?? I know this will touch on both my Moon & Pluto, but I’ve got Jupiter at 7 Cap & my Sun is at 8 Aries – are those too far out or just enough in?? (great, now my dirty mind is making fun…LOL)

  4. I’m curious too about how far out it will be felt. John has a 5 degree Aries moon so Pluto will square it before long. Wondering how soon he’ll be noticing that and damn I sort of wish I hadn’t just seen that coming.

    His ex wife has a 5 degree Capricorn moon and 0 degree Cancer ascendant. (It’s all friendly so I have her birth info.) Leaves me a bit worried about their son, my step son during this transit.

    I’ve got nothing big happening that I can see. No early cardinal or very late mutable stuff.

  5. Lilly, I say, take notes. 2010 more has your name on it…

    I would give this a tight orb, personally. like 2-3 degrees in each direction would be the epicenter. If you are at 7, that’s your neighbor getting hit, however you are probably close to your neighbor so impacted as well.

  6. Lordy, I’ve got Saturn and Sun at 2 and 5 degrees Aries, Moon in Libra after that at 7. I knew this was coming up but wasn’t really getting the flavor of it yet. Glad to have Elsa coaching us through this and lending her wicked humor.

  7. My youngest son has Sun at 2 Capricorn and Moon at 27 Pisces. This poor kid’s been through it the last year but such a trooper, I’m so proud of him. He’s actually on his way to Chicago to try out for American Idol. Not something he’d have done pre-Pluto, but the kid is becoming fearless.

  8. Wow, another thing to add on to the Saturn return hoopla this fall.
    I will have – Saturn conjunct Desc opposite Uranus conjunct Asc, Saturn square Pluto at MC plus 1st Saturn return. Also natal Venus at 3 Aries, natal moon at 8 Capricorn. Think the moon is spared at this point. Should make for interesting times!!

  9. Sun – 1 Aries
    Jupiter – 6 Capricorn
    Pluto – 1 Libra

    Moon – 27 Gemini

    Thank you Elsa, I will definitely be coming around here.

  10. Ouch – moon is 1 degree cap and sun is 29 degrees virgo. Will have just finished uni exams and having to work full time before the final year – clearly going to be full on…

  11. Pluto Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra….

    venus, n.node, & asc 28sag to 5 cap
    pluto 5 libra
    saturn 4 cancer

    ok- marry the dark with reality, hmmmm
    so take secert dreams (venus n.node)and make them real(saaturn) with a partner(on the dsc) and transform (pluto)life abroad (in the 9th)…possibility?

  12. OH yay! My Saturn-return should be about then. Whole pile of planets in Libra 12th.

    Should be interesting for me and many others. Here’s to comic gravediggers!

  13. Right on schedule. I knew it would be tough, with the things I’m planning, but it’s good to know … well, that it will be tough.

  14. Oh hell.

    Jupiter/Uranus conjunct at 0 degrees Libra in the first. Pluto’s been transiting my fourth forever now.

    Well, forewarned is forearmed.

  15. Elsa, does this also apply to the angles? – I’ve no planets there, but all the angles are around 0’28 and 0’38 Cardinal

  16. Crap. So this will take toll on my Aries sun as it’s in the earlier degrees.

    I’m already feeling a sort of “darkness” to begin with. Yiiikes.

  17. lol, I’m flashing back to the gravedigger’s in Hamlet, which had me laughing my ass off when I saw it live, morbid or not. Thanks for the heads up by the way, cause I’ve got a moon/merc conjunction in the early degrees of cancer (5 & 7, if I recall correctly) that’s already feeling this transit, and if it’s just going to get worse, at least it’s better to know that ahead of time.

  18. 10 degrees away this fall, but much closer next year.
    well, pluto will be paying me a visit soon soon enough, and when i get my natal pluto square in the mix, well, that should be something.
    i’ll call this practice.

  19. and the saturn is going to be inconjunct. sounds like an interesting push/pull. maybe finally give me a sense of what my chiron feels like.

  20. Noooooo. I don’t wanna. Already stressed to the max and now THIS?

    Can I please throw a tantrum beforehand? The fall one isn’t the bad one but oh boy oh boy… saturn transit natal pluto conjunct and saturn square natal saturn…while pluto square natal pluto .. you get the picture.

    natal pluto is 4 degrees libra. oooohhhh owie.

  21. Haha I just looked at this again.

    Venus at 4 Cancer. Pluto at 29d21′ in Virgo, which is tight in with that Saturn if I’m looking at this chart right. Jupiter at 6 Cap.

    Basically this all hits the T square in my natal chart. (2h Cancer, 5H Libra, 8H Cap)

    I can see I’m gonna need some boots here *grin*

  22. This makes total sense. Pluto is on my IC in early Cardinal, being squared by Pluto in Cap and also being transited by Saturn in Libra/IC. Natally, opposite Moon and square Mercury. So transiting Pluto is making a grand cross.

    I just realized that my grandmother will almost certainly die during this time (not that I want her to, she’s just very, very old).

    There is a Pluto signature that runs down the maternal line in my family. I have known for a while that this signature will end with me. My grandmother’s death will free up a lot of family energy that has been tightly supressed for a long time. It ain’t wholesome energy, but I guess I wouldn’t have been born with Pluto on the IC if I weren’t supposed to get in that grave.

    Thanks, Elsa.

  23. Hey Elsa,
    I am feeling it….

    I have Sun and Jupiter at 5 and 2 degrees of aries
    Moon and Pluto at 1 and 7 degrees of libra

    Whats going on right now ?

    Well, I work for a nursing agency where the work has gone dry.
    Lucky for Austudy…….(student support)

    Just finished my first year of Uni to become a Nurse.

    Possibly expecting my first child in June next year 2010

    Had a huge blow up with my brother caused by his wife.

    I feel pressure to get a routine job to support us, because of the impending new life.

    All of this was inconceivable 6 months ago, I feel like my life has accelerated leaps and bounds, and im relishing the challenge.

  24. Elsa, regarding the Intense Crush at 1 degree in Nov., if I have a natal planet at 1 degree, would I look to that planet, the house it is in, and the house it rules to see where this square will effect me in my life?
    Thanks very much for your service, Julie

  25. Sun Aries 3
    Venus Aries 00
    Uranus Capricorn 5

    I don’t know enough about astrology but I also have…
    Lilith Libra 4
    Chiron Cancer 2
    Vesta Capricorn 5
    Fortune Aries 0
    south node aries 0

    Any advice/analysis is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

  26. yup missed this. definitely needs boots. Add to the above Saturn (natal) 1 degree Cancer. Helloooo am I struggling.

    I hope others are weathering this better than I. I am very close to blowing and it won’t be nice and I REALLY don’t want to be that person. But I need boundaries, please dear universe, a bit of peace and quite to hide in or hide behind my boundaries and lick my wounds and heal for just a tad. Please and thank you. πŸ˜€

  27. that’s an excellent way of putting it. coping instead of doing. yes, keeping on breathing. am thankful for support from family and friends who all tell me I’m not insane for wanting what I want. ROFL – need validation anyone? borrow my family. It actually pulls me up to face the nasty stuff that I don’t want to deal with. Puts it in perspective. which really helps.

  28. OOOEEEE, This is not going to be a short ride…
    1st House Mars 4 degrees Cancer,
    1st House Uranus 10 degrees Cancer
    1st House Sun 16 degrees Cancer,
    9th House Jupiter 14 degrees Aries conjunct Mid Heaven 14 degrees Aries ,
    4th House Neptune 16 libra
    I am feeling very good lately…best I have in the past 4 1/2 years…How do I prepare?

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