The Persona Chart And Early Childhood Development

Moon loveRecently on the boards there was a question about one of’s extended chart offerings, the persona chart. This is not something I had looked into before but I thought I ought to at least figure out what it is. During the first year of life the transiting Sun goes around the natal wheel one revolution and back to its original position (which is the first solar return). As it goes forward, about one degree a day, it conjuncts each of the planets in the natal chart. A persona chart is a chart for the exact conjunction of the transiting Sun to a natal planet.

I read a bit about the suggested use of these charts and frankly it just doesn’t fill a need for me, as far as my personal arsenal of astrology tools goes, at least for now. However, I do have a separate interest in developmental psychology and this seems like a perfect bridge between these two areas.

The Moon persona chart is a chart of the transiting Sun exact on the natal Moon. That’s a person’s very first personal new moon! It is the first time the Sun activated or illuminated a person’s emotional nature. It occurs to me that early influences on the natal Moon are sure to have a profound effect on how one develops their feeling nature in conjunction to the outer world. It looks to me like a hot-button indicator of one of developmental psych’s big issues, the development of attachment and trust.

The personal new Moon chart (persona chart of the Moon) shows the transiting energies of the day at a moment of importance for emotional development. We often talk about new moons as an opportunity for setting intentions. I can see this chart as a unique view into a person’s very first illumination of their early emotional world.

Early childhood experiences impact the development of personality and the ability to form relationships. Can you see ways in which your astrology impacted your childhood experience?

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The Persona Chart And Early Childhood Development — 17 Comments

  1. Wow this really made sense to me!- I am a new moon baby, and was born a premie, so I had to stay in the hospital for about a week, before I was able to go home, and while my mom was there for some other stuff too.

    My Moon is ahead of my Sun by about 8 degrees- so if I’m calculating correctly, around the time I got out of the hospital and home for the first time, would have been when the Sun was transiting my natal Moon- security, trust, and all the Moon issues really did apply! This is why astrology is so cool. Thanks Satori 🙂

  2. Satori this is great! Thanks for explaining it so clearly and well.

    Off to do a Moon persona chart – my parents split when I was less than a year old – also going to look at what was going on for my mom then.

  3. Well, I have a natal 4th house Libra stellium (Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction) that aspects my Aquarian moon in the 8th, which is also part of a t-square with Uranus and Chiron. I was not not made to have a happy, “normal,” safe childhood! *laughs*

    Ah, well. Takes all kinds. 🙂

    The thing that struck me when I looked at my moon persona chart is that I get a giant stellium in Aquarius/7 (Mercury-Mars-sun conjunction with the moon just enough out of range to not be involved) — but with Jupiter in Leo opposing the conjunction at the same degree where I find all my major love interest’s Jupiters (4 Leo, to be precise). Which of course opposes my natal moon. *grins*

    I don’t know what I’m trying to recreate, but there’s obviously something there, maaan…

  4. I missed the thread and will now have to go back and read it. I’m still a bit fuzzy on the meaning of it all.

    I think I got shocked when I looked at mine… The Sun is in Scorpio of course where my natal Moon is, but so is Mercury, Venus, and Neptune… That’s a bunch of Scorp! The Moon is in Aries, which is cool since that is where my natal Sun is.

  5. That’s really clear Satori – thanks. And bringing up the chart … Wow it really seems to make sense! In facvt it’s quite an eye-opener

    Moon slap bang in the middle of Pisces, right at the top of the chart.
    Mercury in Aries, and yes I do get heated in argument, and open my mouth before engaging brain, or at least engaging my Libra…
    Sun and Venus both in sensual lazy Taurus – that figures! Sun in H11, and Venus in H12…. yeeeesss
    Asc now in Gem, along with Uranus and NN as before but both those now in H1; that figures too!
    Saturn still in Cancer but now square my Mercury – YES, for reasons I won’t go into…
    Mars now in Leo conjucnt Pluto by 7˚, trine Merc and sextile Neptune, that figures too.
    Jupiter, Juno, and Chiron all still in Libra but even more closely conjunct than before.

    And four T-squares, as before, involving personal planets but ALL now involving my Mercury. This too is very …. fitting.

    I’m blown away by this. Might elaborate in the Colosseum at some point…

    Thank you!

  6. PS The Person Chart also puts my MC in Aqua, and my IC in – guess what – Leo – closely conjunct my Pluto, hahahaha

    Ain’t astrology something else? All those Leos in my life…

  7. This is fun. We can look at Sun conjuncting Mars for how as assert ourselves, Sun conjunct Asc would be telling as well as to how we project ourselves, and even Sun conjunct Juno for relationships. Yay…a new toy to play with.

  8. Thanks, Satori!!

    Wow, what an eye opener….with my Moon Persona chart the Sun is in my 5th house–as it is natally!

    Saturn in 12th, conj. ASC. Moon conjunct ASC. Chiron in 8th.

    I am tied to my mother, everywhere, all the time. Yes, my astrology most definitely shaped my childhood.

  9. My persona chart shows my Sun in the 2nd house. It’s true that I do have issues with needing security. My moon is in the 11th house (Capricorn) along with Saturn, so I have a push-me-pull-you sense of wanting to interact with my friends, but feeling rather, err, wooden.

  10. So, I’ve already seen my moon chart and dissected it. Now what? What can I do or read more about? In natal my moon is in the 4th house conjunct Saturn by 5 degrees. In my persona, the moon and Saturn are conjunct to the degree in the 8th..which I do feel since I can barely access my aries moon the way it wants to open up and I feel the conjunction more.
    So now that I know that, what can I do with that info?

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