The Astrology Of Black Friday

black fridayThe Moon in Leo trines the Sun in Sagittarius early Black Friday morning.

Mars and Mercury are also in Sagittarius the sign that tends to overdo.

On top of that, Mars and Mercury are square Jupiter and Uranus and anyway you turn it, I think people are going to shop like hell and be happy about too.

This says nothing of the rest of the season but one thing is clear: People will be out and they will be spending.

Are you planning to shop on Black Friday?

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The Astrology Of Black Friday — 17 Comments

  1. No way. Too inefficient. I like order and planning and hate chaos.
    And who can forget- sleeping off Thanksgiving. That should be sacred 😉

  2. No Way-I plan to lock the doors and pull down the shades and sleep the whole day away. I put on the Holiday feast so rest and cleaning the house is where I spend Black Friday.

  3. i celebrate Buy Nothing Day.
    except years i fail in the planning and run out of tp or something :/
    besides, usually my extended family more than make up for my absence.

  4. I did last year just to take a break from the Thanksgiving “holday”spent at my Mother in law’s rural farm.I can’t say which was worse?!Nope,not again.I like to shop with my dark sunglasses on minus the frenzied mob.

  5. I do! I make sure I get the paper on Thanksgiving and go through all the ads and plan my route. I avoid Wal Mart though. They advertise great deals, but headlines every year prove how dangerous those crowds are.

  6. OH Hell Yes!!!! The thrill of the hunt baby!(Sag rising) It fills my need of saving money,(Virgo sun)and I do every year! I love the fact of being around like minded people doing the same thing, and watching the hustle and bustle of the kick off of the Christmas season! (Aqu moon)

  7. No, nothing I hate more than a frenzied mob. There’s nothing I need that badly! If I’m not working, I’ll probably start the Christmas decorating that day. 🙂

  8. I won’t be, but I heard on Friday night, that a place in New Hampshire will be all set up to make people comfortable who are staying there, waiting for the shops to open.

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