Telling Stories – An Act Of Rebellion

elsas story cookiesLast week I posted a true story I wrote back in 2002. I don’t know all the reasons why but I’m really happy with the result.

I say this because a lot more people read it than I expected would.  Even more shocking, the comments were all positive.

Hey, I know I write crack. But I thought the intense swearing in the story, along with the subject matter would be a problem for many.

I posted the story anyway because I am taking my own advice.  I have to innovate at this time and I’m really tired of trying to fit in… conform… Saturn. Of course, my 8th house is packed so I went with something extreme.  Go big or go home. I did offer a warning!

I’ve posted another story. This is the first story in my book of the same name, Heaven, I Mean Circle K.  No swearing (or minor), very funny, freaky happenings.

I wish I could better explain why I am posting these but I don’t fully understand myself. Here’s the first story if you missed it – California.

The cookies pictured are another story. I’ll tell you in the comments.


Telling Stories – An Act Of Rebellion — 19 Comments

  1. Born to be an eccentric inspiration, powerful leader and healer. You have helped heal and transform so many. Probably way more than you realize. Your legacy will probably live on. A legend.

  2. Regarding the cookies, pictured, I didn’t know they existed. This explanation will only make sense to people who are aware of what I call, my hologram, aka Neptune conjunct the Midheaven.

    This is a saint/sinner thing. People will think I am awful… then change their mind. Far more often, they like me or even love me and then change their mind!

    I was writing stories and and this gal told me she wanted to send me these cookies. She loved my stories! I could not believe there was such a thing as “Elsa’s Story”, cookies. I accepted her offer.

    She sent the cookies and guess what happened?

    In the two days it took for them to arrive, she became disillusioned and decided that in reality, I’m a POS. Can you believe that? She sent me a scathing email… the next day, the cookies arrived.

    I’ve never forgotten this. Should I eat the cookies?

    But my husband is a Taurus so that solved this. “Give me those! I’ll eat ’em”. 🙂

    • Haha Taurus 😆

      Never fun to be up one day and down the next, half the time not even knowing why or how. It’s not happened to me often but I don’t like it. I’m not a fan of people deciding they just don’t like me (happens more often), but I think it’s worse to deal with the sudden, inexplicable dislike.

    • I would always eat the cookies. Either being happy that someone was kind enough to send them or out of spite because cookies are delicious and the other person is just being stupid. 😀

  3. ‘This is a saint/sinner thing. People will think I am awful… then change their mind…they like me…and then change their mind’

    Did I write this in my sleep?

    Feeling some type of way about the cookies. Well, neptune is kaleidoscopic and sun in 8th house is a magnet. Attract and repel. You are a neodymium magnet, the strong permanent one. Such magnets can easily lift thousands of times their own weight. 😉 If my feelings change, then you’ll just become a fridge magnet. Not that shabby. I am a saturnian. I like iron and fridge magnets. And cookies.

  4. Just want to say that I’ve followed you for a LONG time. I just don’t comment or anything much. ANYWAY, I’m always like – legit there’s this ONE astrology person that is awesome – whenever I talk with someone who mentions it. I’ll send them you’re link. I’ll explain, she’ll talk legit astrology talk but then she’ll explain it in a story that makes it relatable. So, from my perspective, your stories have always been a part of you and I freaking love them! I’m glad your sharing for whatever reason you may find later.

  5. Had never seen your blog before but today it came forwarded by a friend. I’m not really into Astrology although I’m almost everything in Taurus w/birthday coming up right after the eclipse. I was trying to figure out why she sent it to me so was poking around on the site. Saw your Circle K story and it caught my eye. I was feeling I didn’t have the time for it but once I started it I couldn’t stop. I loved loved loved loved it as in I can’t remember any story in about forever that I’ve enjoyed as much. It was like a movie – I could see everything clearly all the way, every part of it and especially, grippingly, the entire ride to the store and back. It continually cracked me up plus I truly was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen. Your portrayal of your 10 yr. old self is utter perfection – reminded me of Scout in Paper Moon, just an amazing kid you love to death. Your writing is beyond engaging – your totally unique voice, your killer expressions – everything and especially the narrator So Real and the entire atmosphere beautifully surreal, creating it’s own delectable mood like a good story should.

    Trying to find the book – not Kindle. So far no luck.

    Best to you – keep writing!!!!!!! Lindy, NYC

    • Thank you, Lindy! I’m sorry but my book is no longer out there. It was on kindle for a number of years but I unpublished it in 2018. It’s a bunch of true stories that tell a larger story when taken as a whole.

      I’m contemplating deconstructing it and posting all of the stories in the book on this blog. In whatever case, thanks for you compliments! 🙂

  6. If you have any remaining books hanging around somewhere I’d REALLY like to buy one. I could send a self-addressed prepaid envelope + the charge for the book. Not crazy about reading those stories on the computer but ok if that’s the only choice. In the meantime, yes post them and write write write.
    Yr fan.

    • Thank you, Linda. I never printed my book. I just had it on Kindle for about five years. Here is another story – California. Be warned, it’s provocative and has lots of swearing but it’s also true and unforgettable.

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