Weekend Love Forecast – Sweet Venus In Cancer

libraFriday night, the Aries Moon trines Mercury in Leo and goes on to conjoin Chiron overnight. That’s a mood to prowl and the attitude to go with it. It does heighten the ouch factor if things don’t go as planned. But realistically, an Aries mood tends to shift and move on quickly.

BUT, if you’re on the ouch side, speak up! A cardinal mood in swing with Leo senses does whip up drama; still, it’s possible to mend some fences on the fly. Leo humor is warm and playful.

Venus is brand new at zero degrees of Cancer. The summer aesthetic has arrived. Venus in Cancer is unique: emotions agree with desires and it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. That’s no guarantee, but it is the flavor of the moment. It also means when we want something, we can become emotionally attached to getting it. At zero degrees cardinal, this Venus is starting a new campaign… a new investment.

This Cancer Venus moment values attachment, caring, nurturance, sweet love. It also favors family and mama. Mercury in Leo can set a heart ablaze here with soft, targeted communications. This works best when the emotion is genuine. Cancer Venus can sulk hardcore when presented with lackluster goods.

All weekend, Mercury moves closer into square with Uranus in (Venus-ruled) Taurus. Whatever we start, playfully, for fun… takes on a life of its own. I’m not much for warnings because missteps in this arena tend to flame up and out in an entertaining way. We need some spark to start a delicious fire where we need one. Start a fire in someone’s heart. Breathe words on it, high ideals for added value.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon trines the Leo Sun, squares Jupiter, and goes on to conjoin Mars overnight. Playful action hits the spot and it also doesn’t know when to stop. So have some boundaries laid out or feel a fool.

Sunday morning the Moon pushes off its conjunction to Mars then moves into square with Pluto and Saturn by evening. Were you judicious in your actions the night before? If not, you’re going to feel it… tangibly. Alternately, you may need to follow up and finish something started earlier in the week.

Sunday night, the Moon hits Taurus and a sextile to Taurus ruler Venus. Take advantage of an actively sexy mood for love, emotionally and physically.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Sweet Venus In Cancer — 7 Comments

  1. No plans. Mulling about. After reading this, I am going to look at transiting Mercury conj natal Uranus. As well as the Mercury square to Uranus as this week already, communications were heading off the rails. And I think I will look at cleaning up some projects already in motion. They are everywhere as usual. Clearing some space will be good.

  2. ‘Playful action hits the spot and it also doesn’t know when to stop. So have some boundaries laid out or feel a fool.’

    I’m struggling with procrastination and a huge to do list. Also a mars trine Uranus transit doesn’t help.. all I did today was walk around looking for fun and also debating when to start doing my work. Now I guess.

    • Procrastination is a mammoth issue for me. I was told to read Marcus Aurelius. So far there’s some good shit about that in there.

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