Dining With Taurus and their Greed – Redux

cookiePreviously on this theme – Dining With Taurus… And Their Greed – Chipotle One time I was dating a Taurus Moon, which is worse than a Taurus Sun when it comes to food. I baked him some chocolate chip cookies. Actually, I baked him cookies every few days because he was eating them four in the morning, four at work and four in the evening. He was limiting himself to 12 cookies a day. And the point is, there was not a cookie shortage. He was 40 years old, though it does not sound like it, does it?

Anyway he was taking his cookies to work, and several weeks went by. Taurus has habits and this had become a routine. So he came home one day and told me people at work were talking about his cookies.

“Like what?” I asked. “What did they say?”

“They said they looked good.”

“Did you give them one?”


“Why not?”

“They’re mine.”


A couple months later, I was at a party, doing astrology. I was putting up people’s charts and chatting and stuff… telling jokes. There was a group gathered around a computer and when I told this story, a gal at the party turned utterly BEET RED. Then she confessed.

“I do that.”

She said she had a big tin of some type of rich fudge or whatever (a Taurus would remember this part of the story) but anyway, she said it was huge. And she brought it to work, because she wanted to have it available, but she just could not bring herself to share it

“I just couldn’t do it, because it was MINE,” she said. And she wasn’t justifying this; she was embarrassed.

I cleared my screen. “When is your birthday?” I asked.

She rattled it off as I typed into the astrology program to pull her chart up. Sure enough, Taurus Moon.

Five years later, I told this second story to another Taurus, who said that nuts in fudge was strictly for beginners. “Why mess up the chocolate,” she explained. “Pure indulgence is the way to go.”



Dining With Taurus and their Greed – Redux — 8 Comments

  1. *raises hand*

    um, yeah. Taurus moon here. I’m perfectly willing to share pretty much everything except food. … especially something that’s a Special Treat.

    I should probably be more embarrassed about that, huh? :p

  2. O, o, o…I am on a diet. I can just smell that cookie! But I would share my sweets as otherwise I would eat them all myself and get fat; I have seen my sister, and it ain’t pretty. I am Taurus Sun, Leo Moon…vanity will not allow a lot of weight gain.

  3. LMAO!! My son has a Taurus sun and Mercury and it’s hell trying to get him to share properly. He’s ok with sharing things he’s not interested in, but that’s about it. Also, he keeps trying to claim his baby sister’s toys. *facepalm* I don’t bother trying to get him to share foods, honestly. I’m just not going there.

  4. my sd has a taurus moon. first year she had thanksgiving here, she about passed out when she realized we were only going to have one flavor of pie for the occassion!

    she went to tippins to get at least two other flavors of pie. and she stopped off and bought herself some pants, 2 sizes larger than what she was wearing at the time, in preparation for the holidays.

    i laughed for days. i’d never seen anybody do that before.

  5. Oh yes.. i remember my Taurus brother visiting when my kids were still small. I ordered him a pizza (he´s seven years younger than me and I´ve got Moon-Saturn in 3, responsibility towards siblings and stuff). He literally climbed on top of the sofa, chewing away mercilessly with his nephews´ hungry eyes staring at him from below. They didn´t have the chance of even getting the slightest bit – even though it was me who had payed for the pizza!

  6. Funny you mentioned holiday pies, Goddess, it made me remember my first Thanksgiving with my ex, I decided I was going to take pies, and I ended up taking 7 pies of various flavors. I have to laugh at myself looking back on those days as his family is big but not That big. People enjoyed but it was also overwhelming with the pies, I don’t really know where that is in my chart that I over do stuff so much sometimes.

  7. These Taurus blogs are harlious. Im in stiches. I’ll never forget the day when I surprised a an aquintance who I crushed at time with a coffee and cake. His face just lit up with the biggest smile. I’ll never forget it. Later found out they had a Taurus Venus. Obviously did well pulling on their heartstrings.

  8. I lived with a Taurus for a long time. I’d practice baking and make treats for our neighbors; they’d never actually make it out of the house –

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