The Saturn Cycle, Pluto Transits, Composite Charts, Etc.

kashmiri asks regarding the current stuff going on with the soldier

“Elsa, isn’t it your 1st House being transited by Pluto? I’m sorry I don’t remember. But I completely recognize that: a new awareness of an ‘interpretation’ of a ‘relationship…”

kashmiri, yes and no. Pluto is not transiting my 1st. However the soldier has a Pluto transit to his 7th house and this is a valid characterization for his experience. Basically he’s had a powerful relationship come back from the dead.

For me, this is a Pluto Moon thing. Well actually he was also on hand for the Pluto transit to my Sun in 2003 as well. But this time around he’s digging in my past (Moon), scaring up family ghosts and so forth. And for us, this is a Saturn thing.

Because we were together 28 years ago and we had the opportunity to commit and we did not take it. So now, an entire Saturn cycle has passed and we are right back where we were when we were kids and I can tell you it is just like that. Everything now is exactly as it was then so now knowing what we do, with age and experience what will we do? Take a different path?

The composite chart also has Saturn transiting conjunct the descendant… same as when we were kids so it’s pretty hard to miss what is going on here and pretty easy to believe that what he asserts is very likely true. That is we could have done it then, we can do it now, or we can see each other in the old folks home (in 28 years) and do it then. Commit that is.

And I think this is sort of a lesson for everyone and also a reassurance. Get it right when you have the chance or wait thirty years for another chance. But on the other hand you really can’t mess things up. People who belong together wind up together and that’s all there is to it.



The Saturn Cycle, Pluto Transits, Composite Charts, Etc. — 4 Comments

  1. Elsa,

    Your words of “persons who belongs together winds up together” expressed in many ways in your answer to a diversity of persons gave me an inner peace you cant imagine.

    Im in therapy for 10 months – one of my goals is to free myself of the need of control the outcome of my relationships – and your wise words sound always good to me.

  2. It is a lesson for everyone, so true!
    I do find it reassuring, too…10 years ago I was so in love with someone, obsessed, even. He didn’t feel the same way. We have found our way back in each others lives, but it was a natural progession–like you and the soldier–but it is NOT romantic. We have a creative relationship. Help each other with art and writing and stuff like that. Good friends.
    It is amazing to discover the true nature of a relationship with another human, usually I find that sort of thing elusive (must be my 7th House Saturn trined my 12th HOuse Neptune).

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