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Yesterday, I mentioned I was going to a funeral – How Are You Faring Under The Stellium In Pisces. The service was beautiful. I’d even say it was inspiring.

The gal who died was ninety years old. She was the last of her siblings to pass and the matriarch of a large family. She died surrounded by her family; all of her children, their children, and some great grandchildren as well.

The man who gave the eulogy had known her for decades. He talked of the love she gave her family and explained that when she began to fail, they turned around and gave that love right back to her. They would not have had it be any other way.

He also talked about “legacy”. He said she was the kind of person, when something needed to be done, she did it. She didn’t talk about it, she certainly didn’t whine about it, she just did it. Every single one of her descendants behaves this way. I know, because these are my neighbors.

There is a line of trees of about twenty trees that separate our house from one of he house of one of her sons. I woke up one day and he was pruning them.  This is a lot of work a man in his 60’s, but it needed to be done, so he was doing it. They aren’t his trees. They’re our trees and they needed pruned so he was doing it. He would not have asked us to help or to pay or any other thing, in a million years.

Then there was the time we got our truck stuck, backed into the mud. Our neighbors heard the engine racing, showed up with a truck and a chain to pull us out.

I’ve the mower into a compromising position more than once. One of them always rescues me but the most amazing thing…

Once, an ambulance turned into the house next to us.  Various family saw that and called around because they knew no one was home.  They were checking on each other, see?

Well there was nothing wrong but one of them thought of me. They knew I was home alone. We live in the country.

“What if they’re looking for, Elsa?” one of them told his sister. He was at work.  “What if they went to our house mistake? I don’t know if she’s okay. You go over there and check…”

Next thing you know, this gal is inside my garage, banging on the door to the house. I had the garage door open.  Just as I got to the door to see what was up, she burst through it.  “Are you okay?” she asked.

Her adrenaline was palpable. I immediately knew it was something like what it turned out to be. “Yes, I’m good.” What’s up?”

She explained the situation. She was slightly embarrassed but I told her right then how much I appreciated her checking on me and also, her cousin for insisting.

Yesterday, at the funeral, she apologized again.  “You probably don’t recognize me. I’m the one who came bursting into your house.”

“Are you kidding me?” I said. “I really appreciate what you did.”

What she did, is risk being shot to make sure her neighbor, who she didn’t know, didn’t need help.  Because someone needed to do it, see?

I’m really getting tired of reading the news.  You read this crap and get to thinking that’s how people are. They’re horrible, worthless, hopeless, frightened. But this is not how people are.  And it still pays to set an example.

Saturn in Capricorn.

pictured – those are our trees in common. One of this woman’s sons trims them so we easily mow under them.



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  1. I watch the news but I really don’t let it get to me. My reality is that my whole life I’ve been surrounded by people helping and looking out for me. Wether family, neighbors, coworkers or even strangers. So when this is my reality it’s hard to not think this is happening to others as well. And I hope it is because it’s a good feeling to feel a sense of community and know that people care. I experience kindness daily. And I’m a New Yorker. You’d think otherwise right? Lol

  2. Thank you for sharing Elsa, so sorry for your loss, I think you wrote about your neighbour and his mower in the past. A wonderful example for all of us.

    • Yeah, I drove my new (used) zero turn over a cliff…he bailed me out of that and did not make me feel stupid.

      I have also driven over dog wires and numerous other stupid stuff. 🙂

      • I remember that story! I’m sorry but I laughed when I read it because it reminded me that I would do the same thing. What lovely family this wonderful woman had. And to have each of them be like her with those wonderful characteristics is truly Monumental to her Legacy.

  3. We live in the country…I had a 103yr old neighbor whose daughter called me once and said her mom had not picked up the phone and would I check on her. I went running over to her farm…the whole time thinking “please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead”…she was asleep on the screened in porch (looked dead at first!!). Country ppl watch out (and wave) for each other! We are lucky and kind of insulated from the city life and worries…thank goodness 🙂

  4. Even the news is getting brighter. But point well worth taking what’s in the immediate world I inhabit, what surrounds. The rest pretty much hearsay. Not worth the adrenaline.

  5. Love this post. A great reminder that when uncertainty, fear, panic appears or surrounds you (or is in you)… There’s nothing wrong with getting back to the practical, the real. Striving to be “good people” (like when you say about someone: “Oh! They’re good people.” and that pretty much sums it up.) and to recognize the good people around you. Also, the value of getting to grind of things. One step, however small, at a time.

    Makes me also think of Lessons from a 3rd Grade Dropout (only at the beginning but I find it very grounding, a strong reminder of the value (!) in values, principles, and just… doing what needs to get done!). I’ve let work and other things keep me from continuing so thanks for that! 🙂

    • Actually makes me think that on my ride home today, I realized that the one single way I could describe why I gravitate towards those I do is a feeling I’d describe as “feeling home”. Feeling safe, knowing what they stand for, knowing we have each others’ backs, knowing they accept me even when our views differ, wanting to return all that energy towards them…

  6. Really nice to hear about the good people out there.

    It was a bit shocking to read …’risk getting shot…’ – I can’t imagine living somewhere where gunshot is a risk to people knocking on doors/garages to see if someone’s home. Scary!

    • She came into the house before I opened the door. It’s definitely not something people do around here. Just up and walk into someone’s house? Yep, to do that, you’re definitely taking a chance.

      We’re in the country and everyone expects to defend themselves. You can call the cops and twenty minutes later when they get there, you’ll be dead.

      But she didn’t do this without some knowledge I was an okay person, though we’d never met.

      The point it, someone had to check on me so she checked on me.

  7. This sounds lije an exceptional family. Caring neighbors are more of what this workd needs. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 15 years now and no one cares about anybody. They are loud, rude and dismissive if you complain. If we had an ambulance in front of our place, I doubt they’d care. Bless this family and may they continue as they are!

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