The Last Harry Potter Movie: *Spoiler Alert*

HP birthdayI took the girls to see the last Harry Potter movie this morning. Their Auntie and cousin and my mother went as well. Afterward we all talked about getting very choked up and crying. The interesting part is that while it was a very emotional movie for all of us, we all cried at different parts!

Spoiler after the break…

All of them spoke of crying for a particular character, their death or their moment of heroism. The reaction of each one fit perfectly with the astrology of what they value. I felt deeply about each moment mentioned but the only time I actually cried? It was when the character that had been a supposed villain throughout the entire series was vindicated as the greatest hero of all.

It’s all a matter of what you value most. I value loyalty and deep devotion even when it comes in what would seem to the majority an unappealing package; in fact, perhaps particularly when it comes in a dark and scary package. My next favorite moment was when the boy they discounted as a lovable bumbler stepped up and proved his worth as a hero, making victory possible. These were both very plutonic transformations, the shift of the devalued character to champion. I have an 8th house Venus and Pluto in the 2nd house (Venus ruled). The 8th house and Pluto have to do with depth, darkness, transformation and a fierce type of loyalty. The 2nd house and Venus have to do with values and what is attractive.

Do you have planets in the 2nd house? Into which house does your Venus fall? What do you appreciate or value?



The Last Harry Potter Movie: *Spoiler Alert* — 12 Comments

  1. I have Venus in Sagittarius. I LOVE the adventure in the Harry Potter series! I cried when I knew the adventure was over. 🙁

    Once the battle scene was over, I started to well up.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, but the book made me cry.

    Neptune in the second, Venus in the 8th, conjunct Moon/South Node (in the 7th with Equal), and I also value loyalty and devotion. Kindness, too.

    I can’t remember everything that happened in the book, but I’ve almost always preferred stories about friends, rather than romances, because the loyalty really seems to come through more (like in ET, and the Fox and the Hound – my favourite Disney movie). I need to reread the HP books; I’ve been meaning to for months now, and I loved the first part of the final chapter of it all.

  3. I have Taurus in the 2nd house. I also love the material things in the Harry series like the sorting hat and the goblets they drink with during lunch or a feast, LOL.

  4. my venus is in 11th house and i value group friendships.
    My s.node is in the 2nd house. I appreciate my pluto energy being able to transform anything through the powers of my inner worlds.

  5. I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd house.

    My favorite character has been Snape since the 2nd book. I never lost faith in him as a character. I kind of predicted what would happen, but I was definitely satisfied. I have seen it twice. (yes, twice!). I cried harder the second time. During the Pensieve scenes. “Always”. Ugh. He was not a nice person, but his loyalty was amazing and moving to me. I cried in the books as well. To me, he made the books. <3 He is one of my favorite characters of all time.

  6. Pluto in Virgo in the 2nd and Venus (conjunct Saturn) in Aries in the 9th. I value loyalty and a sense of order. Of things making sense and being somewhat logical. I don’t do well with spontaneity (it sometimes freaks out my Taurus Moon).

    In my 2nd House I also have the Part of Fortune (Virgo), the South Node, Jupiter and Uranus (Libra) all in opposition to my 00 Aries Sun/North Node/Chiron. So that Aries Sun is being taught to have faith in relationships or partnerships that, with the South Node attached, don’t always strengthen me the way I thought they would. My strength is only found in me and my actions, not the actions of someone else, a lesson I’m still learning.

    But I believe my ability to totally transform my life — with Pluto/Part of Fortune in the out-of-sign conjunction to the South Node, Jupiter and Uranus sextile Neptune/Mars and opposite Sun/North Node/Chiron — is immense and begins with my perception and what I anticipate and prepare for.

    Have yet to see the latest Harry Potter, but will probably wait for the crowds to subside a bit before I do. :^)

  7. Jupiter, Ceres and Neptune in the 2nd house, in Scorpio. Venus in the 11th. Interestingly enough, Venus and Jupiter are squared.

    I value my friends and I take friendship quite seriously; I also value creativity and imagination.

  8. I have been dying to read this post but havent because of spoilers and now finally that I’ve watched the movie I can post :). I was most emotional at the pensive scene and the scene before it with Harry and Snape. I have been waiting for this movie if only for the unfolding of that particular moment. Though I had many teary moments this was the moment I was waiting for.

    I dont have planets in the 2nd but I have stellium in the 8th house which houses my pluto-venus conjunction. I value deep loyalty and devotion too, I value the darkness against light. I value standing up to take a hit even if it will make me the bad guy.

    I love harry potter, both the movies and books. I think its brilliant. Its hard to have a favourite because all the characters are complex and wonderful…but snape, well he’s had my heart since the beginning of the books <3

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