The 8th House And The “Sins Of The Father”

8th houseLoonsounds asks, regarding sins of the father…

“Astrology question, Elsa, may I ask how you have determined sins of the father in the eighth house? Are you calculating 12th from the 9th, considering 9th as father and his 12 (12 from the 9) as representing the fathers sins? thanks much, ~L”

Loonsounds, I am sorry what I wrote was misleading. I have not determined the 8th house = sins of the father, specifically. In my mind the 8th house inherits, period.

The 8th house person carries the legacy for whatever.  The father, the mother, the lover, the entire collective…  whatever is shown by the planets in the 8th.  It is not specific, but all encompassing and it  has or holds no value judgment.

I think the idea of the father’s sins being visited on the son have little merit. I’m just intensely curious what others think, so I asked the question.

I have Mars and Mercury in the 9th. I want to know what people believe.  If you read the question, it makes no comment around  my belief and “sins of the father”. I would never use that language or phrase because I don’t think like that at all.


The 8th House And The “Sins Of The Father” — 2 Comments

  1. I’m learning a lot about my own legacy that I’ve ‘inherited’ right now. It’s interesting…I tried very hard to understand it as a young child, rail against it as a teen, run away from it as a person in my 20s…
    You can go all the way around the mountain and there you are: shaking hands with yourself.

  2. how do you inherit you self (ie, sun)?
    the south node i get, venus, even, kind of…
    eh, well, the eighth house is still kind of boggling to me 😉

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