Dining With Taurus… And Their Greed

You hear sometimes that Taurus is embarrassed of their greed. This is true, especially when it comes to food. If you eat out with a Taurus, it’s important their food is better than yours, or they’ll get pissed off.

They won’t say anything of course. Taurus appreciates grace and tries to be pleasant at all times, but you can just tell.

I went to Chipotle with a man with a Taurus Moon, once. That’s the place with the giant burritos. McDonalds has bought them now and I think they’re all over, but this was a dozen years ago when they were new and it was his first time there.

I ordered the vegetarian burrito, and he ordered the chicken. I saw him very slightly raise his eyebrow at me and I knew he thought I lacked taste. But then our food was served and mine was twice as big as his.

I saw the shock and horror cross his face before he was able to collect and console himself. I could tell what he was thinking too. Surely his would be more flavorful but it wasn’t. He took a bite of his chicken burrito and he was clearly disappointed. Meanwhile, I was raving about mine so I offered him a taste and he accepted it.

My burrito was lovely, and when I saw him glance down at his own meal, so plainly distressed, I had no choice but to trade plates with him. I didn’t ask. I just took his plate and gave him mine. You should have seen him, he was visibly relieved. Whew! That was close. He almost had to eat inferior food.



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  1. hmmm…I’m pretty sure this has been posted before, about a month ago? Or am I losing my marbles?
    Or am I sensitive because I’m a Taurus and this post is embarrassingly accurate?

  2. kashmiri – I wrote that in about 2002 and posted it in 2005. I brought it up because people are new here all the time and I am focused on getting the new news going. I posted it on the blog in 2005 but you may have stumbled on it in the archives or perhaps dreamed it?? 🙂

  3. Elsa I’m glad you re-post things because I really like your writing style.
    I don’t think I was reading you in 2005, but I really can’t remember. Might have been, or early 2006? I almost never cruise the archives unless something very specific (like Henry). Mostly I use the search.

    And yes it’s entirely possible I dreamt it. Saturn/Neptune, dontcha know!

  4. 2005? Have we known each other for so long already, Elsa? Time flies! I certainly remember this piece, since it´s about food… sticks to my mind forever when food is involved, I guess. Aaah, burritos!

    I´ve had the chance to study taurean food fetishism for six months now, and yes, you´re right ;-). I love that sensual, territorial way they have with edible stuff… and I´ve learned defend the meat on my plate (that´s what Taureans use forks for: picking some more from the other´s plate. For putting stuff into their mouths -or yours, when they´re really in love- they like to use their fingers.) When we had lunch together in my kitchen for the first time, I won his heart by allowing him to “forget about manners and just enjoy.” I´ll never forget that look of pure adoration on his face…

    Have to admit though that I´m a food fetishist myself – Jupiter in Taurus. Always picking the best. Good taste, literally ;-).

  5. ! I’m a Taurus.. we just moved to a new office with a Chipotle next door and the Vegetarian burrito is my once a week treat!! Yummmm.

  6. Yeah, I think I’ve read this before. I totally have done it at restaurants where the food I ordered turned out to be bad/tasteless and meanwhile someone else has crab….I am too polite to say it, but it’s like, “dammit, ordered the wrong one!”

  7. Mary R – Yeah, they are good but if you have a Qdoba nearby

    their chicken is incredible. Sure would like to know how to make that chicken – I have NO CLUE

  8. Jennifer- I’ve actually been so disappointed in some restaurants I’ve left it while my SO is still eating and gone down the street for something better.
    “I’ll meet you at the car.”
    I’ve been known to spend my last, last dime in a foreign country on a tasty meal. I remember being juuuust about penniless with no idea where the money was going to come in for weeks and still buying oysters and beer. Sitting in a park, alone, saying “Oh well, that was deeeelish.”

  9. Elsa – this is a really funny post. My ex was a Taurus and was like a human garbage can when it came to food. The groceries in my apartment would hardly last because he would just eat everything in sight. When I cooked, he ate everything and then ate whatever I didn’t eat off my plate. Same when we went to restaurants. I can eat a lot (maybe b/c of my Venus in Taurus??) but I was really amazed by his abilities!

  10. ST was the worst when it came to food, lol. When he was first diagnosed with heart failure at the hospital…..talk about torture for a Taurus. He got a reputation on the unit. Anyone who’s ever been on a heart floor in the hospital knows the drill—no added salt, no salty foods, no creamy dressings, NO CHEESE, no fun, etc. What does he do? Gives the lady taking his orders for meals a hard time. She’s married to my brother, so I heard all about it. “He’s always trying to order things that aren’t on the menu, he doesn’t want anything he’s supposed to eat….”. Yeah, Tauruses and cold salad dinners don’t get along. Especially when that Taurus probably knows how to sweet-talk somebody into grabbing something hot and delicious from any fast food restaurant within 5 miles.

  11. A reverse story. Venus/mercury/ic in taurus. Because I eat what I like and I am aware and direct of my preferences, even if my food happens to be less tasty than theirs, I’ll acknowledge that, congratulate them for their good decision,( maybe they inspired me for my future choice), and then eat my own food without complaining one bit. In consequence, because I’m grateful for whatever feeds my belly, people get the jealous about what I’m eating since I devour it and enjoy it. I could eat a plain apple, flax seeds in fermented milk and they still want to take a bite. Venus opposite pluto. Food envy is real. It’s just that I’ve mostly been on receiving end of it. Facts.

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