The Rising Sign – What Does Your Mask Say About You?

maskDear Nota,

I read the descriptions of my rising sign and I relate… But I feel like this is a part of myself that I put out there for other people to get them to like me. Not everyone gets past it to form a deeper relationship with the real me. Is that part of having [this sign] as my rising sign?


That was an excerpt from a consult that I wanted to share with all of you. I left out the sign because I think the answer applies to EVERY sign.

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant,  is your facade. It describes the first page of your personality.  It is the person that you present when someone meets you for the first time. So in a way, this person is right on the money. The rising sign is something that you put out there for other people.

Some people have a very natural facade.  What you see is what you get.  Others have a very contrived, controlled image.  What you see is what I want you to see! This leads some people to the conclusion that the rising sign isn’t “really me.”   Like its just something that goes in between you and other people. It’s something that you put on.

Here’s the thing, you are the one who chooses to put it on. That mask may or may not be you, but YOU made it. YOU are evident in the mask as the creator of the mask. And that says a lot about you… The REAL you.

What’s your rising sign? What does your mask say about you?



The Rising Sign – What Does Your Mask Say About You? — 23 Comments

  1. Since my rising sign is also my Moon sign (in the 1st) and Mars sign (conjunct Asc from 12th), and is compatible with my Sun, the rising sign really is me. What you see IS what you get in this case!

  2. My rising sign is in a tight square with my sun sign and is in a tight opposition with my Saturn Mars. I was a child who looked and acted older than I was. I was the oldest of 5 siblings so my responsibilites outweighed any breaks I received in childhood. I could not wait to grow up, so I could run my own life. Unfortunately, I didn’t know myself once I got into adulthood, so I made some really faulty marriage choices. But I’m a lot wiser now, and have learned a lot about myself, esp. from Elsa’s blog and boards. Thank you guys, and wish me luck on my future endeavors.

  3. i know someone who puts on this mask of seriousness, of deep focus.

    yet, while i’d see it, and kind of be a little befuddled by it – in a “hey, that’s not you” way – i didn’t know her rising sign until she told me a friend had informed her.

    still, i’m “are you sure?” because what i know is the charge-ahead, damn-the-torpedoes aries approach and the conversation-loving gemini influence. (i mean, chat strangers’ ears off.)

    but damn if she doesn’t have scorpio rising. information that, upon deeper reflection, makes plenty of sense.

  4. i have venus conjunct my rising sign trining with 0 degree orbs neptune.
    it’s such a mess the way people percive me…mostly they see me as venus itself, but just the shape of it….it’s like Im a beauty immage right there…the interest for me as a woman is as fast and frequent as superficial, … if I was a picture they really like, but they do not expect it to be a book cover, with contents to read behind it

  5. Sag–open, enthusiastic, curious. Check check check. definitely, i am conscious that this is what is presented, because this is how i feel out and about in the world.
    if i feel otherwise–i stay home.

  6. I’m Aquarius rising…

    always felt out of place..”special”, weird, eccentric. Like no one understood me. some strange way…i love it THAT way.

  7. i don’t know- this always confuses me. i’m pisces sun/rising, but my rising is at 29°. i think mostly “what you see is what you get” but i have an aries moon, and that means i’m not quite as selfless as it might seem. in fact, sometimes i can be very impulsive and selfish, and i always feel like i’m betraying myself when that behavior comes out. i wish my sun/moon were more compatible, or that i had a rising sign to mitigate their differences (like maybe libra?). interesting topic, though- thanks Nota!

  8. I’ve a Scorpio rising and I get comments all the time about my eyes… My Moon is conjunct, so I wonder if that means, I wear my heart on my sleeve? Neptune is also conjunct, so I don’t really know what I appear to be, I guess whatever you want me to be.

  9. I have Scorpio rising,And Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st.For most of my life iv’e identified more with the that energy.Even though i’m a Tarus sun opp Ascendant,and Moon in the 2nd.I used to carry around a Scorpio key chain.I’m coming to the conclusion this may not be so healthy for me,because i have S.Node in Scorpio in the 12th/N. Node in Taurus in the 6th.I think i should strive to head in that direction.Need to get out of the darklands.

  10. I’m an 2nd degree Libra rising conjunct BM Lilith in 29 Virgo. I am often seen as the alpha female, the other woman, and extremely independent (although Libra and I do want a partner) but with impeccable manners.

  11. I have a stack of mercurial stuff that includes a Gemini rising. (Mercury in late 12H Taurus, Ascendant, Sun, Saturn in early Gemini) What you see is pretty much what you get. There is depth in my chart, but it’s expressed in Gemini ways.

  12. My rising sign’s ruler is conjunct my Sun, but I also have Neptune inconjunct the rising sign. I think I’m WYIWYG, but interacting with others (that Neptune is also in the 7th house) tells me otherwise.

  13. Oh snap citygirl1980!

    Exactly the same for me – often people see me as aloof or standoffish. Several have called me ‘posh’ – I’m really not.

    But I also like it. Means I can let through only the ones I want to 🙂

    My boyfriend has scorpio rising – he looks like a scorpio, and he has that glint in his eyes. And he says that people either take to him straight away or take an instant dislike.

  14. I usually come off as pretty open and candid. It’s not that I’m not really that way, but the leo rising just seems a bit more simplistic than the “real” me. I can be intensely private at times, to hide my less admirable qualities(namely, freakishness). But of course this can be really trying, so I don the mask (or should I say crown) and play along. Because thats what a good queen does right? lol. Leo ascendant conjunct jupiter opposing sun in aquarius (square pluto).

  15. Well, I don’t know my rising sign, but I’ve been suspecting it might be Aquarius. With what citygirl and stellia commented, it works.

  16. My sun shares the same sign as my asc, but is not conjunct (by degrees). So my asc definitely shows me as I am, at least one part. However, my moon is opposite my sun, and is the ruler of my chart, so most are quite surprised by the depth and opposition this creates. Then put pluto squaring both sun & moon and sextile the asc, loves to stir things up in a pleasant way.

  17. Great post. I’ve always noticed that I appear energetic and dynamic and a bit dramatic (Leo rising) when I first meet people. But, if any stick around long enough to form friendships, I’m much more reserved and need a big ol’ space bubble from the outside world. I’ve often wondered why no one in my inner circle has pointed this out. Heck, if I noticed it, I’m thinking they should too.

  18. Jupiter conjunct Leo ASC. Dramatic, overly optimistic, strong.

    I believe this is the result of childhood socializing processes. I show this face to the world because it got the approval of my parents, grandparents etc when i was young.

    Goes well together with my Aries Sun but my 4th house Scorpio Moon disagrees. It is much more serious and deep and private.

    I blame my Mom:)who taught me never to complain because always there are people with less than we have, never to give up and you will survive (she went through horrible things during the war)and never to bother other people with your problems.

    I have a problem with accepting help and with showing/accepting my weaknesses because of this. But I am only 54 years old and learning:).

  19. 00 00 Gemini – I have two masks – the fun and flirty Gemini one, and the sensual Taurus one. I prefer to wear my Gemini one mostly though!

  20. Nota,

    Pisces (12th) rising, which is my north node too. It’s foggy for sure, but I know that I “appear” calm, shy, gentle, aloof, mysterious, distant, distracted, and spaced. It’s VERY deceiving!!! Leo moon, Cancer Sun (5th), tons of Uranus aspects/ 7th house and ALOT of Mars. When people get to know me, I’d say they are usually shocked or surprised, but in a fun, exciting way. Some feel betrayed I bet;P

  21. My rising is also my sun (Aries). Yup. I am WYSIWYG… And then there’s my moon sign which scares the flick out of people (Cancer Moon)…

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