The Popularity Of Tom Hanks: Cancer Sun, Leo Moon

Joe vs. the VolcanoTom Hanks is a talented and affable actor. I’ve been looking at the astrology of popularity lately and thought, “Who doesn’t like Tom Hanks?” Well, there are probably eleven people out there who don’t, but exceptions prove the rule. He’s a handsome man, pleasant looking with Virgo rising and Venus aspecting the ascendent, but not devastatingly so as to attract resentment.

With Mars in Pisces (a great acting placement, able to morph into character at will) conjunct the descendent aspecting Gemini Venus on the midheaven he has a double whammy Mars-Venus contact. Gemini and Pisces placements enhance these traits with their ability to change and meld.

Leo moon and Cancer sun add to his appeal. Leo is drama and good-hearted humor, what better? His Cancer sun is homey, not homely but comfortable, comforting, and his Mercury shares the sign placement. His 11th house Leo Moon conjunct Uranus expresses a need to perform and innovate. An actor doesn’t have a successful career spanning decades without the ability to move with the times.

How do you feel about Tom Hanks as an actor, as a generally well-known personality? What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie?

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The Popularity Of Tom Hanks: Cancer Sun, Leo Moon — 21 Comments

  1. Probably liked the Terminal best.

    Although I can’t let this thread go without a mention of Mazes and Monsters (because D&D is eeeeeevil!)

  2. I adore him. Hard to pick a favorite movie. “Apollo 13” or “Saving Private Ryan,” because I love movies with lots of guys in uniform.

  3. I LOOOVE Tom hanks and I think my Gemini Sun loves his Moon in Leo. I don’t think I would like him as much or at all if he had another moon sign though; just being honest, Lol.

    And I love his acting.

  4. Huh. I didn’t know I had so many placements in common with him. Sun, Moon, Ascendant. Omie, don’t hate me. 🙂

    I really adored him in The Green Mile. That’s one of those movies that’s very rewatchable… like so many of his movies, come to think of it.

  5. I think he is the Jimmy Stewart of our generation. He has played wonderful roles thoughout is career and they have a wide appeal.
    Some are classics – like Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump and Big.
    Now that I think if it, has he ever played a villain?

  6. Adore him. I used to watch him on “Busom Buddies” and he always made me laugh. It was fun to watch him kind of grow up in the movies. He really hasn’t made many bad ones except the “Volcano” one which I never saw because I heard it was so bad. I have seen all his others. Will always be one of my favorite actors. Intersting with all his Cancer influence that his movies are usually very family oriented script wise.

  7. I don’t know if I’d like him as a person but I absolutely appreciate his acting ability and love every movie he’s ever been in… especially the comedies.

  8. Well i loved Terminal best, i think Tom Hanks was awesome in it. Nice way to explain Cancer, Sun, Leo and Moon all together here. Great share..!!

  9. How does his venus aspect his ascendant? Do you mean that the gemini venus squares his virgo ascendant = the square here still brings him popularity?

  10. Awww I saw him on Ellen just the other week and was thinking to myself now thats the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with :). Love him <3 Tooo many movies I love him in but Forrest Gump and You've Got mail warm my heart

  11. loved his cameo the simpsons movie;

    “This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please, leave me be”


  12. Tom Hanks’ birthday is July 9, just past Independence Day. Isn’t it interesting all the famous Cancers loved (at one time or another) by Americans? Princess Diana (July 1); Tom Cruise (July 3); Ann Landers (July 4); George W. Bush, Sly Stallone & Merv Griffin (July 6); Kevin Bacon (July 8). Even P. T. Barnum & George M. Cohan were Cancers….interesting!

  13. I’ve always liked every movie I’ve seen him in. Quite jealous of his set up, Sun and Moon in mutual reception!

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