The Future Of Astrology Blogging Is Bleak

Vintage zodiac paper dollsI don’t think the future is bright for bloggers or any other independent publishers.  This is because we’re all competing with Google now. Good luck with that…but let me explain using my business, astrology, as an example.

In the old days, a person would google, “moon in aries”. Google would direct them to someone’s website.  They would offer them a list of sites that might address their query in some form.

This was great for the astrology student. They could access a variety of opinions on some aspect. Over time, they might find one website to be reliable or rich in content. They’d bookmark the site and often enough that site was mine.

Today, when you google something, google some blurb about the thing, right up top.  Moon in Aries is _______.  Often enough, this is enough to satisfy the person searching. They have their easy-google answer and no reason to click anywhere.

If just ten percent of website traffic was lost in this way, it would be significant. I’d not be surprised if the figure was closer to fifty percent.

I’m not writing this to whine about it.  I’m writing for the same reason I write anything. I think it’s interesting or something it will help people to know. This affects me but it affect a lot more than that!

In the future, it seems a soundbite will take the place of deep understanding.  It’s not true knowledge, but something on the surface that people accept. Artificial intelligence as opposed to some flesh and blood person like me, who merges knowledge, with her heart, her soul and her experience.  It’s going to be canned music, if you’re familiar with the term. Sterile.

What scares me is that most people will believe whatever google presents for them to read. And with all the insanely bad astrology out there, chances are what is offered is going to be…who knows?  You’re a guinea pig in their experiment.

This misinformation is everywhere.  The other day I was shopping. I’m one of those people who check the tags for the cost per ounce. I was looking at the various sizes of McCormick vanilla. It was obvious that the math on the tag was wrong.

I’m not talking about the small size being a better value than the large size. I’m talking about the math being wrong.  There is no way that a sixteen ounce bottle that costs eight dollars is one dollar per ounce.  That kind of wrong.

I pointed out the error to someone who worked in the store. When she looked at me as if I had three heads, this is when I recalled that these days, close is good enough, or even excellent.

I think the astrology of the future is going to be very bad.  Sorry, but people (and machines) who know a little think they know a lot.  Real knowledge will be kept by someone, somewhere, but it will be hard to access.  Google bones for one and all

As for what will become of this blog, under the new system, I don’t know. But if anyone can figure out how to survive, it will probably be me.

Mine was the first astrology blog in the world. Wouldn’t it be something if mine is also the last?


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  1. I have seen the same thing happen (on the internet)and it’s not limited: Science, politics, news, religion, crafting, herbalism, psychology, art, everything feels diluted and some things appear completely infantilized. I liked the internet when it “seemed” smaller. When you could see and feel the imprint of real people or their work. I remember being able to find and recognise individual personalities better. Maybe social networking had a function in this, I don’t know. The internet just isn’t the same place it was.

      • I am so curious about Pluto in Aquarius. The mutual reception of uranus and neptune was so available and obvious to me. Sometimes planetary energies are harder for me to wrap my head around but the way social networking drowned out the more thoughtful, useful, quirky parts of the internet is kinda depressing. This played out in other media too.

  2. I think you’re right. People think Google uses Journalism school rules – when even some journalists don’t (Fox “News” isn’t alone in that – really, not.).
    Not all of those who participate, do so for profit. Some simply sneer at the rest of humanity (” inferior intellects,” they imsgine).

    • Well, they just think Google knows. They put their trust in Google to give them a correct answer, when in reality, Google is serving them x, y, or z to see which option increases their bottom line.

      I just don’t think people think, even the slightest bit. And this will have spectacular consequences.

  3. If you google a recipe for something, simple instructions pop up. Too bad for all those bloggers who took all those beautiful pictures, cropped and sized them and added their style. People have poured so much love into their projects – I know I have. And now it’s thumbnails or things, basically.

    There was a director some years ago, who made a remark that films were not meant to be watched on tiny screens. You miss too much.

    Well…tiny screens is what people want. And they want google to be their brain; store info for them, tell them whether to turn left or right.

    It’s very strange. I don’t like gps. I don’t trust it for this reason – it always fails me. But if I use my own powers of navigation, I always get where I’m going.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like technology. I certainly use it. I like having a thesaurus *right there*. But I understand it’s limits…and if it keeps going the way it is, the online info continue to degrade and if you want real information, you’ll have to look for dated sources.

    Last night my husband asked me which states, Bernie won. I googled and could not find the info. See? Google is only going to show you what it wants you to see. If you don’t control your mind, Google will do it for you.

    I wrote about this long ago, with Saturn in Virgo. Guard your intellect! Take responsibility for it…or else.

    • It’s very strange. I don’t like gps. I don’t trust it for this reason – it always fails me. But if I use my own powers of navigation, I always get where I’m going.

      I find it annoying – and also a power hog and can be used to track you. Which annoys me. Don’t need it, don’t want it.

      and if it keeps going the way it is, the online info continue to degrade and if you want real information, you’ll have to look for dated sources.

      I’ve been using search engines for so long that I’m just accustomed to digging. I am one of the people that does read page 7 of the google results. (And there’s always DuckDuckGo.)

      Last night my husband asked me which states, Bernie won. I googled and could not find the info. See? Google is only going to show you what it wants you to see. If you don’t control your mind, Google will do it for you.

      Your map, madame: 2016 Democratic Delegate Maps. (The text indicates the contest is ongoing but the map matches my memory.) Wikipedia entry, quite comprehensive.

      [‘Helpful hint: in ‘noisy’ searches where a wikipedia page will do but will not drop on the first page, just add ‘wiki’ to the search string.’]

  4. I just read astrological propanda about tou the presidential candidatrs. No more googling astrology for me. I’ll stick with those I trust!

  5. How is this phenomena different than when people started visiting blogs for their info instead of reading books? I think it will just filter out those who didn’t want a serious answer to their question in the first place. But it’s true, it might dent your business model. Maybe you should publish as an app?

  6. Unfortunately, I agree with most of the prior postings. Insofar as Astrology is concerned, I have found that this site and my personal report has been the most accurate that I have seen and most entertaining as well. By entertaining I mean that the blogs always are thought provoking and insightful. Since I am becoming more and more disillusioned with our society in general; I find a haven in this blog. Here there is some sanity and reason along with old fashioned common sense. How odd it must sound to others who may not believe in astrology to hear someone make a statement such as this.. I believe that those who are intelligent enough to recognize valued information and clever writing will continue to read your blog and purchase your reports.

  7. The data movement has a happy time. Now an IBM computer can replace some of the lawyers and doctor’s work by searching for earlier records of this and that. Big data is just this: BIG!

    I don’t think we should discard this movement. It has its own weight by combining metrics. But AI is something different. That’s heart combined with data.

    Still, I *do* think that you can’t fake humanity or human connection. One of the top 10 jobs that will stay in the market is e.g. psychology. We need contact, and with too much impersonal data everywhere, we become easily disconnected from each other. Those that can hellp you re-ignite the connection with other people are the people of tomorrow. Those that facilitate personal growth, understanding, empathy etc. – is valuable.

    So. Use data to up the ante on the internet. Use data to see trends, analyze for most traffic – and then state your heart’s content and message to pour out. One of the big trends these years is a very niche-fied landscape.

    What I think you offer, Elsa, is a very unique “stream-of-consciousness” speak that hits the spot for many of us. We feel “heard” on some deep gut-level. You can’t take that away ever. I think you’ll be just fine 🙂

    (And we all know that food bloggers are eating each other anyway. It’s like any other market competition now. You have to be unique/niche to really stand out.)

    • By the way: One can choose to browse on Google in “Incognito” mode. That way your search is cleaned for any previous search trends…

  8. When I first got online, if you searched for something like a favorite actor, the websites listed were personal fan sites. Back then, the thing was to have your own website, usually free, that came along with your internet provider service. This was what we did before blogs suddenly became the thing. We had our own websites, we would post pictures, add a discussion board, a chat room, all for free, and talk about our favorite things. Now when you search for a favorite actor, you rarely see personal fan sites anymore. This is just an example, but it’s changed a lot since then no matter the topic of interest.

    • It’s such a big change. One month ago, if you searched a movie, IMDb was on top, without fail. Now, google provides basic information on top…IMDb is three or four entries down.

      I’m asserting, there is a (large) percentage of people who will not scroll one inch or click for any reason. They ask a question, they want an answer and will accept what google gives them. When what you know can be contained in a blurb…then you’re understanding of something is not going to be very deep. ::laughs:::

      I understand that some people will go beyond that blurb, but many won’t and in the future the people satisfied with the blurb will grow.

      Here’s another example…

      A friend was over, we were walking the property. I have that mystery tree, she took a picture of it with her phone to try to get Siri to id it. Siri failed…after fifteen minutes of trying, but that’s not the point.

      Personally, I don’t care what Siri says. I find flesh and blood people, far more interesting and helpful. Of course you want to be dealing with people who have retained their intellectual abilities.

      It’s so common, you as someone a question. They google it and turn their phone so you can view the screen.

      Um…I want to know what YOU think, not what google says. I mean, look at this blog. Half of it is my asking what people think of things.

      I am having to delete forum posts now – nothing but a link. People don’t have their own thought. They point you to an outside source in order to speak. WTF.

      I mean I know this is common and usual, but if you stop and think about it, it’s insane. What about your individual mind, hmm? Or maybe people are too special or busy to actually interact. They point you in the direction of their brain, except it’s not their brain! 🙂

  9. I’ve noticed the tendency to just skim the surface . . with all this info lying around it’s only natural for that to happen .. I have the feeling though that this tendency will climax and then fade out, as those who are actually interested realize the low quality of surface data . . I’m kinda thinking that, as always, those who REALLY want to learn, will find their way . . internet might even help to a revival of books, same way that digital music gave rise to the return of vinyl records – although now they are mostly for those who are really digging the stuff instead of mass market products.

  10. I do this more with bagel place hours. But some people only have a surface or not serious interest in astrology because they just don’t care that much or think it’s worth deving into

    • That’s exactly right. But I foresee the masses of people being just like this. Veneer-brain, basically. Waiting to be told what to do, what to think or what’s going to happen to them.

      And then the grid goes down, lol. Uh oh.

  11. I am not sure whether the most viewed site is shown on top by google search OR
    Is google paid to by companies to make it to the top for a search.
    There was a time when google used to supply genuine matter on any subject. This has started disappearing.
    Astrology is completely “human” science. NO AI or any other source will better human instinct(read gut feeling).

    • I agree but I don’t think people will know the difference.

      It’s like eating a store bought tomato as to one you grew in your garden. People get used to junk because that’s all there is! 🙂

      • At election times, I have actually, contacted local media, to say, “You’re using precious airtime, to say the vote-intention poll results, at the expense of not telling us the platforms of candidates. (Which I want.)” They often said, “That’s what people want to hear.” I said, “First off, how eould you know??! And, not me!” After one of those calls, a TV journalist – on air! – said, that *he* decides how to vote, by polls, who everyone else likes. Unbelievable, yet, true.

  12. Google doesn’t become better. New Larry Pages make money with cryptocurrencies and are no longer interested in search engines. Reasonable because why write a line of code for people, who don’t scroll an inch or make a second click? Google is still quite good, when you know how to use it. I prefer startpage by ixquick however. Also if I want different and unfiltered results.
    But I know more astroblogs because I’m not too lazy to scroll some inches or make a third, fourth, and fifth click. I’d also say that there are quite some really good websites about astrology. There’s even knowledge, which can only be found be browsing the web because knowledge increases so quickly, especially when newly discovered planetoids are involved.
    When people, who I know, tell me that they’re interested in astrology, then I try to push them deeper into it. Success is unlikely, but they at least know then that there is more to it.

  13. Recently I thought about NOT renewing my library card when it expires this time. I never go anymore. Years ago I went all the time, but since the Internet and Google came along I’ve noticed that I rarely check out books anymore. I don’t even look in cookbooks for recipes now since I can just find one online. It IS very tempting to just “Google it” and use the first recipe I see, but most times a little research turns up a better recipe. Still, I rely heavily on the Internet–my maps, cookbooks, owner’s manuals, etc. go largely untouched.

    Scary, isn’t it? One day, a person will go to the library and see nothing but a room full of computers…..

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