The Pisces Perspective

The soldier and I over the weekend. He’s a Pisces rising…

“So what do you think it means that you and I wind up here almost 30 years later?” I asked. We were walking back from convenience store eating life savers. “Exactly what do you make of it?”

“Well you can make choices in your life. And the choices can be right at the time or some of them can be wrong but no matter what you do you can’t escape your destiny.”

“We’re destined?”

“Well yeah, don’t you think? I think us being here together proves you can’t escape your destiny. I don’t care what we do, we’re not getting out of this. For example, you can kick me out again or I can leave you I suppose. But even if this is what we do I still think we’ll wind up in an old folks home together.”

“So then we’re 90 and we look at each other and think why didn’t we get this together when we were in our 40’s? Or in our teens?”

“Yeah. Except it doesn’t matter. P. It doesn’t matter what we do. We’re going to be together for a billion years anyway.”

“A billion? You actually think that?”

“Me and you? A billion years? Yeah, I think that. We have all the time in the world. This world or any other worlds that might be out there”

As soon as he said this I realized it was applicable to anything and everything. For example, what if you thought you had a billion years to solve your problem? Would you relax about it? And if you relaxed might the problem be easier to solve or even solve itself?

What if instead of a month, you had a billion years to lose that last 10 pounds? Would this help you?


The Pisces Perspective — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, we have all the time in the world and in the end we all get “there”. It may take a billion years, but since linear time is a third dimensional construct, it may also already have happened….

  2. I think not. It’s like asking if we’d be happy to have a billion years to cure a pain, that would mean we’d have to be in pain until it’s solved.
    being 10 pounds overweight for a billion years is much worst then for a shorter time.

  3. Seekingzen, I´m with you there.
    I´m a Gemini. Just the thought of dealing with the same – whatever- for a billion years bores me to death in an instant.

    Fortunately, I´m very good at forgetting. What was the question?

  4. Yes! Then there wouldn’t be such a strong biological clock, need to perma-mate, find the perfect job sooner than later, It might just help to make the days longer instead. I can never find the time to do it all.


  5. That idea helps me BECAUSE I wouldn’t want to take that long to solve a nagging problem like ten pounds of weight off. I can either get happy at my current weight or get on with losing it because no way do I want to spend the next billion years worrying about it.

    Yeah, if I’ve got a billion years I’m just going to get on with being happy.

  6. that kind of thinking helps me face some of my real _old_ issues. i came into this world with a lot of baggage, and i imagine a lot of it will still be here when i leave. can’t really help it. (south node’s conjunct my sun for a number of reasons.) but i can see that things are shifting, already, which gives me hope for the more intractable stuff. eventually.

  7. I’m needing to accept the fact that there are situations in my life at the moment over which I have no control. I need to wait them out, simple as that.

    ~Relaxing~ sure as hell would be healthier and more happiness-inducing in the interim than driving myself batty spinning my wheels (in my head).

    Actually, I recently had a milestone birthday and my keyword for the year ahead is “fun”. I am gonna focus on having FUN. Tall order given the major transits I’m facing, but I’m up for it.

    Fun, funky, fabulous, fantastic, friendship, and other sundry f- words of the “feel good” kind.

  8. “I would wait a million years, walk a million miles, cry a million tears. I’d swim the deepest sea, climb the highest hill, just to have you near me”–The Grass Roots

    There’s a lot of comfort in the Pisces Perspective.

  9. I love that perspective because reaching into my senior years, especially, extra time is a gift! How sweet a thought is that Elsa, to be not only destined to be with your husband, but know big it’s right. May your next billion years be blessed!

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