The Astro Mom And Dad Game

“That’s the way discussions go down in this family. I tell them my needs, and they say no. Then dad reveals another cartoon character he’s afraid of.”
–Malcolm in the Middle

Archetypically, in addition to other things, the Sun and Moon in the chart resonate to the roles of father and mother. Our arrival in the family and the energy of our Sun and Moon draw out certain things from our parents. Talk about the law of attraction! Our very being draws out similar energy in others. Sometimes the positive manifestation and sometimes the negative. In our Moon sign we can often see a broad-stroke painting of the way we were parented by the mother. The same can be said of the Sun and the father. This also works with step-parents. Now we just have to figure out how to make this into a drinking game.

Can you see this association with your Sun and Moon and your parents?



The Astro Mom And Dad Game — 14 Comments

  1. Excellent Post. My Sag sun is same as Dad’s sag sun and enjoyed the many car travels while he told some fantastic (tall?) stories as a kid. Where as my moon is Leo and feel after two boys my mum may have indulged me as the baby girl of the family. There are further parental themes in my chart too…Saturn in the 10th opp. Moon in the 4th. Lets make that into a drinking game.

  2. cap moon = anal mum. 12th house sun/cancer= super-sensitive hardly-there dad.

    however, i dragged them through. i now think i am the hero of the family.

    bring on the drinking games.

  3. My moon is in Leo. My mom is Leo and my dad is Taurus. Mom liked to spoil me as a passive-aggressive way to get back at my dad.

    Sun in Virgo. My dad and I were both shy bookworm types. When I started cooking, my dad would say I made x dish better than my mom. It was a really sweet thing to say (my mom’s an amazing cook).

  4. I’m the anomaly here, apparently. I’m a (h. 12) Leo sun with a (h. 2) Libra moon, with no clear influence from any of my parents. Unless you consider that my insanely violent father taught me to hide (12th house), and the behaviour of my socially vile stepmother; made me acutely aware of the importance of manners and decorum (Libra moon). In the end, my values were all I had (2nd house/possessions). My empty 4th and 10th houses reflect my lack of connection to any of my parents (natural or step). I’ll join ya’ll and drink ’til it’s funny. : )

  5. Hmmmm. I have Sun in Gemini with Sag moon and 12th hosue Sun. My mother is a Gemini. To this day, I have to say, the doors of communication have been fairly wide open with us. However, not sure how my Sun relates to my father–my step-father who raised me. He is a Scorpio and was not emotionally accesible to me. I thought 4th house Virgo had more to do with my interactions with him in the home. Wil have to contempt on this one some more when my brain is not so tired.

  6. Virgo sun in the 5th – loved to be with my Dad but he was usually working, and to play with him meant to do work. He introduced me to his sales ledger when I was 8, and showed me how to get his inventory numbers to balance, and I thought that was fun. I’d do his books all the time. He would also play games with me like “name the 50 states in alphabetical order” even though I’m Canadian I would do my best to get that right. I’d usually miss one or name a city instead of a state and he’d always chastise me. An alcoholic but tried to hide it from us kids, that didn’t work.

    Scorpio moon in the 7th house. ‘nuf said. Very needy, manipulative mother who told me all of her secrets and treated me like I was supposed to take care of her, not the other way around. Explosive temper, dramatic scenes, lots of crying, leaving, threats, physical violence, etc. etc.

    I’ve done enough drinking over this already LOL.

  7. This is a classic: my Mom was a Sun Capricorn, I’m a Moon Capricorn. In addition, my Mercury may well be conjunct her Virgo Moon (I don’t have her exact time of birth).

    My Dad has a Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction early Scorpio, conjunct my NN/Venus/Uranus. My Saturn is conjunct his Leo Moon (in 4th house). He is also a Gemini rising. My brother has his signs inverted: he is a Gemini Sun with Scorpio Rising. Also, his Mother has an Aquarius Stellium Sun, and he is an Aqua Moon.

  8. Literally here as well.Libra sun & Dad’s a Libra Sun too and that’s about all we have in common lol Momma’s a Cancer and I have a Taurus Moon which rules my IC in Cancer so in a roundabout way she gets the Moon designation too ^^

  9. Understood and great write up!

    Mom Sun and Moon: Scorp
    Dad’s moon: Scorp
    My moon in the: Virgo in 8th

    Dad’s little girl, mom’s advisor. Good times.

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