The Astrology Of Amy Adams: Archetypal Fairytale Princess

Amy Adams“I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I’m a big shoe girl.”
–Amy Adams

Screenwriter and playwright John Patrick Stanley said of actress Amy Adams, “She’s got this Ingrid Bergman thing going on, this luminosity. You see a good person struggling in this complicated world. She’s fiercely intelligent but has this peculiar innocence about her. She has a beautiful face of light.” Amy Adams has Uranus sextile her Leo Sun, an electric shine that accents her humanity. Leo is the sign of both actors and royalty. I was never more struck by her perfection in a part than I was by her portrayal of the role of Giselle in the story of a cartoon princess come to life in the movie “Enchanted.” Perhaps this is because her chart is such a perfect example of the archetype of the fairytale princess.

Echoing the drama and royalty of her Sun (ego), Amy has Venus in Leo, fiery beauty and a shiny aesthetic. Venus trines Neptune for a magical appeal and the ability to transform her look. What fairytale princess is not opposed by a dark queen? Amy has Black Moon Lilith opposing her Venus. Pluto figures into her Venus-Neptune-Lilith configuration, trining her Lilith and sextiling both her Venus and Neptune. Power and transformation come into play in the opposition of the dark queen and the beautiful princess. Pluto is in Libra. Good and evil anyone? I can just see the lovely, poisoned apple.

Chiron in Aries opposes Uranus in Libra, self versus other, the primary wound versus moving beyond it. Her Sun trines Chiron and sextiles Uranus. In acting she has the ability to access her pain and make into into something that will take her into the future.

Amy Adams has Mars in Virgo, earthy and quick. With her Mars sextile Saturn she has reserve and reserves. She has the ability to modulate her energy. Jupiter is conjunct Juno in Pisces. Her commitments are buoyed by their proximity to Jupiter’s fortunate placement in Pisces. Jupiter and Juno oppose Mars in Virgo. This resonates with me as being illustrative of the recurring fairytale theme of the common maiden (Virgo) who is hidden (Pisces) then found or elevated (Jupiter) to her true status through her deeds (Mars) or the deeds of others (opposition to Mars or the very Piscean theme of rescue/damsel in distress).

I began looking into Ms. Adams’ chart because I wanted to know why she always looked to me as though she were ready to burst into tears. I ran this past my daughter and she said she didn’t see that at all. However, Amy’s Jupiter-Mars opposition hits my Pisces Sun-Mercury to Pluto opposition. Perhaps that’s the reason, maybe it’s just something unique to what I see. However, Jupiter/Pisces and Mars could definitely be a burst (Jupiter and Mars) into tears (Pisces) kind of thing. It’s sometimes interesting to see how the energies of those we don’t even know can have an impact on our own placements, affecting how we view them.

Amy Adams is my idea of an archetypal fairytale princess, who’s yours?


The Astrology Of Amy Adams: Archetypal Fairytale Princess — 15 Comments

  1. Very cool!

    I’m not a princess-type person and TBH, never liked fairytales or pink or all that girly stuff growing up, so, to answer your Q, I can’t say I have an archetypical fairytale princess.

    But your description was very cool! I have Leo sun trine (she has sextile) Uranus and Jupiter sextile (not conjunct) Juno, so *obvi* enjoyed your analysis of her! Looking forward to more celebrity analyses! 🙂

  2. I always felt that Pisces was a rather “fairytale princess” sign. I just looked at them as delicate with a Leo man fairytale prince who would sweep in to rescue them.

    But I love Amy Adams – thought she was a Virgo myself, for some reason, but Leo makes sense. She’s very beautiful and I love her in all her movies. 🙂 What you wrote now makes a lot sense – especially with the Uranus and Neptune in play.

  3. I don’t mean to present Lilith as being “evil”, I really don’t. but opposing Venus it does come off as contrasting dark against light and it’s the duality I reference, really. 🙂

  4. I totally get the burst into tears thing. My Virgo may be aligned with that too. I liked her in the fighter. Sometimes she comes off as too bland and perky for me in real life though.

  5. I don’t really have a princess archetype, however, I share many of Amy’s configurations (Sun, Uranus, Chiron) and have, on occasion, been called a “Pollyanna.” Too funny.

  6. I dont know who my fairy archetype is but I adore Amy Adams especially as Giselle in Enchanted. I adore that movie in general, its probably the pisces in me that loves her and that movie. ” hooooow does she knoooow you looooove her” looool ah good movie

  7. I’m a Leo rising with Uranus rising and Sun trine Uranus. I hope I have that electric shine too!! :-)) We never really know how we look to others though, or how others perceive us. I like to hear what others say, just for curiosity sake. One client yesterday told me i seemed very soft and soft spoken and seemed very watery. She’s right….I’m mostly water, with lots of pisces. So much for that shiny Sun Uranus!! :-)))

  8. Very good question! I don’t have a good archetypal reference, but when Mary Donaldson became Crown Princess of Denmark, I thought, wow, that’s a real-life fairytale! What are the chances of meeting the love of your life half way across the world in another hemisphere and then becoming a princess?

  9. She sounds like me. We have some of the same configurations. 🙂 I like her comment about Cinderella – she was a hard worker – she deserved those shoes and that prince!

    Venus in Leo – yes, we are fiery beauty and a shiny aesthetic.

    I have the Chiron Aries/Uranus Libra opposition like she does. My ex told me he thought I looked like Ingrid Bergman – I don’t really see it – but she was pretty so OK! 🙂 Tranforming the look is so easy for us Neptune types.

    Which house is Amy Adams Neptune in? She has those otherworldly eyes (I have the same) that look like glass – 1st house?

  10. looking at that picture trying to guess the ASC, I just realized she’s a dead ringer for my college roommate! but I don’t have her birth time either. oh well!

  11. er, I’m pretty sure I typo-ed John Patrick SHANLEY, which is odd as he’s one of my favorite screenwriters. I suspect I echoed whatever was the source of my quote. urgh. I’ll sort it out once I figure out how to edit old blogs on the new site!

  12. ‘I wanted to know why she always looked to me as though she were ready to burst into tears.’ haha, I giggled. Not an unpopular opinion though, I’ve seen many others mention that as well, it’s the same for me, she has very expressive, on the verge of crying eyes. Astrodienst and has her listed as a gemini rising but that’s not easy to know for sure because the birth hour source is unknown. She appears very sweet in a genuine way but she also has an eerie allure to me, looks like she can nail all the existential psychological horror out there (must be her moon conjunct pluto). We share the sun/venus/mercury in 4th house and venus trine neptune- she replied to a question about comfort with ‘cuddles’ and reminded of myself in vibes and small gestures, it was funny to see. Physically she reminds me of my friend with leo venus and virgo moon.

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