The Period Before Saturn Enters Capricorn, December 2017

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce! I’ve been thrown for a (good) loop!

I posted last week, I had to go see a neurosurgeon. I was completely convinced I was going to have some horrific, terrifying surgery, requiring months of recovery and physical therapy. Instead, I was completely relieved of this burden. Not only am I not at risk of a fast, accidental death by way of a severed artery in my neck. I don’t need anything at this time. I was set free to go. There is no better feeling in the world.

I was affected by this in that it renewed and reinvigorated my faith and search for meaning in my life. I thought I was going to be sidelined, for sure. WRONG-OH! I took this to mean that I was needed and necessary. I’m not being cast in this particular drama, but in this other one, over here ->

This hit me hard enough, I’ve taken these days to contemplate just exactly what I’m doing and why. As always (for almost 20 years now), this blog is part of my mission.

Investing the time (Saturn) to make sure you’re on the right path (Sagittarius) is a appropriate thing to do, with Saturn retrograde. The planet will turn direct near the end of August. At that point is will be headed into Capricorn, at which point it’s going to get REAL.

If you have Capricorn in your chart, as I do, you’re already planning. I really encourage people to sort through as much as they can prior to the end of the year. In particular, visualize your future. Check your beliefs. Define your principles. Get set to live in accord with them.

What do you stand for? Where do you see yourself in three years?

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The Period Before Saturn Enters Capricorn, December 2017 — 38 Comments

  1. Oh Elsa thrilled at your good news but terrified by Saturn…currently in my 12th house during which I’ve been literally fighting for my life. Continued very ill health makes me fear my death is imminent and I’m terrified of dying. Any crumbs of comfort you can throw my way please? DOB 2 Jan 44. Thank you…Elle

    • Elle, I don’t know anything about you and I can’t see your chart. It would be totally irresponsible for me to comment, other than to say, generally speaking, it’s best you stand and face your fear; push back rather than be crushed by it.

      You can also post your chart along with your question in the forum –

      Someone is sure to weigh in. Good luck!

  2. Been rolling this question over in my mind since early morning
    I have sun moon in Capricorn rising libra, my entire life I have played with numbers costs debt strategy of money: I want in 3 years to have the faith in myself that those things are innate or I am very intuitive about
    When working no time to spend
    If making less then spending less is not rocket science
    And love the craved for state
    In library of my collected thoughts
    If I feel out of sync, missing partner,
    I want to realize what I miss, remember feel lacking of
    Is not who I am not with
    I miss the growing up with how I loved,in 3 years time I hope to have established more faith in the unknowing parts of me;I am my best friend the one who won’t hurt or deceive or judge me. So far fear
    Pops up I just don’t need to doubt any more.I will manage, and smile

  3. I’m going to put it out there, but I have been investing in myself all year. Its so hard.

    The first half is in my 12th house, its so hard, then it will hit my 1st house! In your face! I think this is where I will see most of the pay off. I’m starting to see it now, but I honestly don’t believe I will appreciate it until its in my first house.

    But in 3 years time, I will be a different person. Especially since I have Venus in Cap in the first house. I think its a good place for it 😉

  4. Thank you for the health update! I didn’t realize how I much I was mentally ‘holding my breath’ – worried about the outcome. ❤️

  5. Great news Elsa! really great for you and for us too !!!! What would we do without your blog!!
    I’m standing for my family, I have sun and mercury in 8 house capricorn so it’s all about setting up my ducks (and I’m doing that) I’m for involving all my family in the local community which means getting my older son over his inhibtions and then into university (or a seminary)(his ascendant is at 18 cap but he has mars, merc and sun in Leo, hard to believe he’s so shy!!) It also means getting my younger son through rehabilitation and the maintenance phase of his chemotherapy, regain his lost speech and get him back into school and public life. It’s going well, I’ve got all the appointments set up , the work and study schedule for my older son who has finally agreed to cooperate. I’m deep cleansing the house in prep for a DIY project and I’m back on my bike in the mornings and jogging in the evenings. The diet is less successful (those damn cupcakes and cafe lattes!)But with pluto bang-on my merc in capricorn 8th and squaring my moon saturn conjunction in aries 12th this is it. There’s no escape, but saying that the energy to get it all done is there, that’s pluto at his best, dishing it out for your own good but giving you the mountains of bravado and boost that you need. In three years time I hope my family, home and education of my sons and active, community involvement will be in working, capricorn, well-oiled organisation mode. (with some fun in it, I hope somewhere, if Saturn will allow)

  6. Venus at 13 Capricorn, 11th house. My Chiron is at 10 Capricorn. I survived Pluto, I fully intend to survive Saturn.3 years? I turn 65 in November this year. So that puts me at 68. Lately I can barely plan a month ahead since my life is constantly plan B. Now and again I get tired of being the flexible one.

  7. Reading these posts and comments over the prob past two years has been so enlightening to say the least. We all put one foot in front of the other every day & do what we have to do because well, we have to.
    You never know what people are “carrying around with them”.
    I booked a 1 hour reading with Elsa last week. I had been thinking about it for truly, a good year. I thought about the 1/2 hour phone consult & realized it would go way too fast. As it was, the hour flew by. It was money well spent. And let’s face it, $ is an issue for most of us. I’m 65 and have been following astrology since my early 20’s. I chose Elsa because of her knowledge & passion for her profession…life calling is more accurate. And very importantly, because of her absolute honesty & integrity. I’d much rather deal with honesty, no matter what that is, than horse crap. To me knowledge is power. I deal much better when I have an idea of what I’m working with. She can lay out what your chart reveals (my words) in response to the questions you ask. Does this solve your problems & make them go away? Of course not! We’d be a fool to think anyone could do that. But I had several moments of thinking, so that’s what the F has been going on all this time! I also got ideas of where to hone in my efforts on what is happening & laying a path for my future. I could go on & on but you get my drift. Anyhoo, thanks again Elsa! The breast biopsy came back as positive. I have a consult with a surgeon next week who was highly recommended by my ever so fab doctor of 31 years. Am I concerned? Sure, who wouldn’t be? But, I know I’m in excellent hands. And, off we all go again…one foot in front of the other, but keeping hope alive!
    Well wishes to everyone & what they’re dealing with.

    • I’m sorry to hear this, Diane. But when it comes to breast cancer, your age is an asset. Let me know how you’re doing! I’m betting you’ll be okay!

  8. Im not actively trying to influence anything my life, im not worried about my path. I dont even care. But i have 3 planets in cancer and my neptune in capricorn, so i know that this saturn transition is going to hit me hard several times. Oh well.

  9. I have no idea where I see myself in three years. Everything is FUBAR. I can’t get or keep a job in spite of having gone back to school, my BF won’t even kiss me goodbye when he goes out of town but he’ll watch porn behind my back, don’t know what to think or do about anything anymore.

  10. Glad for you Elsa. Sounds like you found a good doc.

    Saturn heading towards my MC. Having Saturn return now and opposing natal Moon. Whoa, like between a vise and a mountain.

  11. Saturn is my ruling planet and is currently in my 12th House and will stay there until it reaches around 14 degrees of Cap. I expect to see major changes when it crosses my Ascendant. Meanwhile Transiting Pluto in 1st house is changing me inside out.
    Glad for you Elsa. I like the way you write. It is so genuine and that is what attracts everyone to you. Take care of yourself.

  12. A lurking Scorpio here….. so far you have had few words from me, but please know Elsa, you ALWAYS have my most positive energy. I’ve learned more in the last six months about things vital to myself and the energy I carry, than in the last three decades. Important things I wouldn’t know except for you- you’re the only one that’s writes about them! I am thrilled for you and your new assurance of health! Thank you so much for all you do!

  13. Happy for your great turn of events! Whew, several times over! I have Moon, Saturn and DC in Cap, and Jupiter in late Sag., so Pluto has just forced changes the hard and painful way. I hope Saturn will be about paying off for the work to be done; over the years that’s how I’ve experienced it anyway. So I’m figuring out where I am now, hope to be reconstituted enough to have something to work for when Sat. hits my moon next.

  14. oops it’s my sun and moon in Saturn
    Need to filter and invest in magnifying glasses , I think I need someone to interpret what I found in natal chart

  15. My first house Saturn transit was hard but a great learning experience and I am better for it. That said, I am conflicted. Saturn will be transiting my 2nd house Capricorn starting in December for the next 2 and a half years. Pluto in transiting my second house until 2025 and Jupiter will enter my second while both of these planets are still in that house. If that wasn’t enough, my natal Jupiter is also in the second. I am preparing for anything and everything in the next three years. As a Cardinal sign (Libra), I have been been tested for several years and my thinking is, “If it doesn’t kill you”.., and I’m still here”. However, a little relief would be nice.

  16. Thanks for the well wishes Elsa. And yes, I’ll keep you posted on the results. After reading your weird stalker post I realized I went on & on about my phone consult with you. I’m just grateful really, for all the info you gave me. The timing couldn’t have been better.

  17. I just may be retired. Whatever that means. It could happen. I did it before but it was too soon. If that happens, I plan on taking advantage of those inexpensive college classes that are available post 62 years of age. And of course, I continue to build my garden of eden. I just love it.

  18. Oh my goodness! So glad you are ok! Thanks so, so much for this post! Saturn is currently transmitting my 12th, so to be in the ascendant Cap! Trying to live and follow my path now! I would love to hear more about how to recapitulate and review everything before Saturn enters Cap!

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