Tense Full Moon in Aquarius: August 1, 2023

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The 2023 full moon Aquarius should deliver a surprise as the sun and moon will square Jupiter in Taurus with Uranus in the neighborhood.  It’ll be a lighting strike of some kind. No telling, who, when, what, where, but Jupiter is lucky and Uranus is known to liberate.

In this case, the moon rules emotions so we’re looking at restless feelings and potentially taking some space.  The sun in Leo is creative.  Good things can come of this, particularly for people with planets between 5 and 16 degrees of Fixed signs. I have some concerns though.

Mercury will be opposing Saturn, exact on the same day. How does “openness” and fast change” pair with slow or hard thinking, information stoppage and such?  There’s your tension right there. Hopefully, you’ll be catapulted out of your rock and a hard place!

As stupid as that sounds, it seems possible. You’re grinding away; then something pops up; things change and you’re freed.  Like a brilliant breakthrough, right at the point you think you’ll be toiling forever.  A window opens and the sun comes in.

On the flip side, we’re talking about doors flying open (Jupiter Uranus) and control (Mercury Saturn) here.  You have a lot to say about the outcome.

Your best option is to detach and stay in control. This is not hard. I will drive (Mercury) through a lightning storm today, carefully (Saturn). Odds I’ll be fine are quite high, even if things are popping off. But odds for a “harsh surprise” also exist.

See the chart here.

How does this full moon hit your chart.  What do you want to see with personally? How about for the collective?


Tense Full Moon in Aquarius: August 1, 2023 — 31 Comments

  1. I have to say it doesnt scare me at this point, though with uranus or saturn we never know.
    The reason being i/we have already dealt with saturn in aqua squaring uranus in taurus not long ago.I feel we might kinda be presented with another episode/development of what came before, or, an outcome. With the same people/situation, or new but all too similar.
    Particularly in my case: full moon will conj my natal jupiter, square my sun/pluto, ac/dc and, though on a 9deg orb, my nn/sn. The answer to this, for me, might well be saturn opp mercury as these sextile/trine those gnarly oppositions in my chart. Mars and Pallas are right ahead in Virgo, so prior action and pattern recognition that follows should inform mercury, which in turn, blocked or checked by saturn, should allow me to keep a handle on my quick mouth (merc/venus rx in aries). Mulling it over before responding? Old action patterns should be loud, easy to recognize and correct (virgo)?
    I think you’re right on the sudden liberation (uranus on my NN) and need to detach from whatever emotions are stirred.
    And though i dont like venus rx in late leo, as i have the said rx natally, I should be able to test whatever i’m attracting shielded by that merc/saturn halt or careful depuration (both merc and venus transiting my 5H).
    Great post Elsa. I’ll try to remember this and update after the fact. 🙏

  2. I have Pluto at 7 and Pallas @ 15 degrees of Scorpio in the second house. Hopefully it’ll be a good surprise for income. May natal Pluto has a lot of trines including to a Mars/Mercury in the 10th house.

    Aquarius is in my 5th house. I work in daycare and maybe there’ll be a surprise job opportunity??

    • I wonder if there’s a connections to what was in the newsletter today.

      “As for the astro today, we have two strong oppositions. Both of them are potentially harsh. Mars vs Saturn and Sun in Cancer opposing Capricorn.

      Minding Saturn principles would be a good way to go here. Face your fear, grind it out, but also, keep the faith! You’re moving through something; take the next step.”

      I took a step in facing passive aggressive anger today and confronting it through my own discomfort. Usually I just let it go and try to move past it in spite of the fact that it keeps happening.

      Something indeed popped and now I might be shifted elsewhere in my workplace. Even ifs not a great place, at least it’ll be a little different.

      I’ll try to remember to post back what happens.

  3. Holy cow!
    Dear Elsa this is so informative writing! Thank you so much!
    Looks like another episode of the Uranus drama I going through with my Taurus stellum!
    Now I have transiting Jupiter on my moon, Jupiter and the South Node (11-14 Tau 3rd house) and still did not win anything unfortunately. Where i should expect any positive windfall… what would you think?
    In Jupiter ruled house – the 10th?

  4. I am really not sure how that will play out but its between my Leo Uranus (11deg) and my AQ Venus (8deg) opposition, whole sign houses 11 and 5. Maybe I for once will learn what that lifelong opposition is all about…
    All I know now is that I can use a break, whatever break that may be. Tied up in negotiations that are connected to my work and income, an ultra Aquarius son who is chronically ill with no cure and a Capricorn teenage grandson who thinks he is Schwarzenegger. But by the time 1 August rolls around I will have a better grip on things, the last week of July being full to the brim with interactions, live and remote, and no time to sink into a pit.

    Uranus has done some good work on me in the past, thank you Elsa for pointing out the possibilities, I will be alert, creative and open minded for change.

  5. hi Elsa, i’m confused about the uranus square – according to my ephemeris, the full moon is at 9 degrees in Aquarius while uranus will be at 22 taurus. that seems too wide an orb for a square, what am i missing? thanks!

  6. 7th house conjunct Chiron and opposite natal Uranus in 1st and square Mars in the 4th. Hmm. Change? Yeah. And lots of it.

  7. i am also considering this new class, it seems right on point given where i am in my sh*t processing, but i am feeling super vulnerable as i dig my way out of years of self blame for damage from child abuse. i try to take responsibility for myself, for healing myself, and yet i still struggle to not just assume the blame for the violence done to me. hence my nervousness about the class, i worry i might end up bullying myself with it! then again, maybe this class will help me distinguish these issues more clearly?
    oy. is there anything more we can read about the class, could you maybe share a peek at one of the lessons from one of your earlier classes? thanks, jennifer

  8. oh i know, Elsa, it’s not you i am worried about, it’s myself and my deeply internalized blame taking. but more and more, i am feeling this class might help me A LOT in freeing myself from that pattern. i am going to be brave!

  9. I have been in the process of moving and unpacking since August 2021.2 moves (first an apartment then the house.) 3 months before that in May of that year I fractured my pelvic bone and suffered terrible pain from a resulting inflammation for 3 months. All this past winter it’s been long Covid and still residual effects. I feel like I will never get unpacked and never fully heal. So this post gives me hope. Being 71 doesn’t help either.

  10. This is about the fourth thing I have typed. There is so much activity in my chart these days, that the best I can say is
    What is one more full moon event going to bring into my life?
    Will celebrate my 83rd birthday on Friday August 4.

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