Teenager Crippled By Fear of Sex and Intimacy: Stellium in the 8th House

DZodiac Wheelear Elsa,

I have a great life for the most part. I’m making great grades in college, I have a wonderful relationship, and generally feel as if I’m making progress in my life. But there’s one thing that keeps coming up in my life. I have a crippling fear of sexual intimacy.

I have no idea where it comes from. It really seems to come out of nowhere in my life. I’ve never been abused in any way, nor have I ever witnessed anything like that. But every time I try to be intimate with my partner – and sometimes when I just think about it – I begin to have panic attacks and then horrible rape scenes play out in my mind. It’s really beginning to take a toll on my relationship and my sanity.

What’s going on, Elsa, and how can I fix it?

Freaking Out

Dear Freaking,

I don’t know what’s going on. There is no way for me to know, but I do know you can fix this – and the way to do this is to make this issue (sex) your focus.

See, your chart is very sexual. You are very sexual. Why else would you be flooded with sexual imagery? So the last thing you want to do is deny this. Absolutely not. It’s like any other fear…

To overcome something like this, you have to master it. You have to get on top it, so it’s not on top of you. And while the path is personal, it’s also universal in that the steps to resolving anything like this are the same. They are Saturnine, that is.

First you have to define the problem, and you’ve done that beautifully in your post. From there you commit to solving it. You decide you’re going to do what you need to do and with this accomplished, you only need follow through.

And if you persevere, you will eventually become very knowledgeable about the very thing that used to cripple you – and at that point, people will seek you out for guidance. And being very competent, you will help them. Pretty incredible, huh?

Look. You’re 19. And what you want is to live an empowered life. And you can’t have that split off from chunks of yourself. So please take the hero’s path. Dig in and discover your sexuality because I guarantee you, it’s in there and it’s awesome.

And don’t be afraid to see an therapist! In fact, I recommend it. You’re going to be an expert, right? So consult!

I read once, I don’t recall where, how some people destined to become great speakers grow up stuttering. It’s as if they know on some very deep level they are going to have to stand in front of large groups and speak and they are terrified. But it’s their destiny to overcome their fear and I would say the fact you are courageous enough to state your problem so plainly as a teenager… well, this puts you in this kind of classification. So this is my advice:

Get your courage up and find out just exactly how sexy you are.

Good luck.



Teenager Crippled By Fear of Sex and Intimacy: Stellium in the 8th House — 7 Comments

  1. I know this is kinda weird but with so many planets in her 8th house, could it be that she’s psychic? Could she be picking up someone else’s visions of violent rape? Like maybe a roommate’s or her partner’s? Or have I been watching too many episodes of Medium?

  2. Picking up past life rapes I’d say. 🙁 This is how phobias go. They come from past life traumas, that’s why they seem irrational.
    Regressive therapy could clear things up, but not necessarily cure it, unless you find a good therapist and commit to therapy for enough time.

    My astrology teacher who has been a past lifes regression therapist for a long time says planets in the 8th house, and water houses in general are material for regression therapy.

    I know alot of people find reincarnation very weird, but i thought it was worth bringing up in this case, because I don’t know an effective way to deal with profound issues like these any other way.

  3. ELsa, was the place you read about how great speakers grow up stuttering the book by James Hillman called The Soul’s Code?

  4. I have 5 planets intercepted and one outside in my eighth house and everything else is in a wedge or less than 110 degrees. I’ve had some real psychic experiences from other levels or layers in life don’t know what to call them. I’ve done readings in the past but stopped and began to study astrology nearly 20 yeara ago it’s helped me more than anythibng else. Think this person may receive help is she studies her own chart and the events in her life with sexual issues. I am not a very sexual person at all rather study more than anything else.

  5. I have a 8th house stellium, with sun, moon,venus and mercery in cancer. Rising sign is saggitarius. Saturn in Pisces and neptune in scorpio. I am becoming more psychic by the day since 7 months or so. Can someone tell me if this is going to end or keep increasing? All my life i had extraordinary contact with animals. They seem to trust me and i can build up the abused ones into healthy and happy creatures. I have contact with someone who has a 12th house stellium.Sun, moon in Aries, venus and mars in Taurus. We seem to connect in an weird way. I think there is no way to make a composite chart of 2 such outspoken charactres,or is there?

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