The Midara Synastry Review

HandsOver the course of my consulting work, one thing that always struck me is the sheer number of questions I receive about relationships. They easily constitute half, if not more, of all the work that I do. I think it’s remarkable how much time, energy, and care we put into our connections with other people. And it makes sense. So much of our lives, our growth, and our journey relies on others.

Relationships are a mirror. They allow us to see ourselves in stark relief as our flaws, our strengths, our very hearts are reflected back to us. They buoy us when we’re weak. They test us, asking us to prove how far we’ve come. They are the laboratory where true alchemy takes place.

Simply put, we need each other.

In this spirit, I am offering a new product – The Midara Synastry Review. In a one hour email consultation, I will analyze your relationship and provide a synastry overview as well as a review of the composite chart, and synthesize this information to produce real, actionable conclusions.

Instead of looking around the internet, trying to cobble together something meaningful, you’ll have in-hand something no search result can produce. You’ll know not only what you’re working with, but what to do with that information.

This goes for any relationship, not just those of a romantic nature. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, you name it. You’ll understand the relationship better and walk away with a concrete roadmap to solve any problems you may have, allowing you move forward happier and in control.

To launch this new product, I am offering a discount through next Monday, 9/23. Instead of the regular price of $110, you can try it out for only $95.

Ready to learn more about your relationship? Click to get started – The Midara Review.



The Midara Synastry Review — 4 Comments

  1. I’ll definitely keep this in mind once I can persuade someone to go out with me! What if you don’t know the other person’s birth time? How useful is the composite chart then?

  2. Intrigued! Do you use any asteroids in these readings?
    Also, the order page says you get a report, but above you talk about “in one hour” which makes it sound like a phone consult. Can you clarify?

    • Eterna, yes! Thank you for asking – I can see how it wasn’t clear. I’ve edited the post.
      This will be in the form of an email consultation. It differs from regular consultations due to the relationship-focused approach. It allows me to pack in even more info! 🙂

  3. I won’t be getting this right now but, if I were to spend any more time with my sister than I currently do I think I’d need one. I really don’t understand my role, function or the inherent complexity in the relationship. Such as it is.

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