Taurus And The Things The Covet

“P, I’m going to have to buy another watch cap,” the soldier said. “And I don’t want to. I really liked the watch cap I had. I had a Carhartt watch cap and I liked it. I really like that thing and now I am going to have to go in there and buy some bozo watch watch… some Osh Kosh B’Gosh or something equally embarrassing.”

“I’m sorry. You were fond of that thing, I could tell by the way you held it,” I said. “It was obvious you liked the thing.”

“You could tell I was fond?”

“Of course. I can tell when you have your hands on something you’re fond of.”

He laughed but I wasn’t kidding. The soldier freakishly protective of things he covets, his body language is very revealing. He always tucked that watch cap under his arm, clamped against his body where no one could get at it. This would be compared to his flinging something around (means nothing) or handling normally (utility item).

His Scorpio Moon would hate that it’s this obvious but it is.

Can any of you Tauri relate?

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Taurus And The Things The Covet — 7 Comments

  1. This post set off a light bulb for me to understand my Mars in Taurus in 7th house – I am very (overly) protective of my relationships! I give out Darth Vader death stares to any woman who admires my husband (and though he is older now, believe me, it still happens alot!)

  2. Not a Taurean but I have seen this in effect! My boyfriend has a Taurus Asc and a Scorpio Sun – He is very protective of his bikes and takes extra care of them. Whenever we hang around the city, the bike post he locks his bike on should be within viewing distance. He will also periodically come out to check on the bike.

    One time, some dude kicked his locked bike on the bike post… He dashed out and pretty much LOST it! Almost beat the crap out of the guy!

  3. So I don’t have any planets in Taurus, however my third house is in Taurus, if I am understanding correctly. Third house rules communication – so I am very protective of my feelings and thoughts? I can see it.

  4. I would agree. You can tell when I really like something I am extra special touch ywith it. I think, maybe this is just me, that the tauri that value things are also the type to fix up other people’s stuff when it’s broken or dirty and who is very very careful with borrowed items because it’s not MY thing and therefore should be respected and returned in better condition than given. Mostly because that is what I would expect if I let someone use MY thing 😉

    My mom, taurus, borrows garden equipment and tools from the neighbors as they were unpacking and the neighbors were weirded out when their shovel was returned clean and lightly oiled. Similar with other items she returned to them.

    I think it is a general feeling of the value of tools and work that it takes to earn tools and “things” of beauty and purpose.

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