The Meaning Of Venus Retrograde: October 5th – November 16th, 2018

scorpio christmas vintageVenus will turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th. This scares a lot of people. I don’t know why! No, your heart will not fall from your chest and land on the floor and smash in a million pieces.

Retrograde planets occur in nature. I wonder sometimes is astrology and astrologers haven’t taken a page from weather forecasters who inflate things for ratings. 

I lived in Colorado for almost twenty years, I was there for a “ten year blizzard’. The was a heck of a lot of snow, several feet. We all drove around in it, happily!

Fifteen years later, they had close all the schools due to the hazard of two inches of snow on the ground. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Here are the details:

Venus Rx in Scorpio: October 5th – 31st. Yes, that’s Halloween.
Venus Rx in Libra: October 31 – November 16th
Venus Direct in Libra: November 16th
Venus Direct in Scorpio: December 3rd.

Anytime a planet turns retrograde, it offers us a chance to review and reconsider. I won’t deny, it’s possible a person be hit by a metaphorical truck. A planet turns retrograde and the truck shifts into reverse and backs over them.

This is possible but it’s also possible you find something valuable in the trash can where you, yourself, put it. I think it makes a lot of sense to go into these things with a positive outlook and I’ll elaborate.

Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio is going to extend the time the planet is squared off with Mars in Aquarius. Yes, this aspect can be challenging but if you work with it; well Scorpio is nothing, if not fertile!

I’m an astrologer (Uranus / Aquarius). I have been consulting like a maniac under this aspect.  It’s been great! How much do you want to bet, some of the people I’ve worked with recently, will be back in a few weeks? Of course this will happen, because there is more to be gained.

I hope this gives you some ideas how this retrograde period might “gift” you.

It’s true, Venus is in detriment in Scorpio (Planets in Exaltation. Detriment & Fall). But Venus is still and always a benefic in astrology.  Venus in Scorpio just favors certain things, like loyalty, depth and intensity.

You will have to deal with an undertow at this time. There is no doubt about it. But you don’t have get in the mud if you don’t like.

If you do get in the mud and then complain, well that’s pathology, huh?

What do see coming… with Venus retrograde?



The Meaning Of Venus Retrograde: October 5th – November 16th, 2018 — 16 Comments

  1. “it’s also possible you find something valuable in the trash can where you, yourself, put it. I think it makes a lot of sense to go into these things with a positive outlook…” This retrograde happens with my birthday, 11/16th The retrograde happens in my Scorpio 10th House, aspecting my Natal Scorpio stellium, involving my Sun. So more sorting ‘trash’ for my 71st B-day.

    Love your insight with “Venus in Scorpio just favors certain things, like loyalty, depth and intensity.” Because that describes this old Spider Woman to a tee.

  2. Natal Venus Rx in Aquarius 10th H. I’ve always felt the Venus retrograde period keenly too @notmycircus. And it usually feels like a “sad & disappointed” feeling, through out the retro time.
    Regardless of where it is retrograde in the signs. I tend to not be so social or outgoing as I usually would in the Venus upright.

    For me personally, I have the dates in my diary, I will be watchful of choices I make in this period. Truly, of all the retrograde planets, this is the one I watch myself carefully during.

  3. Although from experience I know retrograde Venus transits can be tricky, I am looking forward to this one as Venus will be stationery retrograde less than a degree away from my ascendant.

    It will approach my ascendant again later in the year and pass through it. Some goodies will fall despite setbacks or change of direction.

    It’s simply great to be aware of what energy is out there for all of us.

    Then Jupiter and Venus will conjunct next January 2019, in Sagittarius at 15 degrees. Something else to look forward too 🙂

    I am experiencing the Venus Mars square in some of the relationships at work with my clients’ parents. It requires stamina to deal with this energy (e.g. desires & wants, tensions around values, fighting for improved or ideal values) so I rest as much as I can, when I can, these days.

  4. I read somewhere that this period can bring the return of old flames and karmic connections.Basically what you,Elsa call “corpses”. As I’m having Pluto transiting my natal venus at 22 cap, I’ll be on the watch.
    When you say “it’s also possible you find something valuable in the trash can where you, yourself, put it.” Do you refer to recycling old flames? (“corpses”).Is venus always benefic? (jealousy, revenge, possessiveness, infidelity.) “For the last two weeks of the Venus retrograde period (Nov 3 to 16), Venus is Lucifer the morning star (…)we might develop an obsessive attachment ” What I like is the creativity part (Oct 6 to Nov 3) “Venus Retrograde in Scorpio will be challenging, but it will bring a rebirth of the heart” I hope so

  5. I am looking at likely having hysterectomy around this time. I’m not sure if Venus retrograde would be a good time or not. Venus Rx = rethinking the feminine?

    Or would this type of event be the domain of the moon? It might be good to use the retrograde time to reflect on it, then take action when Venus goes direct – if I have that luxury.

    • An associate of mine just had that surgery at 50 something years of age. True she is a swimmer and a big hulk of a woman, but she had the surgery on a Tuesday and was back on the job the following Wednesday. They were gonna do the robotic thing where they make four small cuts but when they went in there was way too much cysting so they cut her open wide. Her pain and sleepless nights are over at last.

      Rethinking the feminine sounds positive. It more than reproductive organs and hormones. It goes deeper. Best wishes.

  6. Elsa. What about those of us with natal venus in Scorpio(mines 9 degrees in my 2nd house). With this retrograde, will this amplify but introspectively for us?
    Love my solar return report!So accurate!

  7. Nasty woman at work (a few), but nothing new. She’salways finding ways to rear her ugly face. I expect some will try to knock her down a few pegs w/ Venus in Scorpio. I won’t be one of them.Being vengeful w/ Venus Scorpio/Rx. I don’t think so.

  8. The next few months (Oct thru Dec) are a great time to purge (Scorpio) your stuff. As you move through each once-treasured item, ask yourself if you still love it (Venus Retrograde). And if not, let someone else love it. The process itself might not be easy, as Scorpio often brings up some difficult emotions from deep down, and with Venus the attachments may be akin to addictions. But if you stick with it, you’ll be lighter and happier when it’s all over and done.
    : 0 )

  9. I have Venus transiting my first house until the end of January 2019 and Jupiter in the first until the end of December. I have a Scorpio rising and a Leo sun. I feel like I can’t win for losing in my love life and yes old loves have come back and then someone I thought was a friend tried to date me and then came in and left just as quickly. It bothered me because I felt a real connection with him. I have new people coming in and there is a part of me that is afraid of making any moves. I feel like no one is genuine and I do not want to be with anyone just for surface. I am afraid to connect with anyone anymore because they all seem phony as hell. I know the self-esteem part is a big factor in the first house as I have natal Neptune in my first house. I have been working on health and making myself feel good as I cannot rely on others to keep their promises. I am tired of “fated” and karmic encounters that end up as nothing….it seems endless in my case…oh well!

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