“The FBI Doesn’t Cry…”

pisces-angel“…You need real information,” I said to a Pisces. “Not your imagination. Go in there like you’re the FBI, going to find out what’s going on.  And don’t cry!” I said. “The FBI doesn’t cry.”

“Let me write that down,” she said.

“Yeah, you should. Cops who are interrogating people, do not go into the room and start sobbing. It doesn’t work. If you want to know what’s going on, then no tears…”

It hit me today, when I was loading the Pisces graphic on the last post, I’ve not written about Pisces for a long time. Obviously this is going to change.


“The FBI Doesn’t Cry…” — 22 Comments

  1. I love this !!!! The axis Pisces/Virgo, has always been hard for me to get (in just a few words anyway) You’ve just given us those words “You need real information… not your imagination. Go in there like you’re the FBI.” “And don’t cry.” is definitely worth throwing in.

  2. Elsa: re: Very helpful image….and timely!! There’s much sensitivity in the Virgo/Pisces polarity…and standing in the middle of this can stop you in your tracks! I’ll look forward to more.
    (Sun Virgo, Moon Pisces)

  3. Oh boy Elsa, you nailed it. Sure woulda helped to hear this 30 or 40 years ago! Still, glad to hear it now. My Pisces Sun makes up such wild and scary stuff … and with my Sun opposed by mean-old-boogie-man Virgo Saturn, it can sometimes take some serious something to keep from dissolving into tears when challenged. And there are streaks where that happens a lot.

    Reminds me of Joe Friday in Dragnet: Just the facts, ma’am. All we need is the facts.

    If you ever decide to add a gift shop, I would buy a bracelet with “the FBI doesn’t cry” on one side and “just the facts, ma’am” on the other…

    • Hugs, Passionfruit. You go out and get yourself a delicious dipping sauce and jump right in.
      My Scorpio/Venus cjn (opp Moon)is sextile tr Neptune (oops, 12th house Sun Virgo, too). Looking at SO’s chart, I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, but driving myself wacky in the meantime. Throw a tofu weinie on the bbq for me too.

  4. Thanks for this timely advice, P. Oddly, I recently decided to make ‘just the facts, ma’am, just the facts’ my go-to mantra.

  5. …riser+ – stellium pisces/12th – cap moon – sag – mc… +
    … took most of this journey – to embrace – pisces/virgo horizon… ahhhh… a practical mystic…!!!
    … sun/venus dance/chiron transit now @ 3/4 time…
    … compelling…!!!
    … many thanks – from essence [29] Elsa… You ore a treasure…!!!

  6. I have been really interested in NNeptune in Pisces lately. My moon is in Pisces as well but that Neptune seems to be getting involved with everything and I am just not Pisces savvy enough to really grok what to expect from it.

  7. I don’t have a problem being emotional with someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t know me. Can’t hide who I am. and sometimes just sometimes through your emotionality it may touch a persons feelings. You know those cold, stoic, untouchable hardcore’s. Venus in Scorpio…. Nothing more passionate or emotional! add a little Mars in Cancer… ouch! How do you NOT get emotional????

  8. My progressed Moon went Pisces a couple weeks ago and prog. Asc. follows in Feb. Will have to remember this advice. Thanks.

  9. Sabina!!!elsa!!!please some clear information about that end of the road,or hitting the wall!for Pisces!sun,mercury,moon pisces

  10. Maaaaan, I wish it was that easy. Sometimes I’m like “I’m gonna bring this hammer DOWN, be a hardass, channel the chilly princess, be professional, channel that Virgo” but then boom, first class ticket to Schlitterbahn all up on my face.

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