The Physical Body and The First House

I got a LOT of requests to make videos about the Houses. So here’s my first one. Enjoy.

So the other day my yoga teacher was talking about creating physical awareness and she says:

“How can you hope to understand the deeper more subtle parts of yourself unless you first understand this the most tangible part of your being, your body.”

So I’m sitting there thinking “Thanks Cheree” (That’s my teacher’s name.) That’s the perfect definition of the 1st house.

So what if you have a planet or two in the first house…well those are going to be very obvious.  So obvious they often express physically. In the face, the body, the way you walk…

For example, people with Mercury in the first… they aren’t just chatty, they’re nimble.

People with Saturn in the first aren’t just melancholy, They appear more mature.

I had a friend in high school with Saturn in the first, he was the one who always bought the cigarettes, because he could just put on an old man face and walk in and say “Camel Reds, in the box please.”  And they would give them to him without carding him.

I wanna know about you guys. Whats in your first house? How does it express in your body?




The Physical Body and The First House — 69 Comments

  1. Nice video! But what if I don’t have any planets in the first house? I don’t think I have a presence at all!

    P.S, how are our bodies/faces expressed then? Just by the sign of the ascendant?

  2. I have the Moon in the first in Aqua. It gets me in trouble sometimes, because everything I think shows on my face. so even if I don’t open my Sag mouth, I sometimes manage to offend someone with my private thoughts.

  3. I have Venus in Capricorn in the first house and it trines my mars as well. Things must have a structure of some kind. But think I come across as good old fashion girl next door. Little do they know……

  4. o.k.rather than providing the “I Don’t know” answer(so boring.)I’ve thought of a very specific description.Someone who is very close to me,was born with the critical 29th degree Taurus sun in his first house.He survived a near fatal accident.Even though he has made a remarkable recovery,he is likely to have some life long impairment.interestingly enough,the sun conjuncts the asc.The ruler Venus also in Taurus is in the 12th house.

  5. No planets in the first, but I have Cancer rising. And I do rather look like the full moon… round eyes, round nose. Umm… lots of curves. LOL My first reactions to the world at large are usually Cancer-like, too — I’m a worrier and a nurturer!

  6. I have (cap) sun and venus and my asc, and mercury conjunct as well from the 12th house. AND moon and jupiter in my 1st house as well, oh and they’re in aquarius.

    I have NO idea how I look to other people, I must look a mess lol.
    All I do know is that Im just being 100% me (which IS pretty Arien), but other than that..I don’t even know how I would be expected to come off with a mash up like that. If anyone can help me out and toss in their 2 cents, it would be greatly appreciated. I feel so lost within myself sometimes

  7. i have moon/chiron/venus conjunct in the late degrees of aries 1st house.

    i’m very spontaneous emotionally and what i feel is often very obvious on my face, in my movements and body language.

    i haven’t got a poker face, and i think this makes me vulnerable sometimes.

  8. cancer ascendant, and yes, actually, i do have somewhat of a sideways gait, like a crab. YOU won’t see it so much but i feel it and actually physically compensate for it sometimes.

    weirdest dang thing.

    good stuff, Nota.

  9. Mars in the 1st conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. I am on the move, always alert with a slightly dreamy/otherworldly look on my face. The Neptune causes me to idealize others/situations which leads to self-deception at times.

  10. this is good! moon in my 1st. i don’t have a round moony face or a round body, either.
    but i do feel compelled to move my body close to people i love. even watching this video i want to cuddle you (don’t worry, i won’t…because i can’t). i love being snuggly.

  11. I have Mars in Aries in the First. I always move with a purpose, too. Even when I don’t have a purpose. I used to run around the streets of Manhattan when I was younger, and I miss that.

    I used to play hockey as a kid. Not cuz I liked it as much as I liked banging into people.

  12. Jupiter retrograde in the 1st trining my chart ruler: maximum tendency to roundness and weight gain, but not optimism. Haven’t stuck my foot in my mouth in a good while.

    What are some of the more obvious ascendants? And how much would a planet on the ascendant throw you off if you were guessing?
    For example, if someone had a Virgo ascendant, but Pluto right on it, which would you expect to see first?

  13. How far from the Asc does a planet count? I use Placidus houses and my first house is large. Therefore, I have two plants in the first that are 42 and 44 degrees from the Asc.

    Do you think they would affect my appearance?

  14. Question for you, Nota.

    I have a friend with a stellium – 5 planets including Sun, Ascending, & Mercury, using equal house system – in the first house, in Virgo. What characteristics would this likely translate into?

    Not sure if this is the venue for this. I can pay for a quick session if that’s more appropriate.

  15. Moon conjunct Ascendant, and I look like your average Cancer Rising, while really being Scorp Rising. Round, sweet face. People always think I am younger than I really am. But then again, Uranus is in my 1st too, and I have no idea how it manifests. I don’t look weird, unusual or deviating from the norm.

  16. Hey ScorpMoonGirl, I’ve got that rising sign and planet as well as a round, full face. I don’t think that’s too unusual. After all, both are water signs. I’ve read that both Cancer and Scorpio ascendants sometimes either have bony, thin faces (with Cancer, think crab carapace) or round ones. I don’t look weird or unusual, either, but I can do crazy eyes really well and I have a glare like nobody’s business.

    Do you get really dark circles under your eyes?

  17. I’ve got Moon/Neptune conjunct my AC in the 1st. I definately don’t have a poker face… I’ve been told that people can read my thoughts by the expressions on my face. This is quite disconcerting since my first house is ruled by Scorpio and I would prefer to keep my thoughts to myself! I think that Neptune might show itself in the way that my appearance can seem very different from year to year.

  18. no planets in the first, libra rising
    with part of fortune conjunct asc. on the other side in virgo 12th…not sure if there is an impact on the physical if the conjunction if out of house…guess i’ll have to wait until you wind around to the 12th for that!

    great video, nota, thanks!!

  19. Interesting! I have sun in leo in my 1st house. I suppose I would be considered to have a very expressive face and my expression is generally happy/sunny, even if I’m feeling the opposite on the inside.

  20. @beth – yeah, dark circles under my eyes, check! I’m always a bit worried about them, they make me look like I haven’t slept for long (which is true, most of the time, LOL). Yes, I do have them. And I’ve got the glare thing down, definitely! Thanks for sharing, it was very fascinating!

  21. I have Libra rising and Neptune in Libra in the 1st house. People never guess I have a stellium in Scorpio in the 2nd house sun, merc, venus and saturn.

    People see me as soft and a day dreamer. I work really hard but some people get the impression that I’m a bit lazy cuz I go about it quietly.

    I walk tall with my head up and can appear somewhat aloof.

    And people are ALWAYS shocked when they see me with a cigarette for the first time. I don’t look like someone who would have such a nasty habit.

  22. at twenty my friends and I had a 16 year old who used to buy us beer at 7-11. he didn’t even have fake ID; he just never got questioned, about ANYthing. I’d suspect pluto conjunct. ::snort::

  23. Moon in the 1st house and Scorpio rising. also have dark circles around my eyes 🙂 it doesn’t matter how much I slept, they’re always there. I thought of it as some ugly piece of genetic inheritance. can’t believe it got something to do with Moon.
    Also can’t hide emotions and I try so very hard to have a poker face. but when I’m annoyed, mad, frustrated, etc, everyone can see it.
    Uranus is at the end of 12th, so I don’t know if it counts.

  24. Cancer rising, Jupiter conjunct.

    I am definitely alllllll woman, even in severe clothes. Jupiter rising = weight problem? Check. Plus, Jupiter (expansive) in Cancer (breasts) and, yeah, I have massive bazoongas.
    S’okay, though. I’m rather fond of them. 😛

    I’ve got the round-ish face goin’ on, too, though it’s a bit spoiled by my cheekbones. They’re the only things you can point to from my native lineage.

    I tend to attract people who want “mothering.” Then they bump up against all my non-maternal BS and realize they pegged the wrong chick.
    I’m not complaining about that, either. 😉

  25. Interesting I have uranus in leo retrograde in my first house. It is not conjunct with my cancer ascendant. I am not certain how it impacts my body. Certainly, I want to be an individual, not part of a group. I do have a wild, uncontrolable mane of hair.

  26. i have sun in the first in cancer and gemini on the ascendant conjunct saturn in the first. bubbly and serious at once…i feel that i often give people misleading first impressions. not by choice…i confuse myself.

  27. Saturn in the 1st… in Gemini.

    Haha.. serious and old? You got it! I brought it up before… people out of the blue come up and tell me to “SMILE! it’s not so bad!” lolol I swear I’m not depressed people… I just look that way. *shrugs*

  28. Great vid Nota! Libra Pluto 1H. Hm, I have an intense, very direct gaze. I’m physically strong and rarely get sick. When I do get sick, recovery is fast. Shit, that’s all I can come up with. Hope others pipe up.

  29. Libra rising. Ascendant trines moon, mercury and venus tightly conjunct in Gemini. I look younger than my years and am very petite. I dress like a “lady” and men, even teenage boys, rush to open the door for me. I’m treated well by the “public” but since all my Gemini planets square my Mars and Pluto in the 12th house, I’m a little intense, very driven. I would prefer to be Scorpio rising since then my ascendant would better match up with my personality. Libra rising makes my life difficult. Any other Libra rising folks who feel hampered by this aspect?

  30. I have mars in the 1st. It spells trouble. i look angry and I do get into fights a lot with people. I look a bit scary at times because of my expression. Also and this may sound strange but I think that when I flirt (I’m bad at it so i hardly do) I come accross to blatantly sexual. Not sexy but sexual which i think can turn men of (which is why I don’t flirt). i guess what i’m trying to say is that
    I’m not exactly subtle. I’m a cancer rising btw and yes: I’m the cranky-pms’ing-mom-you-thank god-you-never-had type. And yes they are big, there are perks to being a cancer rising.

  31. Anna, I know exactly what you mean. Do you know where your Eros is? I think this could be what people react to.

    I have Libra rising with Venus conjunct Asc. They trine my moon which sextiles my Mercury which also sextiles my Asc/Venus.(Minor Grand Trine) I use this to hide my Scorpio Sun/Neptune/Eros all conjunct in my second house. This stellium is also opposite Jupiter. I find that sometimes I embrace this power or reject it. It is hard trying to find a balance rather than all or nothing.

    I try to use this Minor Grand Trine like a mask to hide my tendency to merge. I value this second house power but my Scorpio sun prefers it remain hidden. I have no fear of merging and I think Neptune prevents me from seeing when it slips out. When it comes out and people react to it, I fall back on my first house for cover. If that doesn’t work then I used my t-square. That same Mercury in my Minor Grand Trine is also the focal point of my t-square. I can flip and not be so nice when my Libra doesn’t work.

  32. Im neptune in scorpio 1st house, like melody1971, and hard to grasp it really. The only thing i can link with it is that folks often seem intimidated and sometimes even threatened by me for no apparent reason and quite frankly, wouldnt hurt a fly?

  33. scorpio rising = can win any staring contest (just like others mentioned above!)

    sagittarius jupiter-uranus in first house = i can’t contain my enthusiasm. if i get some brilliant insight i practically shake. kind of like kramer from seinfeld 🙂

    so people’s first impression of me is that i’m bipolar, really. i can be alternately intense/aloof/silly/quirky. some people call me a hippy. others think i’m moody and morose. shrug. i guess they see what they want (neptune) ?

  34. Hiya Nota! your videos are a great contribution to this blog! yay!

    Your yoga teacher reminds me a bit of triple Taurus Feldenkrais who must have been quite grounded in his body to design his method to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement.

    I giggled reading your Saturn comment because even though my first house is empty, Saturn trines the first house and so less perspicacious people get a first impression of maturity and authority. Complicating things, Jupiter also aspects my first house, so people age me way younger or way older!

    I suppose that why people pick up on either Jupiter (youth) or Saturn (maturity) could be a reflection of their chart 🙂 or whether I identify more with Jupiter or Saturn on any given day.

  35. I’m a Capricorn with Scorpio rising, with Uranus 2 degrees away from my ascendant. My eyes can look very intense and narrow, like laser beams.

    I’m African-American, but my skin is fair enough to burn in 10-20 minutes withoug sunscreen. My hazel eyes are very photosensitive. I have to wear Transitions glasses to protect my eyes. Uranus right on my ascendent would probably explain my albinism.

  36. Hi Ena, how cool is that! It does seem like we’re on to something with the Scorp Asc/Moon conj theme here. And yes, Uranus might be important, depending on how close to the Asc it is.

    WhiteChocolate, I can totally see your albinism as a Uranus-on-Asc thing. Unusual appearance, definitely fits!

  37. I used to think I looked very typically like a person with Scorpio Rising.Intense look to the eyes,dramatically arched eyebrows,high cheek bones,full lips,dark hair as a preferance.My appearance has been greatly marred,as the result of multiple injuries and eye surgery.I think i connect the loss of my “looks”to the south node conjunction 1 degree away from the 12 house.I wear dark glasses most of the time.It helps me to imagine that I’m invisible/inscrutable.Elsa made a comment about the Scorpios lurking in the back of the room.When I’m at the movie theatre,I head straight for the very back or top center row.Oh,I did the sunglasses thing before all the damage to my features.Can anyone else relate?

  38. Yes, you guys are definitely onto something with the moon. Moon in the first often has a big “moon-face.”

    I have worked with several clients with Neptune in the first. They often feel invisible. Some complain, some love it.

    Mars in the first, for a woman can make a bold sexual statement.

  39. Anna, I also have Libra rising and more than once have been on the receiving end of comments like ‘I thought you were just a dolly clothes-peg’. (When faced with evidence of my education and intellect).

  40. Sa Diablo: I also have Cancer rising with Jupiter in the first. Yes, I have quite the rack, a baby face and have to keep an eye on my weight. And yes, people tend to think I am SO NICE and caring. Ha! I’m about the most un-maternal person I know.

  41. One thing in common with the Scorpio Rising folks – my eyes are very sensitive to light. I wear polarized sunglasses rain or shine.

  42. My Husband has Cancer asc.with the Moon as planetary ruler also in Cancer,and Sun in the 4th.He has the most big blue round eyes ever,and a rather round face.Often times he gets overly excited by it’s luminosity or it’s position in the sky.He’s a Moonie!

  43. I have no planets in the first, but in my prime I perfectly fitted the description of a classic Virgoan: dark hair, hazel eyes, fair skin; pointed chin and strong jaw; very clean, neat and usually classically dressed, body and features well proportioned – and prone to skin rashes!

    I come across as reserved, and though I can be outgoing I usually present as the loner I am. All this fits:

  44. Sorry I should have clarified for newbies: With no planets in H1 I display the characteristics of my Ascendant, Virgo.
    This site too is an almost exact description of me, excepting the eye colour (and I have read elsewhere it’s common for Virgoans to have hazel eyes)

  45. @ Kaleidescope Eyes – Oh gol, can I relate! I’ve got Saturn in Sag in the 1st, along with Scorp rising in the first. (Does that mean I look serious with “that look” added in?) Ha!
    If I had a dime for every time someone came up to me when I was a kid and told me to SMILE, I’d have been rich by the time I wanted a car.
    I hated it.
    But I’ll tell ya – when I laugh, it’s the real thing! 🙂

  46. Great video.
    I have Neptune, Moon and Mars in the first house but only Neptune conjuncts my Asc. I do feel invisible, also I think I’m quite innocent looking. I find it hard to hide my emotions and have quite a Moon face too.
    Mars I’m not sure about it’s the furthest away from the Asc, when I was a kid I use to walk down the street with determination, like I was John Travolta in Saturday night fever, like I was cool, going places. Just something in my rhythm told me that, I probably looked like an idiot really lol. Or no one was paying attention Neptune again.

  47. Libra rising Uranus and Jupiter in first house Uranus is conjunct Asc by 2 degrees and Pluto conjunct as well but in twelfth. People always ask me where I’m from I guess I look foreign but I’m not. Ha. Always thought that was strange. I’m tall and thin and can not gain weight if I try!! And I smile too much:) If I’m in a bad mood I like to stay home cuz I smile even when I really don’t want too!!

  48. Libra rising with an empty first house but conjunct BM Lilith in the 12th within 2 degrees (BML is 1 minute from being in Libra, lol) but like someone asked ealier, I’m not sure if 12th house planets would manifest in physical appearance.

  49. Hey Nota, would planets in the 12th conjunct the ASC manifest in the appearance?

    I have Capricorn rising with Saturn and Neptune in the first. I find them easy to see personality-wise, but I find it hard to see them physically in myself because I have a stellium in Leo. (Plus Neptune’s in the first!)

  50. Nota! Awesome video. I loved that split second when you didn’t know how to transition from high school smokin days-lmao-perfectly smooth! Serious. This was great!

    I’ve got an empty 1st. Maybe Aries rising is enough?

  51. Ooh! Just looked up his:

    A full 1st house:

    Virgo: Jupiter, Mars, Moon, and Saturn!

    He’s very self conscious about how he looks and is just now (@30) deciding to do something about his health; Dr. visits, etc.

    Anyone know this kind of energy? Whew! Nit-picky Virgos! Love you guys!

  52. Sun/Saturn conjunct in Gemini.

    I definitely have the serious looking thing going on. When I was 15 I played in a band and I NEVER got carded in the bars. I’d go up and order a coke and the bartender invariably said “Just a coke?” Since I wasn’t technically supposed to be there I didn’t explain that I was underage.

    But! Sun! Gemini! I bounce and dance a lot – I can’t just WALK somewhere, I prefer to dance there or jog or … something. Go faster! Snap my fingers to whatever song is in my head! Go go go go go go go go.

    So yeah. Sprightly curmudgeon, that’s my 1st house. *snicker*

  53. Mercury conjunct asc from the 12th (and conj. neptune), I can be a phantom like my mercury in pisces dad. You could be talking to him in the kitchen, turn around next thing you know he’s out in the backyard. Or if you’re looking for him, you just have NO idea where he could be, or wherever you decide to look he’s never in those places. I could go on about how mysterious he can be like that, but this is definitely a passed down astrological aspect (I love being able to identify that!), as me and my brother both have this tendency. My mom is a phantom in a different way, picture a gemini phantom, lol yup thats her.

  54. A mother, a father, a friend and a l̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ mirror. Moon, saturn, uranus and neptune in 1st house. I relate to physical descriptions of three of them (moon face roundness, ever-changing/invisibilty of neptune and maturity/resting neutral face of saturn) but I can’t see uranus in my physical self at all. I died my hair once or twice in red (mars square rising tight) but that’s it, no tattoos, no piercings, no chains, no rings, no fashion quirks 🙁 My birth time is accurate but uranus, also being the first one conjuncting the rising, is the most invisible thing ever. How can one identify neptune but not uranus?!

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