The Feeling Something Is Afoot… Jupiter Conjunct Uranus In Aries

The current grand cross aspects my moon and it’s no great surprise I feel something is afoot. Can’t say it’s foreboding but I can’t say it’s not as Pluto is involved. Saturn is involved which adds fear but the Jupiter Uranus conjunctions promises that anything can happen and anything can be surprisingly good.

We have about 10 days before Uranus enters Aries which is sure to speed things up. 9 days after that, Jupiter joins Uranus in the sign and 3 days later the planets conjoin.

Big shock is likely. Change of perspective is likely but how this comes about it anyone’s guess. If you wake up in an earthquake, that would do it. That would change your perspective but having these planets in aspect in my chart, I can tell you that you can have a revelation at any time.

As an example, I was beaten nearly to death as a teenager. The experience, while humiliating and painful was not life changing.

A few days later though, out of the blue sky, I saw a way I could live that would guarantee me freedom (Jupiter) in the future (Uranus). I nailed the thing down right away and it’s carried me for 30 years so when I say something is afoot… well a lot of things are afoot, aren’t they?

We are going to see things speed up and we are going to see violence (Aries), possibly widespread (Jupiter) and most definitely when we least expect it (Uranus). But some of us are going to get a truly new lease on life due some philosophy or perspective that comes in a flash. If you’re fortunate to receive something like this… let’s call it a fly ball – catch that sucker that’s all I can say.



The Feeling Something Is Afoot… Jupiter Conjunct Uranus In Aries — 24 Comments

  1. The grand cross aspects my mercury/Pluto square and I am desperately in need of a “flash” of anything right now to get me out of this mess. 🙁

  2. Feeling it in my “gut” for the past few weeks..I agree with you Elsa – “not foreboding”, but just enough of an edge to daily living

  3. Jupiter and Uranus will be in my 1st house and that means I’ll have a better way of projecting myself. Cool…

  4. heck of a time to have midlife transits 🙂

    I wonder what the n node and pluto conj later this year will bring as well.

  5. I haven’t got a clue if this means anything, but i went and checked where the Moon is in my chart (transiting) and it’s at 0 Leo 0, entering my 6th house. I’ve never noticed that before, guess i looked at just the right time.

  6. Bozo and I are dunzo as of yesterday. He threw a fit because I couldn’t sleep and moved to the couch. I was supposed to take him to the airport, but he packed his bags and started walking there. I threw on some jeans and went in the car, found him and took him the rest of the way. His mother has been calling and emailing me all fucking day to return the engagement ring NOW, so I drove up to her house this afternoon and gave it to her. Whee! Grand cross on my Sun, Moon and Saturn!

  7. I have jupiter and uranus conjunct in my natal chart. And right now jupiter and uranus are in opposition to the ones in my natal chart. That’s gotta be interesting.

    I have to say that the past year and a half have sucked. (Career and finance-wise.) And just the last little while I have that funny feeling like you do in a dream when you start to get clued into the fact that you’re in a dream. It feels like a really good thing.

    PS – Del I don’t know you, but sending you good vibes on your new freedom!

  8. my neighbor just called to tell me a tree has fallen on my house. there’s no winds today. no storms. it just went… boom. hello uranus.

  9. this is true, ive been the same way since i could remember. i knows something is coming. there are so many things thats coming in my mind. career, personal and even home front. this gives me a restless feeling but in a good way. i believe that all change is a good thing.

  10. ((Mehitabel))

    I have a very weird strong feeling of “the other shoe is going to drop” today. Maybe Merc on my BML?

  11. house is still standing! it’s actually not too bad. most of the tree fell in the yard. it just took down a gutter and the chimney. whew!

    things are getting really weird lately. last week my car suddenly stopped going in reverse, which is a transmission problem. they told me if i was lucky, it would turn out to be a loose bolt which can be fixed for about $250… as opposed to thousands of dollars. i was lucky.

    on monday, a creepy guy in a pickup truck followed me and tried to give me a ride as i walked home in the rain. when i said no, he turned around and left. thank god. ’cause it was a deserted stretch of road. and while i’d have gone down fighting, that might not have been enough. and there was no one around to help.

    so, i’m at least very lucky in my bad luck. (and i just bought a couple of lottery tickets. i figure if unexpected things are going to happen, it can’t hurt to give fate the chance to make it something good.)

    and… ((Del)) 🙁 so sorry.

  12. Ok, my fly ball for the day: I just realized I have a stellium in Cancer. Sun, Mars, Mercury & AC, the sun is widespread from the others, but the other three are close. How I missed this is just more food for thought (sun in 12th?). ROFL at my lack of seeing this!!!!!

  13. clearing out the trenches and putting in the sandbags. for base camp. there’s going to be a lot of expeditioning out there soon. need to have something secure to come back to. terrified and exhilerated.
    can only imagine what kind of adrenaline rush aries flavored uranus is going to be. or how easy to rein in. maybe that’s part of this strangely flavored energy i’ve been feeling lately is.

  14. jupiter and uranus have moved into (or will) aries but will remain in my fifth house. Saturn in Virgo in 11th moving to 12th in Libra. Mars still in Leo in my tenth house. I am hoping the change in energy in the fifth house will bring something good. Saturn in Virgo hasn’t been a great thing, looking forward to saturn moving on to libra. So the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in aries in the fifth_ will it bring something positive?

  15. Meredith I have the same as you, jupiter an uranus is also moving in to my fifth house. My natal saturn is in Virgo and libra rules my 11th house.
    I hope that something positive would be for me to get pregnant, because we have been trying for a while and everything health wise with myself and my fiance seem to be perfect. Is your rising sign sagitarius?

  16. Hi Ella
    In my solar return, Sagg is my rising sign. jupiter and uranus conjunction is at 0 aries, still in fifth house. i am so looking for something positive! i could use it now! it has been a very challenging year and yet i remain hopeful!

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