The Pet That Changes Your Life

soul dogWhen we think about synastry and compatibility, we often think about romantic or familial relationships. What we rarely think of, though, is compatibility with our pets! This blows my mind, because our pets are some of the closest, most intimate relationships we have. They trust us completely, and we care for them in return. It’s such a pure love.

But not every pet relationship is the same, right? Some animals tug on your heart right away, others grow on you, and there are some with whom you never quite seem to click. And then, there’s your soul-animal. The one who touches you so deeply and powerfully that they carve out their own place in your heart, and nothing else will ever quite fill it.

This, just like anything else, can be explained with astrology! While many of us do not have the good fortune to know our pets’ birth dates, for those of us who do, the astrology couldn’t be clearer.

-My father’s soul-dog had a Virgo Sun exactly conjunct his Virgo Moon. They were both anxious and caring, noticing every possible detail and making sure to take care of each other. They comforted each other through so many life changes, and when one of them couldn’t sleep from stress or worry, the other would be right there, sharing the pain as well as wrapping them both in the love between them. She died a few years ago, and my father still goes out to her grave every day to talk to her. That is a bond that lasts beyond life.

-My mother’s soul-dog had a Taurus Sun that was opposite her Moon and sextile her Venus. This dog was the only living being who could calm my mother’s troubled heart. When the volatility of her mental illness would flare, our sweet little Taurus pup would sigh heavily (she never did like moving out of a comfortable spot!) and curl up in my mother’s lap, slowly grounding her and bringing her back to earth. She was never the most excitable or affectionate dog, but she was the anchor that kept our family secure.

-The dog who has my heart was a gift from my parents before they split. He has a Cancer Sun that is conjunct my father’s Cancer Sun (and my nadir), and a Scorpio Moon that is conjunct my mother’s Moon (and my Descendant). He is a literal manifestation of the shared love my parents have for me. When I am closed-off and lost in my own thoughts, he INSISTS I break out of my reverie and come back to the real world. When I am down, he literally climbs on my face and groans until I am laughing so hard I think my sides will burst. He is perfect.

And these are just a handful of examples. I know many readers will have stories of their own, and I want to hear them!

Tell us about your soul-animal! What did that bond mean to you? Can you connect any astrology?



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The Pet That Changes Your Life — 8 Comments

  1. My dog is a rescue so not sure her exact birthday, but I think she is Virgo Sun. Snooty is almost nine and has developed polydipsia/polyuria which means she has organ failure. It’s the beginning of the end and I will have to euthanize her.

    • Forgot to mention that Pluto on my descendant is probably going to take Snooty from my life. She is my only friend.

  2. I’ve only had one dog and he died at 18 years old a couple of years ago. I do know his date of birth and his Libra sun exactly trined my Aquarius sun and he had Aquarius moon. We totally bonded in 24 hours.

  3. Thankyou for this Midara. Our soul dog was a Gemini Sun, sitting between my Aries Sun and my husbands Virgo, I haven’t looked at his chart but I have reason to believe this was the second time he came to me as I lost my soul cat 10 years before. He had a large black heart shaped patch on his side, a magical symbol of his gift of love. People were in awe of his size, power and gentle nature. I began a rescue magazine and he became the editor! He protected us all and was never happier than at home. He tolerated then befriended our rescue pup who tried to drive him crazy. A greyhound ambassador he was a prince descended from a champion, but his purpose this life was to be with us. He died 7 weeks before I was due to go away to study for a year, his soul knew it was time to go. I still keep a light at the top of the garden path, and we are still heartbroken 2 years later.

  4. Would I be right in thinking this post is less about astrology and more about the pets? Even though it might be relevant there is a point where emotional significance can eclipse the astrology, especially since pets are simple enough to not really need it imo.

    I think their life force is powerful. I was walking the dog with a friend the other day and when I dropped the dog home I realised that the dogs presence had improved my conversation. It had grounded me and I had felt the dogs love which had made me less cerebral. I am overly complex and cerebral in general.

    This is the new dog whom is traumatised from his home country I am talking about. This was our original dog. It is on an unlisted video on bitchute ref copyright:

  5. Lovely. It had Never occured to me to check my dog’s chart before. Sure enough, her sun is exactly opposite my moon and her moon is right on my 4th house north node. Home is where my dog is 🙂

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