The Horoscope Of Rodney King

“Can we all get along?”
–Rodney King

Rodney King drowned in his swimming pool early this morning. What a sad, sad thing. Reading over some of the news stories I’m inclined to skim as it just brings up a great deal of emotion for me. Rodney King is a household name, for the most part. Most are aware of his beating at the hands of police. Not everyone immediately remembers that it was also the acquittal of the accused officers that sparked the notorious L.A. riots in 1992, where 53 people died and many more were injured.

King had a very public documentation of his drinking problem with continued issues with the law and ultimately a reality show rehabilitation feature. He became representative, the poster child for police violence and notorious for alcohol abuse and a troubled life. So what’s the astrology? It’s an iconic playing out of one of the worst things that can happen with a tough chart. I hate to outline these sorts of things because it can make people feel downhearted about issues in their own chart. It’s always good to remember, though, that no matter your challenges, you always have choices… choices about having integrity and choices about getting help when you clearly need it.

Mr. King had an Aries stellium in the 12th house, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. Aries and Neptune/Pisces are a tough mix within one person; there’s a lot of fire, independence and a warrior nature and this doesn’t blend easily with Neptunian, 12th house, “we are part of a larger whole” consciousness. There are ways to do it and they generally involve service, being a warrior for something higher than yourself. Unfortunately Neptunian or Piscean energies also relate to substance abuse when taken at their lowest ebb. From the outside it looked as though Mr. King did try to use these energies well, at least at certain junctures in his life, and it is terribly and sadly iconic that he died by drowning… overtaken by water (Neptune and the 12th house). Neptune in Scorpio (more water emphasis) quincunxed Moon-Mercury.

The violence inherent in his life is evidenced in his Mars-Pluto-Uranus conjunction, sudden violence, but exacerbated by the quincunx to Sun-Venus in the 12th and the opposition to his 11th house Saturn. He took a beating in public, from a group (11th house), and inspired massive rioting.

There’s certainly an argument to be made that things were stacked against Mr. King. They were. But plenty of other people were also born with these chart elements. Neptune made a wonky aspect to his 12th house planets and Jupiter aspected none of his personal placements. However, with Jupiter in the first house opposing Neptune he and his situation broadcast a hidden or ignored problem that changed things forever for many people. It brought focus to a seemingly intractable, multi-layered societal condition.

Rest in peace, Mr. King.


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  1. I lived there during the riots. I remember some of the conversations that grew out of it and some of the help my mother offered the churches and community in that area.

  2. Thank you for your analysis, Satori. You always bring illumination to the subject with your writing. And, as someone who was questioning this morning how this played out in this chart, you continue to enlighten this beginner.

    I looked at his chart this morning and noticed that there are some current aspects happening to his Chiron. Could that have played a part to the timing of his death?

  3. thank you, Natalia! and thanks, Elsa, for posting those pics! I love that first one. I just felt really sad, really sad hearing the news this morning. 🙁

  4. Rest in Peace, Rodney King. His story is so tragic and makes me so sad. My friend just met him at his book signing a couple of weeks ago, and got a picture with him. This is so surreal.

  5. this guy is a human being. he’s somebody’s baby and he’s dead. I don’t have to justify my writing about him to you or anyone but Elsa and it appears she’s fine with it.

  6. for clarity: I take full responsibility for everything I write and Elsa has never censored me whether she agrees with me or not.

  7. @Satori

    and another thing

    “this guy is a human being. he’s somebody’s baby and he’s dead. I don’t have to justify my writing about him to you or anyone but Elsa and it appears she’s fine with it.”

    there are thousands of people like him, living similar lifes, if you really-really care, how about volunteering? maybe, starting up a charity or anything similar?

    just writing about them, won`t change their lifes

    you want to prove yourself, there you go 😀

    make me blush of shame 😀

  8. “human thrash”?
    So glad you misspelled that, little miss god’s left hand. Glad because I really dislike when people are diminished, robbed of their humanity, when described by that other word you likely intended. You should take a moment and realize that your vast unconscious did you a little favor there. It’s a small grace given you of you only care to recognize it. I urge you to do so. Why? Because your thinking is currently dichotomous. You’ve arranged your mind into a meat little division between good/bad, right/wrong, etc. And one day you’ll meet challenges that don’t fit that scheme. And if you don’t adapt, you’ll suffer immensely. I really don’t wish it on you, having seen plenty of it myself.
    Rodney King, like each of us, was a complex being. he is part of our collective humanity and earthly experience. He is me. And he is you. So if you can find some compassion for him, you’ll be finding it not only for yourself but for the rest of us as well.
    *end rant*
    p.s. Thank you Satori and Elsa.. I enjoy your writings.

  9. I absolutely second what Natalia said. Well stated. Beautiful and compassionate analysis and summation of Mr. King’s life Satori.

  10. I don’t believe in turning miscreants into celebrities. Our society loves to do that. I don’t buy it. God can give us his Grace, but mostly we have to be responsible for our own actions. I don’t applaud people who cause trouble for others because they refuse to act properly.

  11. Satori – thank you for writing an illuminating post about astrology. Examples of how we can or cannot direct energy in a chart. Not all is negative and not all is positive. This, more than much else that goes around the internet these days is valuable. Those lessons when we are looking at our own chart and see 12th house mess or Neptune mess can then be a hook for us to lift ourselves up and see the positive to reach for with a difficult chart. Thank you for that bit of insight.

    (and yes, thank the world for my mom, she’s the one who used to teach basic living skills to homeless like washing clothes, and cooking and math and budgeting. I do admire her – she also has a difficult chart)

  12. You wrote a post full of understanding and sympathy for for the less fortunate, and full of humanity, satori.

    I don’t agree with the media’s propensity to make celebs out of criminals either. But Rodney King’s problems were complex and to examine his chart in this way is both appropriate here, and highly illuminating

  13. Yikes – I have a bunch of Pisces planets (4) in the 12th house, well Merc’s in the 11th, barely, and Aries rising. “Aries and Neptune/Pisces are a tough mix within one person…” You said it. It is trying to marry opposites.

  14. but for some people it’s a great challenge… like, if someone hands you a nut and bolt and says “make this work together”, you just screw them together, right? what if someone hand you a nut and a live chicken? you have to really braistorm and rise to the challenge!

  15. hearing of his death also brought me great sadness. i don’t ignore (nor agree with) the choices that rodney king made in his short, tragic life, but i can’t help but feel something for this common man who was thrown into something greater than himself without any of the tools or survival skills that many take for granted.

  16. As a novice astrologer and triple Gemini with Pluto in the 3rd house I was very curious about this man’s chart. Thank you Satori for posting this. Very revealing.

    @gods left hand

    It is not the task of the astrologer to condemn or judge a man. It is the task of the atrologer to reveal what’s hidden and to show compassion to those with challenging charts.

  17. Thank you Satori, for making me examine my views. I was disappointed that Rodney King could not shake his demons and be the proper role model his life-altering experience gave him the opening to be. After reading your post though, I was touched and realized that some are not strong enough, and they should be empathized with and shown compassion.

  18. Wow this article is well put. I am reading a book on Saturn return, titled ‘surviving saturn return’ and it states Saturn in the Pisces is giving the feeling of being invisible. The stellium of planets in his 12 house only add more to him disappearing from our world. Even in the Rodney king trail he was made to feel of no importance. He was taken out of the equation for justice was not served leading to a riot which involved chaos! Pisces quality and deaths shootings in the riots. The Neptune in Scorpio an Pluto aspects connected Rodney to police ( mainly Scorpio ruled profession)

  19. Gods left hand,
    Maybe he was dealt a good card in life he was dealing with alcoholism, criminal offense of robbery, and relationship issues which lead him to worse situations ( Murphys law) the recorded beating, but after the fact (after riots) it was a turn around to receive love, support, a savior from mass public. People who are fallen are far more in need then those who can stand on their own.

  20. I thought this was a very humane way to pay tribute to someone who is a human being who just happened to make some poor choices but he also made history and he made the world take notice of the situation that has faced many (most) black people at some point in life if they just happened to run across the wrong cop on the wrong day and that is the ones that were not doing anything that was criminal. He was a person. My mom had some problem tenants a few years ago at the property she was renting out while she was in a rehabilitation program for few months after a serious medical event. She’s almost eighty and I was 42 and got a call from the neighbors about the young girl living there being a problem, running around screaming obscenities and threats. It turned out that she had mental health issues but she also was high and very angrily drunk as I found out when I went over there to talk to them about keeping it down. I should have mentioned it was summer and hot, and I also had just finished a small tour of the east coast, I’m a musician and artist and my hair was blue and green and I have a few tattoos that you could see because I was wearing a tank top because it was so hot out. The girl ended up getting hostile, grabbing a knife and wavering between threatening to dice me up and threading to hurt herself. I got the police on the phone and told them there was a woman who was intoxicated and everything else and the address of the house and the dispatcher said that he had other calls about her earlier (are they allowed to even say that w/HIPPA laws?) So the police arrive quickly and it’s a somewhat affluent suburban area that the house was in, and things got bad fast because I was wrestled to the ground by the cops and told that city was a nice place and I was “human trash” asked WHAT TIME did I start getting high that day, and told that I should go back to (the main city) and one female officer said “maybe we got here too early and she’ll finish herself off next time because we have more pressing things to do than dealing with SCUM….” Then the door flew open and the tenant ran out screaming f word this and that and they figured out that I was just the woman who called not the person that was a disturbance (and disturbed). But whether I was the problem or she was, you don’t call people trash or SCUM! Did I look like a derelict to them? If I did or didn’t, should not be a reason to treat me like a nonperson. I actually filed a complaint but my mom asked me to just let it drop because she was the one who owned the property and my boyfriend ended up evicting the people who wouldn’t listen to me or my mom and I sure wasn’t about to call the police for assistance after that! god’s left hand shake on you for that, Rodney is a person, was, rather. You know what some folks do with their left hand? ???

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