Taylor Swift’s Saturn Return

I don’t usually write about celebrities but I do write about Saturn and the news of the day.

I came across this headline – Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Tour Shaping Up To Be A Disaster.

I read:

“What is Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” worth? Not the jacked-up prices she’s charging for concert tickets.

That’s the verdict from ticked-off fans, who are balking at buying seats for the 28-year-old pop star’s tour to promote her new “Reputation” album, citing stratospheric markups and greedy sales gimmicks…”

28-years-old?  Ms. Swift is heading into her Saturn Return. I was prompted to look at her chart.

Click to see the chart full-size.

As you can see she has Saturn in Capricorn; part of a stellium in the sign. It’s interesting that her latest release is titled, “Reputation”.  This is what Saturn in Capricorn represents.

She also has her Moon and Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer; this is greatly fortunate.  But note the early degrees of that conjunction and the tone of the article. Clearly this Saturn transit is upon her.  She’s overpriced (inflated) herself and she’s now being humbled / brought back to Earth.

There is more of this to come. And please don’t think I feel she has this coming. I don’t think things like that at all, when it comes to a young adult. “Young adult” in my mind, is anyone, ahead of their Saturn Return.  This is exactly the time in a person’s life where they come to see their limitations and feel pressure to take full responsibility for their life circumstances.

Ms Taylor should learn from this and that is all.  It’s a reality check and one she’d be well advised to pay attention to.  How she handles herself over the next eighteen months is going greatly impact the next thirty years of her life.

There are really only two choices for her. She can shriek and blame others or she can take it on herself. “I did this and it feels so bad, I am never going to let it happen again…”

A person with character will make the latter choice. Land the plane!


Taylor Swift’s Saturn Return — 43 Comments

  1. I feel bad for her, not in a patronizing, condescending, way. But it can’t be easy to read harsh comments about yourself online.

    • Yes, I don’t relish things like this in the least. In particular, I have seen Cancers suffer terribly at the time of their Saturn return. It’s painful to be around.

      Also, it’s particularly challenging for someone so high-flying because there are always sycophants around to help you *not* take responsibility. If you take that route, you lose over time and the losses are staggering.

      • I know some people will disagree with me, but the anonymity of the internet has turned people into vicious piranhas. I even find myself having to stop before I post. I noticed I can project my inner insecurities (LOL) onto a person, who I have never met before.

        • I agree. I feel certain astrologers read the headlines and try to fit it in to their predictions. It’s blatantly obvious. Most headlines are click bait. The truth is this will be Taylor’s biggest tour and one of the biggest in history. The promoters are releasing the tickets in batches in a slow release and the truth is many dates are already almost sold out. The intent was to prevent scalpers from buying up all the tickets and selling out in 5 minutes like in the past, and reselling to the public at highly inflated prices that go into the scalpers pockets. Taylor lost 85 million to scalpers the last tour, money that could have gone to the 250 member crew, herself and her promoters.

          • This astrologer stands by every word she wrote. And what’s obvious to me is that Ms Taylor is heading into her Saturn return.

            This is a pivotal time for her as it is for all of her age peers.

  2. I think TS has gotten really bratty over the years for the most part. She is an adult Mean Girl throwing fits and refueling the stupid Kanye feud and every other feud she’s ever gotten into, and lord knows I would not want to be a guy who dates her because she will be awful about you in public afterwards/write some song about it. “Look What You Made Me Do” is awful. I’d like to hope she grows up and gets over acting like this, but I doubt it, for the reasons Elsa mentioned. It’s very hard for anyone famous to get their head out of their arse.

    • Are you serious? It’s always been Kanye who has ignited the feud. Taylor’s mistake was trusting him. She tends not to know who her real friends are. Kanye is a narcissist who always blamed Taylor for his public downfall when it was he was at fault. He never should have interrupted her accepting her award and he later pretended to make up with her so he could set her up. He took an over hour long conversation and spliced together between 2 and 3 minutes to deceivingly appear as a short conversation. He could never get to respond much the 1st time, but this time she did. She should responded a long time ago.

      • You know that you’re talking about the event, that made her famous? Of course it is very important to her to pretend that this would be a huge feud.

  3. When she started singing “look what you made me do…” it turned a lot of people off. Definitely flavor of the month anymore!

  4. I’m closely watching Saturn in Capricorn. First for myself with a Libra stellium but, even more so, for my son, born in early 1991. He has five planets in a first house Capricorn stellium, along with his North Node. He’s always been an honorable person who carefully guarded his sensitive emotions. He’s given his heart to a young woman I am extremely fond of. She is of another culture and I know there will be challenges ahead.

    As to Taylor Swift, when watching her rise to stardom since she was just a teenager, I couldn’t help but see her as someone my children’s age and often admired how she handled fame. Seeing her chart with it’s packed 2nd and 8th houses, doesn’t change my opinion one bit.

  5. Yeah….that Mars in Scorpio….

    My little Scorpio moon just absolutely loves her and when she comes to town I take her. But…I am not paying two thousand dollars to sit through T-Swift with three little girls…she must be bat shit crazy….there is no way

    • That is the going rate for artists of her caliber now, and the price is determined by the promoter, not the artist. If you were a member of the verified fan program, you got to purchase tickets much cheaper than the general public. They were as little as $49.00. Contrary to popular myth, you didn’t have to by merchandise to be a member of the Verified Program.

    • Hahahahahaha, I bet she’d hate your saying that, but in some ways…
      The main difference is Kanye doesn’t strike me as being the brightest bulb and shoots his mouth off without thinking, and she is very, very calculating.

    • Okay, maybe that wasn’t a good comparison. Both of them do seem a bit full of themselves, but I don’t remember Kanye buying any of his fans a house. (Taylor did this for a pregnant fan who was really down on her luck. I read about that after writing this, and it did raise my respect for her quite a bit.)

  6. that is not her correct chart. Taylor Swift is a Capricorn rising, Scorpio midheaven. The chart you posted has her Capricorn stellium in the 2nd house, but her real chart has no 2nd house stellium. Where did you get that time from?

      • The Scorpio rising chart, according to Astro-databank, is “conflicted/unverified” and rated DD. There is an alternate time of birth, which gives Cap rising. Just FYI.

        • And if she is indeed Cap rising, this is a double-whammy Saturn return!! MAJOR CORRECTION involved. If she were not to make necessary changes, I “pity the fool”!!

        • The astro-database in Elsa’s link already gives this as alternative birth time. This gives her a Capricorn rising. Her embodying Venus and Uranus (conjunct rising) looks for me indeed more truthful than her embodying Mars (conjunct rising in the chart, used for the article). But I think that all rectification charts should give the additional information about the rectification methods used. This one looks like: Take the major axis and pierce it through the stellium. Can’t be wrong in the case of famous people. Certainly not the worst method, but no rectification should ever be trusted.

  7. I find these celebrity examples really helpful in illustrating the Saturn transit. We can see how they respond and how things eventually pan out. Taylor swift is really talented and I think this is a good time for her to learn from this feedback and not just ‘shake it off’. I suspect the latter has been her coping style up to this point!

  8. Her press last year on a lawsuit was I felt the beginning of some kind of arrogant tide of narcissism and not reading lines the tone said she was no longer an artist but a cult figure…lets tell the truth on these kinds of charts and oppositions..look at the recent full moon.

  9. She has a whole team of people behind her. They have different birth charts and they are counting on her to win. She’s probably not going to fail. She may have to take a turn to the right or the left, but she wont fail.

    If she stopped working today she would never have to work another day in her life, nor will her kids (if she has them) or her grandkids. And, her daddy is not going to let anything happen to her.

    The song (and the video) ‘Look what you made me do’ is my favorite haha and I don’t even really like her music. But I like that one 🙂 If you listen to the words along with the video she is actually talking about herself…and makes fun of all the other ‘Taylor’s’ she was before. (we have all been many other people) If it was taken as a punch back…good.

    From what is written about her, she took a lot of shit as a kid. Bullied, made fun of, parents had to take her out of school. But, there is no mistake, she has never been hungry…her father is a wealth management advisor. (key word WEALTH) He made a lot of money, knew how to handle other peoples money and knows how to handle that business. Daddy is running that empire. I would like to see his birth chart 🙂 Any couple willing to move halfway across the country so a kid can pursue music stardom will obviously have a great deal of investment in her subsequent career. (It was a good bet, obviously.)

    People do claim the parents are the assholes! She was lifted up by them. She can write a fairly decent song, but she gets the leg up from mom and dad. I try hard to understand what it would be like had I received a Lexus for my 16th birthday.

    She is going to have a whole lot of help with her Saturn Return. She may fail it, but it wont matter. Her father, the marketing genius/wealth manager will find another way to throw her out there….like ‘take her back to her country roots’ (which she never had in the first place…she’s from Pennsylvania!)

    There are going to be people that will pay that much for tickets. If you could see what we have gone through getting them for Scorpio moon and the other two littles you wouldn’t believe it. She is coming back to this area in the fall. I had to sign up to her website, and get a constant barrage of emails and texts about ‘my next move’ so I can get ticket. That father of hers does not allow tickets to be sold off to the folks that buy rows of them and then re-sell them at a higher price. I had to actually get in line…to get in line to purchase them. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle. And I have little interest in hearing about her every move through email 3 times a week….but that is what you have to do to get tickets to her concert now.

    Every time she is here she sells out. And, they have to make a second day date and that sells out (in minutes) too. Its never been easy to get in to see her. I actually hate it. But, I love moon …so I will do it….but this time it depends on how much its gonna cost… Still, I promised that kid I would get her in this fall… I know my husband…he is going to get Scorpio moon whatever she wants hahahaha….she sure does love that little girl.

    Is any of it fair? NO…but she was born a 1%’r and she is going to die one. I got the horse shit parents, she was born into a fairy land. Sure is interesting to watch….

    Her daddy will keep that thing going for as long as he is able to do it….notice she never gets out of line? You never see her smoking a joint at a party with a bunch of people ….having fun…running around like a young person…just flying by the seat of her pants? You never will. Her parents have complete control over her. She has been dressing like Nancy Reagan since she was 16.

    Scorpio moon went to school with her Taylor Swift shirt on from the last concert we went to and took a lot of shit for it. The kids ostracized her, called her a rich kid.. said your parent must be rich (I worked my ass off like a dog for those tickets…I mean WORKED till my hands bled)

    I guess in the end, Moon could be crazy about something that would really make us worry. Taylor keeps it pretty PG at those concerts. I mean CLEAN. And there is no one at those concerts but young girls and their parents. The parents are paying for the tickets. And, daddy knows it. He makes sure that its CLEAN. He knows what he is doing.

    Why do I know any of this as it doesn’t matter a damn in my life at all…I love a little girl, that adores her. The reality is, we don’t really know who she is because no one really gets to see her. Its like the Wizard of Oz and daddy is behind the curtain. And he doesn’t give a shit who hates him. What a grand manipulation haha

    You cant have any respect for what she does, because she isn’t really behind any of it. I think it will be interesting to see what happens when her parents pass. I probably wont be around, but that is when it will get interesting. Look what has happened to Kanye since his mother passed. He lost his marbles!!

    Taylor Swift is a business, exactly as Madonna was a business. Neither of them are exceptional nor more talented than others but the team that runs the machine is running a business and a lot of people are buying. Imagine the people behind T-Swift and what they would have to lose if she lost her shit ….. Poor kid acts like a robot if you ask me. I would be ashamed to market my own child for wealth. I wouldn’t want mom and dads karma. Maybe after her Saturn Return she will take up gambling or drinking or get caught with a blunt like Obama’s daughter Malia! She was a sitting presidents daughter and she just don’t give a shit. I like her!!! haha

    • She doesn’t seem like the rebellious, drink, party, get high, and/or trash the hotel, type of person to me.

      But that’s just my opinion, though.

  10. There are only few celebs, about who I like to read. (Most celebs don’t read stuff about themselves, which is simply a matter of the amount, so no need to worry about this here.) Taylor Swift was born shortly after Germany reunited and all of Germany was a big party at that time. Consequently Taylor Swift’s Jupiter is conjunct my Moon. So she can always make me happy. But this is also in opposition with her Saturn and her Neptune. So she also makes me depressed and somehow deceived and then disillusioned. So I know that ‘reputation’ and ‘look what you made me do’ do represent how she really is. She won’t take any blame on herself. The first return of Saturn is rather a relief than a terrible time because it means just having survived the first return of the secondary progressive Moon. So Taylor Swift won’t see any need to change her way.

    Thanks @soup for the further insight. Although I believe that she’ll take the Tolstoi way in her late days (Tolstoi was also rich, but gave everything away when he was old) because the lunar nodes shouldn’t be underestimated.

  11. Great story and chart feature that is about how the complex conjunctions at birth are in action today’s stellum she has in her charu

  12. Butting in to comment that I doubt the chart posted as her natal?
    I really think she has a cap rising with pluto in scorpio 10th house and lilith in scorpio conj mc. It makes a lot of sense. Who’d talk so much about reputation, karma and trust issues, lol, it’s a scorpio/capricorn combination. Except the title, sorry but when I hear the line look what you made me do, all I think about is the cancer sign. 😀

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