The Astrology Of Zooey Deschanel: Elfin Princess, Double Capricorn

Zooey DeschanelI find Zooey Deschanel just delish, and I would as she’s a double Capricorn with Sun and Moon in the sign, approaching the new moon. Ruler Saturn trines the Sun. She shines with staying power. Capricorn also rises with Mercury conjunct. For all her sweet, good looks and charming exterior, she’s a stout character! I’d expect she’s a solid communicator with a great deal of emotional intelligence as well, and with all of this rising, that should be apparent.

But what got me interested in her chart was something else entirely. I was shocked to hear that she has quite a few vocal detractors! What? She’s gorgeous, witty (Mercury rising in Capricorn with Jupiter Mars in Virgo), fresh and accessible! That immediately makes me want to check out what might be driving what I see as a disconnect. And boy is there a lot of that as well.

When people evoke strong reactions in others, the first thing I expect to see is Scorpio rising or Pluto conjunct the ascendant. She has neither. However, she has Pluto squaring the ascendant from the 9th house: She broadcasts that Pluto effect in a way that impacts her public appearance. Pluto squares her Saturn-ruled Moon giving her emotional depth in challenging proportion.

Uranus sextiles the ascendant adding elfin appeal to her classic good looks. It also energizes her physical appearance and gives the impression of great vim and vigor! She’s snappy! Her Virgo Mars conjuncts Jupiter and she emits a fresh, upbeat energy, jolly and philosophical. In the 8th house the Pluto effect reemerges with a tinge of the taboo about it, another reason people might instantly balk. She’s deep. And with all the Capricorn, she’s impressive and solid, here to stay. That can be intimidating. She’s the whole package and the real deal.

With Venus in Pisces in the second house, not only is her aesthetic sweet and dreamy, this reflects her values, and again, she’s the real deal. With Virgo Mars-Jupiter in the opposite sign of her Venus, she undoubtedly has the skills to balance that sweetness with frank and forthright action in service. Black Moon Lilith opposes her Venus from the 8th house, and here is where I think the crux of the issue really lies. She’s a strong, powerful woman with the aesthetic of a sweet, elfin princess. She has to be one or the other, right? She’s got to be hiding some sort of nastiness in all that pretty. Well, no, she doesn’t. They can coexist quite nicely together, ideal, wild, primal feminine strength with the pretty. I think she does a great job of owning both.

Deschanel is a musician and dancer as well as an actor. Her group She and Him, with M. Ward, is very successful and has a snappy, retro-ish sound with a wide appeal, hipsters to housewives. Her Neptune-ruled Venus has a great deal of impact on her talent and her music, and it conjuncts the south node while squaring Uranus. This brings a wealth of innovative energy and a confidence that bespeaks a deep experience of this Venus energy over lifetimes.

Her 12th house Moon is very near the ascendant, but still hidden by house. It’s in Capricorn, which is a tough moon to have. People with a Capricorn Moon have the built in challenge of feeling good enough anyway, even without a 12th house position which can result in emotional martyring. I’m not talking just feeling sorry for yourself, I’m saying people will scapegoat a 12th house moon. But with all that Capricorn she certainly seems (acsendant) to hold up well! With all her Capricorn she’s likely learned to put on an impenetrable face, lovely as it is, and hold the line as she works toward the goal.

What is YOUR impression of Zooey Deschanel?


The Astrology Of Zooey Deschanel: Elfin Princess, Double Capricorn — 26 Comments

  1. I love her, too. She’s quite impressive! I didn’t know she had a lot of haters. :/

    I thought she was a Libra because of how she dressed/looked and presented, and thought that her sister, Emily, was a Capricorn because of the way her sister she presents.

    But it’s the other way around.

  2. Weird just saw her for first time this week, I so thought she’d be a Kooky Crab! Vintage, Offbeat, Little girly with womanly wiles… That was the character she was playing anyway but I got the feeling the character was kind of close to home…

  3. I see two types hateryness:
    1. wrapped in feminist bullshit (ie, not real feminism)
    2. she got too popular slash too much exposure for the hipsters

  4. lipstick and peter pan collars have nothing to do with feminism/not feminism, in my opinion. (I say imo so you know that I know that my opinion is not Object Truth, therefore eliminating – I hope – the need to have an argument about it)

  5. She is absolutely adorable. Pretty and different! I love that she is large and in charge…you know people don’t push her Cappy around and I am sure in that business they try. I like that!

  6. Great post! She makes sense to me as a Cap. She is “classic” as defined by her moon/venus/uranus combo. Virgo Mars gets the details right. To me she is such a Capricorn as in a professional. I did a blog post about Capricorn with her as an example a while back. I used a clip of her singing “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older.” by the beachboys. Saturn power!

  7. Love her! I’ve always been a fan of hers as an actress, and her deadpan sense of humor (typical capricorn I suppose :p) The girl is mutli-talented, without a doubt, her voice is beautiful! And so far, I’m finding her sitcom New Girl hysterical. I’m happy she is getting the credit she deserves as her show seems to be doing very well! Haters gonna hate. Some critise her saying she overdoes the ‘quirkiness’ and overly whimsical sense of style, that’s it’s too childish, too forced, too fake… but such things really don’t bother me. I also don’t think it’s fake. Sillicon boobs and hair extensions are fake.

    I was surprised to find she had so much capricorn too.. I could see her having a Pisces-vibe, but I think the strong Pisces Venus explains it.

  8. Also – my first guess was that she’d be an Aquarius sun or rising, because she seems to have that quirky quality to her… but the uranus sextile asc. could explain it ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love her show, New Girl, and she’s gorgeous. Mostly her red carpet appearances are very classic – in Cap style: pearls, black and white outfits, even her shoes seems to be classic, very simple with an appropriate heel height.

    But her character in 500 Days of Summer was not likeable at all, I found it quite senseless.

  10. I’m? I’m apparently overzealous with my enter key!

    Anyway, I was going to say that I don’t actively hate on her, but I totally understand the hate. While she may be a very nice/cool person, her celebrity persona feels very much like a brand…and some people just aren’t buying it. She seems to play herself over and over again, which doesn’t provide her much opportunity to win over the haters, which is fine.

    Personally I cannot take all of the color and pep that she exudes. It’s not that I think there’s a nastiness underneath it. It’s more like I never feel any depth or shadows from her. It’s like she’s always ZOOEY! All caps! Exclamation points! Pastel colors! I like my quirk wrapped up in someone more like Parker Posey.

  11. ‘Eulogy’ rocked. She definitely is ‘out of this world’. I would say I am definitely interested in where she goes with her career. I hope it’s a long one. Selfish me.

  12. I second cmarie… am not all that interested, have not encountered all that much depth, did not like that character in 500 days (left me feeling really cold, movie did not bode well for me & my ex-bf, who saw me in that character I think, deep down!)… if anything, though, I’m a little jealous… that she gets to look so pretty & fresh all the time & doesn’t have to work a ‘real’ job… “LA it-girl” is a phrase that comes to mind… finally, am jealous of some of the people she’s gotten to collaborate with musically (M Ward, Becky Stark), but beyond that… was never so enchanted with her musical style… kind of gimmicky, lacks depth… cmarie is right, she’s not parker posey enough for me either.

    All of the above is a critique of her output & celebrity… she might be really cool to hang out with in person. I wouldn’t count myself as a “hater”, because quite frankly… I don’t CARE enough to hate, in this case!!

    Just expressing my thoughts in a tired mind-candy moment on elsalesa ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably b/c I’m a double capricorn too, & have seem something of myself in her before. (cap moon & venus conjunct, mars aqua conjunct my sun in pisces, etc)

  13. I’ve always been a big fan of Zooey and She & Him. I always thought her as cute and witty. I thought she was great in Yes Man.

    She seems like a pretty cool chick.

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