Trouble Letting Go After Being Betrayed By A Friend

Dear Elsa,

Around 11 years ago my “best friend” hurt me and betrayed my trust, by moving without letting me know. Over the years she tried reconnecting with me and while I was polite I didn’t want to follow through because I was afraid of the same thing happening again. Last year I wanted to get over it and let go of the negative feelings I’d been harboring so I emailed her back finally and explained why I had been reluctant to reconnect, but would now like too and was hoping for her to explain her actions so long ago.

She emailed me back, but didn’t offer any explanations, just chalked it up to being a dumb kid. Since that initial email, she has not responded to any email or myspace message I’ve sent. I do not try often, once every few months I’ll email her. It really bugs me she won’t respond, but what bothers me most is how much it bugs me. How do I let this go and move on?

United States