The Risk All Leos Have to Take

theatre lightEveryone knows Leo to be the sign of creativity and theater. If you need a show, Leo is your go-to. But what is less understood is why. Why does Leo create? And why do they need an audience? Isn’t the act of creation enough?

It’s true that Leo’s spontaneous self-expression is inherent and will manifest whether anyone is looking or not. But when it does, the feeling for Leo is hollow. They need to be seen. They need an audience. And here’s why:

When a Leo creates, it is a manifestation of their soul. Their spark, their heart, their very life essence is contained within that creation. And that authenticity creates vulnerability. And vulnerability is Leo’s way of connecting with the world.

That is the risk every Leo has to take. Leos must present their very life force for all the world to see and judge. They have to be vulnerable in order to be truly, honestly seen, which is all any Leo truly wants. Sure, a Leo could play a role and get accolades heaped upon them, but unless that role is part of their heart, the praise is meaningless.

Leos are put on this earth to connect with others through their heart. And in order to do that, they have to risk it all. They have to be vulnerable, naked, and raw. They have to put their heart on the line every time. Leos must bear their soul so that others can bear theirs. Anything less would be a shell of a life.

And everyone has Leo in their chart somewhere. There’s no one this doesn’t apply to. But if you have Leo prominent in your chart, hear this: Take the leap. Create something that reflects the colors of your soul. Then risk it all by showing it to the world. That’s how you’ll ultimately find your own heart.

Do you have Leo? Are you willing to be truly seen?

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The Risk All Leos Have to Take — 32 Comments

  1. Interesting explanation which makes sense to me.
    I’m a Leo & my job involves stuff that can be seen by many people in supermarkets – but it’s all anonymous, which is OK with me.
    But my personal stuff, nobody sees it except a very close friend (and even then, it’s only stuff I specifically make for him).
    All the rest is “top secret”. Sometimes this bothers me, but I feel too shy to show it. So, now I think I understand why it bothers me.

  2. This was a great insight into the leo sign. Leo rules my 8th house but a part of it it’s also in my 7th and I don’t like how even my light is in a dark corner, so no. But I compensate by loving leo moons a whole lot. Their laughter and good vibes bring me joy.

  3. Im with Susane as the North Node in Leo. The nonprofit job I have involves inspiring others to do good for someone else. And me telling them how awesome they are because they do it. I also open up my heart to some of the patrons and they open up to me. What they feel from me is love…in a big and hearty way. Im happiest at work because I do this.
    Just wish I made more money doing it.

  4. Yes I have Jupiter in Leo and I am a Sag Sun. I generally like Leo Suns. They are creative and I like their warmth. I have a friend who is Leo Rising and he is super creative. I can see that he needs to share his creativity with the world. I am discovering my creativity and it brings me happiness.?

  5. Dayyyyymmm this post is beautiful

    Leo’s are lovely .. I have a Leo 7th house and Chiron in the 5th.. I often find myself building people up

    • This post is probably gonna haunt me because I have an Aries 3rd house NN and there are some parallels in the last paragraph.. I’m trying to use my voice.. or else I get hoarse

  6. Love this! My Scorpio stellium squares my Leo stellium. The constant acrobatics of secrecy (Scorpio) and show (Leo) is a lifetime’s call: my calling and vocation. To be willing to risk the vulnerability over and over again. Reinforces me recent awareness that my vocation IS TO LIVE. Outloud, and Heartfelt; Secreted yet vibrating. You can still feel a volcano when she’s coming alive.

    • I and I think a lot of us are usually all ears when you comment 😀 we can tell that you’ve worked on your writing craft

      • Thank you Kri. It’s a lifetime craft with potholes, and sinkholes, and my vision recalibrates dramatically/so often. It helps to take breaks in the Scorpio caves and darkness. And then re-enter, to like gemini7 says, in this thread “let it rip!!”

    • That’s amazing:) I would read a book you wrote Mokihana. I feel like Im hearing the primordial Feminine voice when I read your words.

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Libra noir. I have loved reading YOUR voice over the years, growing in your skin to share your heart. I’m a grandmother in the making this year, and this is growing a story that could be worth spinning.

        • Wow, that’s beautiful I would love to hear it! I’ve struggled so much, to find and keep my soul in this depleted world. Learning from people who have been able to do it motivates me, nourishes me, guides me, and inspires me so thank you.

  7. My south node is in my fifth, with Venus conjunct north node in the 11th. I came into the world wanting to perform and entertain. I think the Aquarian-Leo polarity plays a role here as well. When I was younger I followed my hearts urge and enjoyed the stage. As an adult I got bogged down with mundane practicalities and lost my way. I am gradually trying to recapture my inner child and get in touch with the joys of singing and creating, once again ?

  8. My Leo moon is hidden in the 8th house with Pluto sitting on her.

    My creativity is more of a yearning than an outward expression, more inner imagination than outer radiance –

      • Yay aspire! A yearning is another way to make love to Pluto, who is a ‘sucker’ for the moon. In my culture, Hina, the moon, in her many gowns (phases) inspires, ignites and draws on Pluto (Pele, fire goddess again in Hawaiian culture) who is always potentially fluid (like lava flowing). I love your ‘signature name’ … “aspire” Tap into counting on that Leo Moon:)

      • I really liked this article. I also have Leo moon in 8th H (Leo ruled). I kind of always secretly wished to shine with creativity, passion and imagination. My Moon is exact trine Jupiter which work is to greatly amplify these feelings, I suppose. But my Cancer Sun is conjunct Saturn and they never really let the dreams become reality. The fear of failure is holding me back. Sigh!..

  9. I am Leo sun conjunct venus, mercury and Jupiter mostly with Leo in the 10th and Jupiter in 11th. And mix that with a stellium in Libra .
    When I was younger I had dreams about wanting to shine in my work. But upbringing in childhood made me the helper and always standing in the shadows . I prefered to tho. I wish I knew where I could shine, where my talents lie. The work i do now isn’t bringing me joy anymore. My twin was always the one who wanted and needed to shine . And up to this point he doesn’t want that anymore.

    Life gets in the way, as a Leo it’s sadly to admit that I feel I lost my shine, even the ability to bring comfort and light into others lives.

  10. Leo ASC here and I am very creative. I have never been shy, so I have always been proud of my work. But as I have gotten older, none of that matters—I make art to make art. I don’t care if it is seen or appreciated. Some people just don’t “get” art. And that’s okay, too.

  11. Great message! I think it’s scary to put myself out there, my north node is in Leo. But I take inspiration from my husband with his Leo moon, and even my little son, who is a Leo to a T. When they are in the spot light and doing their thing, they are so happy.

  12. Leo Moon, Chiron and North Node in the 7th. Born 1943. I make art because it’s inside of me. Had a clear dream where I addressed the public saying ” Artists are not cameras”. Next morning the phone rang and I was asked to teach art workshops to seniors who are beginners. Teaching Modern Art gently leading them up the garden path of creativity…not an old lady landscape in sight.
    Feels good.

  13. Thank you so much for writing this article. I’m a Cancer sun, Leo moon, this strongly resonated with me. On so many levels it not only validates but clarifies the complexities of emotions inside me. If authenticity creates vulnerability, w then is it also true that….PRIDE, – Leo’s downfall, it what disconnects them from their heart?

  14. I don’t know why, but I think Capricorn is the sign I think of when it comes to risking it all and laying it on the line, the Capricorn dominant people I know are creative and artistic. The mountain they are climbing relates to self expression and working on their craft.
    They have to fight the odds to show what’s in their heart. Leo SEEMS natural to me, but I hadn’t looked under the hood.

    I realized a few days ago that with my creativity issues.. I’m creatively spastic (sun Chiron in the 5th square Uranus), all over the place, I still kept poems in a plastic bag of folded up papers. I have to work with my spasticness to create ambition.. I have a Leo 7th house and like Leo like I like warm fires.. I can be more like a lightning bug

  15. Eh I really struggle with leonine skills, I don’t know what to attribute it to other than Chiron in the 5th. I thought I was creative (insofar as being expressive and randomly taking up projects), but I’m very weak in planning and making up games or activities. It’s really like pulling teeth. I guess as a kid I was not the leader and also teased/not involved in games. Also spent a lot of time playing alone. I feel like making up games and other sort of frivolous purely creative things made for the joy of it also requires spatial reasoning and skills (making up rules for multiple people) as well as abstraction.. I really suck at it. I’m also not good at worldbuilding and stuff. Cause it involves other people heh and seeing beyond my scope 🙁 I’m better at the individual, confessional, analytical I think.. if Anais Nin didn’t pave the way for folks like this I don’t know..

    Leonine types, are you good at making up games for groups and also creative arts and crafts activities for others? And are you good at storytelling and worldbuilding?
    Virgoan types, are you good at these things?

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