The Elements In Astrology: Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Heart JeweleryI wrote a gal this morning, in regards to her Solar Return…

“You’re quite fortunate to have pulled this chart out of such a hairy time!”


“The other thing that stands out is that all the elements are well represented in the chart. Earth, water, air and fire.  This will make it easy for you to find common ground with anyone you meet, at least over the short term. It’s a great asset to have…”

I don’t think it’s common that people think this way when considering the elements in astrology.  Typically people talk about how they hate the Air signs or the Earth signs of whatever signs they’re wanting to exclude.

In reality, the more you develop the qualities of all the elements, the better off you’ll be.  People who have planets in all the elements have an easier time doing this. They rarely recognize their gift!

What elements are strongly represented in your chart?  What elements do you lack?  Can you see this play in your life?


The Elements In Astrology: Earth, Water, Fire, Air — 19 Comments

  1. Nice written 🙂 … Unfortunately I have not found a method to calculate all planets yet. Especially for those planets who are on cusp of signs … :$

  2. My angles, along with Venus and Uranus, are all in earth and water. This has actually been a huge balancing factor in my chart because everything else is air and fire.

  3. I only have Uranus in water. I’m massively, surprisingly emotional but with all my personal planets / angles in earth, fire & air I come off pretty stable & stoic. But I cry at the drop of a hat 😉

  4. I think nearly all of the Elements are equally represented in my Chart: I have a Stellium in Air, three planets (one of them in its ruled sign) in Fire, a strong Pluto in Scorpio + Water Asc. I lack a pinch of Earth, if anything, with only two planets (Neptune in Cap and my Sun Ruler Venus in Virgo).

  5. I think I’m pretty balanced.

    EARTH – Capricorn Moon, Mars in Virgo
    WATER – Scorpio Sun and Uranus
    FIRE – Sadge Rising, Venus, and Neptune
    AIR – Stellium of Libra (Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter the chart ruler)

    Considering all planets (not just “personal planets”), it looks slightly heavier on Libra. I tend to attribute the social planets as generational things…

    This post is inspiring me to take a second look at an Arroyo book collecting dust on the bookshelf: Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements.

  6. Fire and Earth a strongly represented in my chart. I have no planets in Air and just one planet in an Air house. Yes, I notice! I used to be really introverted and wasn’t even aware of my own needs to socialize. It was never a priority. I didn’t know I needed to socialize. Developing more airy interests and qualities helped me relate more easily and also made me feel better.

  7. Earth: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, BML, Ceres
    Fire: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pallas
    Water: Uranus, Juno, Vesta
    Air: Jupiter, Pluto, NN

    I feel equally balanced between Earth and Fire.
    Yet I don’t feel a lack of the other elements. Perhaps this is because my chart ruler is in Air, my Water Uranus is conjunct my MC, in aspect to my Sun & Moon, I have an emphasis on the Water houses due to my Grand Trine, etc. My chart is busy; everything aspects everything else. Perhaps someone with a more ‘pointed’ chart would feel a lack of certain elements. As a result, I think having an excess of planets aspecting plants in different elements helps me feel balanced.

  8. Virgo Sun and Taurus ASC !!! My mind doesn’t change 🙁 whatever I have made the decesion, its made.
    Mars in Sag… fire fire fire … gets angry as quickly as possible… hate it !!

    • Omigosh, I like to come up with the very same formulas! With lots of earth and fire, I am a volcano, boyfriend is hot springs or bubble bath.
      What throws me out of balance may not only be the elements, but the houses. Half of my neighborhood is empty!! Which is why I look forward to progressions/SRs.

  9. air – 2 planets in the 8th house, asc
    earth – 2 planets in 11th, nn, ic
    fire – 2 planets in 2nd and 10th, desc
    water – 3 planets in the 9th, sn (10th), mc

    Pretty balanced, yeah? I can relate to almost anyone on a one-on-one level – that’s my talent/skill. There’s no sign I love or hate – I observe, don’t judge.

    I consider an imbalance of good/bad experiences with a certain sign or other as being more a consequence of unique cosmic circumstances. There’s always a lesson in the “bad” experiences – take in the lesson (like really take it in, via therapy, brutal self-honesty, what-have-you) and the pattern stops. I also believe anyone expressing the less functional or healthy form of their sign/whatever is able to transcend if they want it.

  10. I have a lot of water and I lack fire. And the funny thing is that the coolest people for me to be around are the Saggitarius suns. Maybe it’s their freedom, maybe it’s the fact they come after me and so I have to learn from them. I don’t know but they’re so cool.

  11. Fire-Neptune
    Earth-Sun, Moon, Mercury
    Air-Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto
    Water-Mars, Uranus, AC, MC

    I have good representations in everything but Fire. I try to remedy this by working diligently toward my fiery North Node.

  12. Sun/Moon/Pluto in water, Mercury/Venus/Mars in Fire (all Leo), Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in earth (all Capricorn) and an earth rising. Jupiter and midheaven in air. So I guess I have kind of a nice balance, but with fire especially, it’s all skewed to one sign. With IC and South Node in Leo as well, I think I embody Leo qualities to a fault.

    When you start to include the various asteroids and other key points, I have something in every sign.

  13. Fire: Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus
    Earth: MH, Pluto, Venus, Mars
    Water: Nadir, Neptune, Jupiter
    Air: Descendant only

    Definitely not balanced, and not interested in wasting words or other airy activities, that’s for sure. But I can be fun, since my descendant is in Gemini.

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