The Great Cardinal Reset – Nov 4th, 2020

great resetFor around 2 days starting on November 4th, the rulers of each cardinal sign will be in the signs they rule. Mars will be in Aries, the Moon will be in Cancer, Venus will be in Libra, and Saturn will be in Capricorn. This is remarkable and incredibly rare, with the last time being in 1783!

This period is known to be a great reset, the mark of a new era. And with the craziness we’ve all experienced in 2020, it’s becoming pretty clear that things will never be quite the same again.

The last few times this happened marked huge changes.

  • In the 1370s and 1380s, a great plague in Europe was followed by a series of peasants’ revolts and a shift in power away from the nobility and toward the peasantry.
  • The 1570’s saw the spread European expansion into North America and increasing globalization of trade.
  • The 1790’s marked the start of the Industrial Revolution along with anti-imperialist revolutions and new ideas regarding human rights.

All of these events fundamentally changed life as people knew it. The old ways were gone, and a new world was opening up.

It’s particularly interesting that the 1793 configuration coincided with Pluto having recently entered Aquarius. As we watch Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius, with Pluto to follow in only a few years, many of these events echo into our own time. Work then became increasingly machine-driven and no longer required the human touch. People became disconnected from home and family, which had been the nexus of life for millennia, and instead began working in factories in service of larger corporations. Feels a little bit familiar, right? Will we have our own version of the Industrial Revolution? Will we see the rise of a true technocracy? To what degree will machines and AI come to dominate our daily lives?

And what of the United States? This country was officially internationally recognized as an independent state during the last reset. With political tensions already running high, will this configuration, coming one day after the election, herald a new era or the beginning of the end? It’s anyone’s guess how it will play out.

What do you think about this configuration? What do you think will happen?

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The Great Cardinal Reset – Nov 4th, 2020 — 12 Comments

  1. Yes, I think everything will become technologically controlled, as few as possible people will be physically working and there will be a universal “pay”, to buy the poducts made by machines.
    Education, media, politics etc. will be geared towards this system, humans will just be robots made out of meat.
    Somebody, somewhere will profit from this, but who will they mix with, what will make them happy etc.? (I dont’t know and don’t care!) They’ll probably be bored to death.
    I hope nature and animals (if there are any left) will reclaim their territories.
    Humans who control humans are really screwing the planet and everything on it.

  2. I was reminded of the movie “Cloud Atlas” while reading this post.

    It was a pretty chilling movie, if we look at today’s events and planetary constellations.

    I am positive we have been having a monumental reset of the world order this year and the upcoming years while Pluto prepares to leave his legacy in Capricorn behind him and entering a new era

    I am equally intrigued and equally terrified!

    • Wow–can’t believe you mentioned Cloud Atlas…it was the most unbelievable and chilling movie. So underrated because it was uneven!! But it has given us all a way to envision many energies. I think about it all the time.

  3. Machines and AI. Bleah!! Nothing ever changes for me anymore. I suppose if the local street militants came in and forced me off my property and into the cold of winter. But I don’t think so.

    I am feeling so disconnected from it all. I just can’t relate. Wah wah wah. I think if all that stuff does bleed into my life, it will be a new adventure. Do I need a Plan B? I am getting the feeling that my life will probably be the same old same old.

  4. WOW! This ties in with the heralding and ushering of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which the World Economic Forum has been speaking of relentlessly alongside global governance. We’re heading into a cashless society and potential RFID chips in the vaccine. Klaus Schwab of WEF has been referring to Covid-19 as The Great Reset. He released a 300 book a few months ago and how it affects every sector of society it’s also the latest (Oct 2020) Times magazine cover. I implore everyone to check out the UN Sustainable Development Goals website. The timeline to reach these sustainable development goals is 2030. How do we achieve such goals that are massive in scale and truly radical considering they are to be achieved by 2030? THAT is the question. It’s a design for an entirely new world by 2030. You can sign up on the UN Sustainable Development Goals website which leads to a plethora of information, some of it is deeply unsettling considering they have a desired number of what they want the population size to be by then which is much less than it is today. Things are going to move VERY fast and very swift in these upcoming years! I implore everyone to check it out and to look at all the WEF website content about 2030.

  5. One astrologer I listen to keeps saying that the monetary system we’re under isn’t going to be around much longer. It will crash. (This will happen regardless of who’s elected.) That would create a Great Reset of sorts, because we’re all so accustomed to using money as our form of currency, and energy exchange.

  6. Thanks for that. New to me. Fascinating. Such epochal changes seem better tracked astrologically than by other means.
    And a shout out to Cloud Atlas–a strange movie but mind expanding and what do you think–a masterpiece?
    And 2020 has yet to give us the Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction on the Solstice and the Cap/Aqu cusp. Erm–wake me up when it is over???

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