The Grace To Face Your Own Mortality

It’s been awhile since I was lectured about being morbid all the time.  This may start that back up!

I’m pretty realistic about death, having a lot of Capricorn and a packed 8th house. I’m not sure why this bothers people so much. It should be obvious, we’re all individuals. Why should someone like me be expected to float around?

In whatever case, recently I started deleting huge chunks of my life. I do clear the decks from time to time so this was not unusual right up until I started deleting pictures. I have a special affinity to photographs…

In this post, circa 2011, I talk about having nothing of value but pictures. I consider them the only thing worthwhile.

The 8th House, Scorpio & The Goods Of The Dead


Here’s another post from 2010. I’m asking people to share or return their precious photographs…

Neptune…. Do You Have Another Person’s Pictures?

I’ve been this way my whole life. I never thought I’d ever discard a picture but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately.  Why? It’s because my life has taken such a poignant turn, I realize how most things mean very little or even nothing at all.  A few things come to mind.

Awhile back, some gal who was cleaning out the house of one of her family members came on the blog implored people to get rid of stuff while they were alive. Don’t leave it for others!

I had to clean out my grandfather’s house when I was in my early twenties. It was a horrible job so I heard her loud and clear.

I also recall my husband telling me the only people who matter are those who stick with you. He’s so right about this.

These two things combined is what prompted me to start discarding thing.  Who cares if I dated this or that person when I was thirty year old, and I took a lot of pictures?  Seriously, who cares. Ultimately, it came to nothing.  It’s like big giant flush down the toilet.

Same with this or this or this or this thing that I recorded over the years.
Or this or that item I have carted around for decades in some cases.

That gal was right. It’s really not cool to leave a mess for others to sort through if you can avoid it.

I’m writing this now, because with Saturn in Capricorn heading to conjunct Pluto in the sign in 2020, people like me are in vogue.  Reality and responsibility around death and legacy s a real thing.

Here’s another thing to consider…

Your Facebook After You Die – Horror For Your Descendants

If you died tomorrow, how big a mess would you leave? Have you done anything to make it easier on the people you love?

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The Grace To Face Your Own Mortality — 13 Comments

  1. Yes I did. Years ago. I wrote everything down on paper. Have a very good funeral insurance. There is a codicil in the safe by the undertaker.
    I have some good friends where I talked about this theme. I live alone with almost no family since my cousin died last spring.
    INDEED you have responsibility about death and legacy.
    Elsa, this is why I love your blog so much! It is no nonsense writing. Of big value.
    And this week I heard a story about the death of a very old friend who I did not see for years! My English is not sufficient enough to describe the story, and it is not necessary too. It touched me deeply. And today I read this on your blog! How special is this!

  2. My husband a Cap asc with a stellium in the 8th house virgo has been absorbed lately with post mortem pics. People who have been exhumed after 30 years, and other morbidities. I think this is his way of dealing with his illness. Most of our 18 years together I could not even get him to talk about death at all.

  3. This post is what I am doing now and have been doing since late 2016 when my step-mother died. I am the last remaining and have been the recipient of everyone else’s belongings. I have held on to many things from all the people that have died and came to the realization that I don’t need ANY of that stuff! I have memories and as long as I have my mind, I have all I need from them. I have never been fond of photos, especially of people that are no longer here, to place on the walls or shelves of my home. I would rather remember them in my mind, and not look at photos starring me in the face. My walls display art and things that bring me pleasure. Not that people from my life don’t bring me pleasure, I just don’t care to display my family and people on my walls. I have many photos and now I am in process of tossing out so many of people that I don’t even know, friends of my parents, etc. For all of 2017 I have been purging and the energy of purging so many things have been so cleansing for me. I have a lot more to do and have just recently turned it into high gear with all this Cap energy going on now. Loving the ‘letting go’ feeling. I have Saturn in 12th squaring my Venus Cap in the 3rd. Loving what Pluto has just done with my Cap Chiron and trying to get ahead of the purge by the time it moves to my Venus. What I definitely know now is that purging is cleansing on so many levels.

  4. Love this post. I am fortunate to be in perfect health but I am in the process of making a will for the first time. I have always, since childhood, felt “matter-of-fact” and rather dispassionate about death. Does having my Moon, Mercury & Venus in the 8th help make me that way? I did not like going through my parents’ things after they died, but it wasn’t that bad… it felt like a good ritual. I still have many of their things. My kids do not like me to give away things – they voted a loud NO about whether I should get rid of the big dusty old doll I got when I was one year old. They will find Tootie still here when it is their turn to perform the ritual.

  5. Your husband is right. I’ve just cut off from 2 former best friends, by not sending them back a Christmas card. Every damn year it’s the same, I dread getting the cards and then feel I have to send them one back. But this year, no. I’m being my true self, if you can’t be bothered to call or take an interest in my life, why should I keep up contact when tge relationship has obviously died a death years ago? I feel lighter for it.

  6. I understand… I generally only hang onto things I think would mean something to my family after I die. Believe it or not, I always have my mortality in the back of my mind. It’s normal to me. I just cleaned out my jewery box the other day. I put all the cheap junk jewelry aside to give away. I specifically did this thinking about what would be there when I die, if i die soon. This is the way I think on the regular. I have Pluto/Saturn conjunct my IC opp Venus and both lights/asc ruler in the 8th.

  7. 3 years ago, before moving NW, I decided that I want everything I own to be able to fit in a car with enough room for me to sleep comfortably. I’m extremely pleased with the results. I know where everything is that I “own” since it all has practical use.
    It’s hard watching friends just blindly buy or collect shit. We flush toilets and toss garbage without a second thought.

  8. Thanks for writing this piece, Elsa. I was just listening to a 3 day summit by 13 astrologers talking about 2018 forecasting. It was a good overview on Saturn and Capricorn, as well as the other major transits. I kept posing the question about Saturn/Capricorn/Pluto energies and their influence on Time/Age/Death. No one addressed this influence. This was disappointing to me, because like you, I feel this will be a wide open time to address what has been denied in the West since the Civil War. I am currently starting a Death Doula business and know that this is the time for such a service.

  9. I would love to go through someone’s house after they passes. I love old things, just lover stuff. I’m not a hoarder, but I love to make things, recycle and repurpos. I just sent my cousin a few old photos I had of our grandparents. We are both intrigued with them. I feel just the opposite of you right now.

  10. I believe in being realistic about people being human.. do they need to be guilted or shamed into doing the right thing? I dont get this I had a lot to clear of both my older sister and mother’s things but I did it in love.. For me I would rather not hoard but others are human and so they may hold onto things they need to for they may not have been capable of processing their feelings around them.

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