The Moon In Synastry

I get working on someone’s chart and it winds up getting broadcast! In whatever case, I was writing to a gal about her Moon in easy aspect to another person’s Moon. I explained how this gives a feeling of a blood connection. I don’t think people realize this.

Your Moon represents your family. When someone blends into your family…well, think about it. Also think about what it’s like when they don’t!

Think about your own Moon profile and what you are looking for on this level.


The Moon In Synastry — 19 Comments

  1. I am Moon in Capricorn and usually I don’t mesh well with Moon in Aries or Moon in Libra folks. It’s nothing that they do, it’s just we’re not compatible.

  2. My love interest could either have his moon in aries or taurus (don’t know his birth time). it could go either way as I see traits of both but I just want to know as it would put my mind at ease. I know, doesn’t make any rationale sense.

  3. I have a Sadge moon and my mom has a Pisces moon. Boy, do we not get along emotionally at bloody all. Dad was an Aquarian moon and while he and Mom obviously had nothing in common emotionally either, we were both better at being stonefaced when the drama bomb erupted.

    On the other hand, one of my best friends is a Pisces moon, but otherwise is a double Sag. She has drama explosions, but somehow they blow over and with her it’s not as personal. It’s like it modified the drama or something.

  4. Pisces Moon – Yeah, I want a Soul connection.

    Ex #1 – Aquarius Moon. Liar, wouldn’t communicate.

    Ex #2 – Capricorn Moon. Communicated by lying.

    I’m clueless about what to look for. With my luck, any new guy won’t know his birth time.

  5. My moon is leo in the 1st. Not real sure what that mwans, but I know that I am ultra aware of others feelings and emotions. It really hurts me to upset someone or inflict pain, irritation or sorrow on someone. I mean it really gets to me. In fact I don’t know how to stop trying to correct my errors. And that may make things worse….

  6. I actually had the best time after my ex FIL’s funeral after everyone else left the lunch at the house (my ex’s) except the family. My son was there already (my old house) and I saw my SIL & BIL, stepkids & their spouses..what a blast! They came out to me when I got out of the car, hugged me, started joking right away, surrounded me going into the house. I was there 2 hours catching up. They love my son, are so proud of his good points- I was so happy. My ex is kind of a boob- he should be managing family events better. They all want to come to my house, we were planning a dinner for when my son is in a play, they were telling me the foods I used to make that they miss. We laughed nonstop.
    I don’t know what my husband will think of all of them coming over 😛 But they are my son’s siblings and aunt & uncle so…I mean, why not? I’m friendly w my ex’s ex wife so all of us are used to being kinda unconventional.
    My husband’s and son’s Gem moons are conj at same degree or 1 difference. They both trine my sun and venus. Is a conj in synastry easy? In their case they are kinda similar w me but I don’t see a big bond there between them.

  7. I have Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn in the Second house, which is probably a very good thing as it grounds my stellium of Mars, Uranus, Venus on MC and Gemini in 8th house. I think I wouldn’t have made it through half the harrowing experiences in my life without this “determination” and doggedness to keep on keeping on no matter what obstacles I run into :0)

  8. Cancer Moons (my 3rd/4th H) do it for me. Leo Moons (my 5th). Scorpio Moons (my 7th). Sag Moons (8th) at times.
    Those have come up time and time again.

    I am so alienated from Gemini Moons. Dunno why. Opposition my Sag possibly? But I just cannot get them. It’s my 2nd house.

    Pisces Moons are just a no-no.

    Libra Moons are just not my thing.

    Those are my 12th and 6th houses respectively. I don’t think moons feel very comfortable in them.

    All other moons I’ve had too little experience to comment.

  9. we all have moon contacts, for sure. uhm, and i married someone with the same sun and moon as my grandfather. the one i don’t remember??

  10. So true. I always connect almost immediately to Cancer and Pisces Moons (trine my Moon), or Taurus Moons (my 6th/7th house, conjunct my Sun-Venus). Of course, other Scorp Moons too. They feel comfortable and safe and we are on the same wavelength naturally, especially the Cancer Moons. Cap and Virgo Moons generally feel OK too.

    Leo and Aqua Moons are usually somehow irritating to me (square my Moon), Aries tends to be too (quincunx) and other Air/Fire Moons generally just feel like unfamiliar territory. But there’s a notable exception (a girl with Gem Moon).

  11. Well it is kind of funny, I am always surrounded by Sagg. Moons. I have Moon trine Jupiter, so it makes a little sense. And I adore Sagg. Moons, but I think I am the “foriener” they are looking for… and Saggs are so messy, Says my Virgo moon. They do trine my Mars/Merc. in Leo… and that helps. I’m interested in someone with a Cappy. Moon, but I don’t really know him yet.

  12. I have Moon in Gemini H1 conjunct Merc, trine Saturn, and opposite Uranus, and probably all of my closest friends, and loves have either had an earthy or watery Moon sign. (some have water Sun signs, but there are a smaller percentage overall I think)

    My Mom has Moon in Leo and….no, we really aren’t that much alike, nor can we stand to live under the same roof. I love her, no doubt. But…uh uh, too different, and she can be rather loud at times.

    I have friends that have Moon signs in fire or air but….it’s just… feels like something is missing, and I haven’t found I can go as deeply, or feel “at home” in myself as easily. We talk, and we get along but, it just feels like there is something missing that I need with Moon’s that are “feminine.” I tend to get closer to, and open up more with water and earth, than I do with air and fire for the most part.

    My only guess as to why this is, is that all of my “relating” houses are in water, and my Moon is rather sensitive for a Gem, and I have IC/NN in Cancer, and Pluto all over my chart. It might also be that with Sun/Moon opposite a 7th house Uranus, blood is not thicker than water for me. Family is important, but I know I have a rather broad scope of what that means to me. : )

  13. I have definitely felt this “blood connection” with friends, lovers, even acquaintances. In my experience it doesn’t always have to be a Moon to Moon connection, it can be Moon to Sun or Moon to Ascendant. Do other people feel this way to?

  14. I am the one water (pisces) moon in a family of air/fire moons. They all think I am a “drip.” I tend to think they’re insensitive and flaky. BUT, my best friend since kindergarten also has a Pisces moon. She’s the best. 🙂 When we were kids, we could have nonstop fun all day long doing all kinds of creative stuff – singing, dancing, making stuff, playing outside, playing games. Never fought. Always ready to meet up again tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend that simpatico ever again! Wish she lived closer!

  15. Here is an interesting (and rare, based on the opinions of a couple of other professional astrologers) connection between two people’s Moons in an intimate relationship… Me: Moon in Capricorn @ 26 degrees in 1st House and Him: Moon in Taurus @ 26 degrees in 1st House -AND- Our Composite: Moon in Pisces @ 26 degrees in 1st House. Many couples have the same Moon signs, or signs compatible by element, many have their Moons in the same degree, and many have their Moons in the same house.. but rarely if ever all three, and in addition to the Composite chart being trine, with the same degree and in the same house. Maybe you share this type of Moon connection with someone else’s? I just thought to share. P.S. I have a few other cool Astrology stories I may share another time. I have spent a lot of years observing and researching the charts of those close to me, and sometimes things don’t pop out at you right away, so keep looking!

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