The Meaning Of Venus & Mercury in Scorpio Opposing Uranus In Taurus

scorpio amber pendantUranus in Taurus is opposing Venus and Mercury in Scorpio at this time. There’s no telling what this might bring but basic astrology indicates all kinds of things like:

  • Volatile stock market
  • Reversal of fortune
  • Ex-lovers aka “corpses” making contact
  • News of an unexpected death
  • Sudden attractions
  • Shocking betrayal
  • Fast healing
  • Therapy or deep conversations that liberate you
  • Something of value being flushed

I’ve been involved with this energy in this over the last week or so.  It’s nice to get to the core of something.

In some cases, considering Uranus is retrograde, it’s a matter of getting back to what is truly essential when you strip away all the frill and veneer. I enjoy this.

There are a number of people I miss, who I hope return under this transit.  Keywords: pleasure and satisfaction.

What’s happening in your world?



The Meaning Of Venus & Mercury in Scorpio Opposing Uranus In Taurus — 11 Comments

  1. Tr Uranus is opposite my natal Uranus and square natal Mars and DSC.
    Everything so shocking today and yesterday: At my 12th house workplace two patients died unexpectedly and out of the blue.
    I confronted elegantly people of power after long season of degrading me ( as Saturn and Pluto are transiting my 12th house). I believe with good results.
    My friend surprisingly announced she needs a divorce – her hubbie turns out to be an aggressive junkie.
    Crazy days!
    Let s wait for Mars to square Saturn/Pluto

  2. Unexpected death, huh? Yesterday I found out my grandfather died last week of a heart attack. That threw me off-guard.

  3. I heard a pedestrian get hit by a car on Friday night, through my open window. It totaled the car, but the man lived, according to my news source. Gruesome sound, I tell ya, not like two cars crashing.

    I did have an ex lover come back.

    My mom choked on a piece of meat. My sister did the heimlich.

    I started a new job, Im making really good money.

    Theres more, but I dont even have time to unpack all of that.

  4. Nothing yet, but I should be patient. I have a natal 4 deg Pluto in Scorpio opposing natal 5 deg Taurus moon.

    I imagine it will surprise me, shock me. Things have been a tad mundane although heavy.

  5. My son has been writing for a football website as a contributor with little pay — more for the experience than anything since he is still in college. His latest article came out Monday morning and lit the internet up. In the first twelve hours it was viewed more than 100,000 times and remains in the top stories of google searches for that topic. The “good” kind of Uranus energy at work.

  6. It’s my birthday, I am doing well, and a corpse contacted me last night. Childhood friend; we last spoke just over a year ago, and it was slightly embarrassing. Since then I decided not to return to the US, my significant other bought me a new 4 bedroom house and a car, and I am very, very happy. I immediately updated him and sent a photo to boot!
    i am working on the sudden healing- I remembered a technique to help my hip problem and have been doing it day and night. I have a 4 planet stellium on the Venus/Mercury point.

  7. Nothing really big right now. Time reflecting on my own actions . Having a life review in a way. One would think with my mercury in scorpio in my natal chart there would be more. I am thankful for the lack of drama.

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