The Magic Of The 2018 Summer Retrogrades

Checking in again, observing the effects of the retrograde planets of 2018.  I have my on life to observe but I also talk to a lot of people, all around the world, in consultations. One thing that is clear to me: things are working out.

I am not suggesting they are working out in ways that are easy or comfortable but they are working out.  At this point, I tend to see this as a necessary time, paving the way for Jupiter in Sagittarius, which should be a pretty good story.  I have numerous examples of this but I’ll use my own life to illustrate.

As I’ve mentioned here and there, I am facing a horrible situation right now. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12.  If you’ve read here for any amount of time at all, then you know my life has been extreme. You don’t think you can go through anything worse… and then something worse presents itself. I am in this position at this time.

I had a priest who was helping me. I made of point of not weighing on him too heavily, but he said he would be there, if needed. When I needed, he was there.  Three weeks ago, he was pressured into retirement.

When he announced this at mass, I burst into tears. There are very few people who know what I am going through; even fewer who know this priest has been my spiritual support. I was devastated.

Someone did tell me they had gone through a similar situation. They suggested, God, would send me another great priest. I didn’t know about that – how many priests are going to remind me of, Henry – Authentically Interesting Person? That’s him, on the motorcycle, circa 1922?

Anyway, this priest has been leaving over the last three weeks. I noticed that as he disengaged, other people filled in. He’s is gone now, for one week… my boat still floats.

I’ve also noticed that other things are getting resolved. For example, I do need major surgery. However, it will fix a problem I have complained about (hard core) for the last three years. I will become UN-crippled. It doesn’t matter how daunting this may be, dealing with one thing while dealing with the other. You know I’m going to make it, don’t you?

I could go on and on but the picture that comes to mind is of something coming undone. Unbound. Like the edge of fabric that’s frayed.  Some strings or fibers fall away, but something ethereal comes in with magic thread and keeps the thing together.  Not only that, it’s simultaneously reinforced.

I am really sad that our priest is gone. He was a true friend to me. But I can see life rolling on and it’s not necessarily rolling downhill, though it seems that way sometimes and IS scary at times.

I am going to need help post my surgery this month. I am aware this offers people the opportunity to be of help. It’s no small thing.

What do you see happening this summer?

Today, I told some people about my Red Hand


The Magic Of The 2018 Summer Retrogrades — 22 Comments

  1. “I am aware this offers people the opportunity to be of help”. These are words of great value. To think about.
    I am sorry Elsa you have to miss your friend: the priest. You wrote about him earlier.

  2. This summer I see things working out, too. Financially things are scary but for now, I’m staying afloat.

    Letting go of ST has been easier than I thought it would be. No one can replace him, I know that. Even if I remarry down the road, it won’t be the same. But I have the support of my family, his family, people on the EE boards, people in my local Toastmasters club. I’ve been listening to Peter Monn on YouTube on a regular basis since ST’s death and he has become a part of my healing process.

  3. God Elsa, you don’t know how much I NEED things to work out right know.
    A certain situation in my life has been brewing for almost two years and even though it sometimes seem like it might work out, things keep hitting a dead end. I’m so tired – just writing this makes my heart ache.

    After the latest anti-climax I feel extra deflated and things seem extra pointless. In any case: I hope things get better for you, and I pray you’re right.

  4. This is a powerful story of magic, letting us readers sample the complexities of your life and leaving a metaphor “Like the edge of fabric that’s frayed. Some strings or fibers fall toay, but something ethereal comes in with magic thread and keeps the thing together. Not only that, it’s simultaneously reinforced…” to connect where it will make the most value, individually.

    Thanks for the gift of your life that connects complexities through astrology.

  5. Just as you thought things cleared away, another storm hits.

    Yup, sign me up on this. 8H/Scorpio peoole are the embodiment of this, and I pray that you may find your light going forward 🙂

    This summer seem like heavy energy, but also lossening up, healing, putting some things to rest, coming to terms or coming clean with what has happened.

    The only thibg annoying me as H… These days are Mars Rx in my 1st house. I am sooooo tired and energy deflated. But luckily I am soon off for my holiday and the ‘rest’ is history…. Yes, that was a double pun if ever there was one, I guess.
    LOL ?

  6. Thank you Elsa for your openess and honesty. I do love dropping in to your site – you provide nurturance, guidance and hope in many ways through your writings. I highly appreciate this. You have gone through so much, and you are brave enough to share that with us. Some of my care structures are breaking down also because of people leaving and also because of changes I have had to make – I no longer have access to those structures. It’s painful and I feel for you that you have lost such a dear friend, a spirtual one at that. But as you so beautifully write “something ethereal comes in with magic thread and keeps the thing together” this is so true. This summer my sister is coming with her young daughter from the UK to visit – I haven’t been able to travel since my youngest son had leukhemia, but his final dose of chemotherapy is on August 1st and we will be able to move on with life and travel once more. (Jupiter direct!followed by Jupiter in Sag)
    I wish you well Elsa, you have always been there for us and I’m hoping all works out well for you.

  7. Elsa, my heart sank when I read what you are facing…and after giving us so much! I also pray for you and that this out come will reveal a beautiful, “etherial” mystery and a positive way forward…for you Elsa and everyone too!

  8. Whatever this priest has given u is a gift u will always have. It reminds of your story about the knife. Now the knife is yours to do what you want with. Whatever the priest has given u so far is yours and will always be with you. Good luck ?

  9. Call it a grand cross and we all have had to carry one this summer as part of the heat wave is world wide it is felt in Dallas Texas and the good news is a feral cat came into my life needing attention and it has been difficult while she gave birth to 6 babies on my birthday in front of me….well the kittens are getting big they have a fan and momma has water and food not some dark under the house life for her newborn…domestic cats they will become and a prayer they find a good home soon..

  10. At work, energies aren’t healthy and moving forward; it’s sideways, hidden, snarled. This will get worse before it gets better, and I expect I’ll be in a new place (reporting structure, team, or maybe whole new job/city/life setting) or on my way by end of summer. Eh, whatever. Could be worse, and it will certainly be better than now when it all falls out.

    Elsa — good luck with surgery and things. Glad you are surrounded by folks ready to support you.

  11. <3 Sending love and prayers, my heart goes out to you. It's devastating to lose a true friend. It's good to read your optimism in the face of this.

  12. A summer of retrospection of what I learned about loving another. Loving myself. A close someone. A someone I deeply loved in every aspect I let go. It might have been mutual. They are gone at least for the summer. I held on so afraid that if I let go they would fall….or find someone else. In letting go I finally got to noticed the severe rope burns on my hands. And realized the energy spent so long in trying to keep them close. So Im going solo…hands free…to build a life for myself now. A home to carry with me. I hope they come back…even if its only for a visit and cup of coffee.

  13. Hi Elsa…I love reading your blogs! You are a great inspiration, Thank you! I will keep you in my daily prayers, and I hope everything works in your favor.
    Blessing! 🙂

  14. You are a survivor and its is a place in the pit you have to get up from, we all do or we lose sight of the joy… are not alone…lets do our best….besides my kittens have a better bathroom then I do…..hahahaha

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