Synasty vs Composite Charts: Updated

I promised an update to the Grand Crosses and Other Frights series and this is it.  I was in a relationship with a grand cross in the composite, followed by a relationship with a grand trine in the composite.  The 2nd relationship was far more pleasant and this was all I could note at the time.

This brings me to a point I have been meaning to make – Nothing substitutes for experience. You can read until you are blue and it is just not the same as living. Point is I was writing from my experience at the time and now I have more experience.

My impressions of how these things play have not changed but my understanding has deepened. I still think that strong, closed configurations in the composite chart indicate relationship that are very hard to escape but seeing as I am now in a 3rd relationship with a strong composite, it’s occurred to me that someone like me has no choice but to look for a “trap”  otherwise I would be nowhere, unable to sustain or stay in a relationship.

I am just that flaky and fleeting and escapist and disappearing so if you think about that it makes sense I would have to find a form or a frame. I really struggle to stay in my body so we best put me in some kind of container, this is a benefit.

In contrast people who have grand crosses (or the like) in their natal chart probably have no such need. I don’t know this but this is my guess.

Now I did wind up leaving the relationship with the composite grand trine and entering one with a composite grand cross (with the soldier) which just goes to show you, never say never.

I didn’t slip on a banana peel and fall unwittingly into another difficult relationship. I was completely conscious of my decision. In fact I discussed it at length and I sounded just like this:

“If I go with him, I will suffer. I will never get out, it will always be hard… and that will be that. I will be stuck to, do you realize that? I am telling you I will not be able to get out…”

Now that may sound harsh but fact is I did not get into this relationship with the soldier lightly. I was going to have to drive around and see him in a truck every two weeks for a year, remember? Who signs on for something like that lightly, hmm. Better yet, who signs on for that at all?

Never mind the mile-high stack of other problems we had, I made the decision and I’ve not regretted for a minute. It has been very hard. You have no idea what we’ve been through in the last 3 years, both together and separately but here we we are in our difficult (deeply satisfying) relationship that we can’t get out of I can offer this other insight.

You know how I said with the other grand cross chart, people could not deal with both of us at the same time? Well the soldier and I have the same problem. People either deal with me or they deal with him but they do not deal with “us”… except for some notable exceptions and I have cracked the code on this.

His son and my son both deal with us as a unit and I mean they get all the way in there. It’s very damned brave, I’ll tell you but they do get in there. For example both of them have stepped in at different times to mediate one of our epic battles which would be insane if it didn’t work and I’ll tell you how and why I think it works.

What happens is they both have planets (heavy duty) conjunct one of the points in our Grand Cross. That is, they can interact with our fortress because they can enter it and be part of it.

I’d go on to say that people who read this blog who can also (comfortably) deal with the union probably also have planets conjunct the points of our composite grand cross.

Pretty cool, huh?


Synasty vs Composite Charts: Updated — 18 Comments

  1. Very cool!! And great info on composite patterns.

    Hey, I also agree about the difference life experience makes. All the book larnin’ is still no substitute for hands on experience. 🙂

  2. possibly… don’t know where the points are, but that would stand to reason…

    i’m glad you wrote this one. after the last installment i actually looked at the chart of my current relationship (rather than just reading the various aspects in the composite) and we have one too… and i started to panic a little. but i’ve never been happier. (thus the need to not forget experience in light of astrology;)
    natally, i do have a lot of squares, but i also have venus/uranus…

    what i see anyway… if you can get a natal grand cross to work, you’re a pretty potent person, and i think it might have a similar effect in a composite.

    thus i appreciate reading about the force of will you two express towards each other…. helps me recognize that none of the challenges i’m facing are insurmountable….

  3. Some of this astrology is over my-not-quite beginner-but-beginner-nonetheless head, but it is deeply reassuring for some reason.

  4. it’s been great reading all the parts to this synastry vs. composite. so informative.

    i had a look at my SO and I’s synastry chart and wasn’t surprised in the slightest to find a Grand Trine (Earth). I can’t remember in which post you wrote about the AMF and his therapist being upset about the relationship.

    A friend of my bf’s tried to stop our relationship forming and needless to say he axed her pronto. I used to attribute it solely to his Scorpio but this has helped me see it more fully.
    It’s also comforting. Our relationship is stable but we have had brutally tough times too and I will remember this for a lifetime. Thank you Elsa from the bottom of my heart. Though my heart doesn’t really have a bottom, I’ve got Juuuuuupiter:)

  5. Can you talk about why you left the Grand Trine since it was so pleasing? I’d think most people would die for a Grand Trine composite relationship. Are some people bored by harmonious G.Trine relationships?

    Do you still stay in touch with the Trine guy since it’s supposed to be inescapable?

    Also, is a Grand Trine as powerful if it contains non personal planets like Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn?


  6. this is very cool stuff!! this is why I love studying astrology….so much to learn….akin to putting a puzzle together

  7. Totally cool. I love your insights on synastry and composite charts and love how you explain how its goes beyond just reading the charts. My most interesting chart interaction has been between my sister and I. Together we have a composite chart which has a tight stellium of planets in Sag and planets in the ninth house! It is interesting because if we met new people together they interact with us as if we were one person and we often find if we are out individually we are often asked were the other half is, weird but i like it we are a wicked team

  8. Reading all of these synastry/composite posts and thinking deeply on my own, I discovered that my spouse and I have a bowl chart, that tips to pour out gently in the counterclockwise position. Our cutting planet is Saturn, we have Scorpio rising, an Aries moon, fourth house stellium AND Leo on the midheaven.

    This seems to add up to a relationship with intense resources, sometimes overflowing. We can escape, sometimes we don’t have the choice because we’ve been “poured out” but right back here is where we come, because where else can we get this type of combined energy?

  9. I’m in a relationship with a composite grand cross right on the angles. I think it has worked well because two of those four points are Sun conj. Venus opposing the Moon, which is pretty relationshippy. And for your theory, Elsa, both our Venuses are conjunct the composite Sun/Venus and our moons are widely conjunct the planets on the IC and MC.

    When transiting planets bunch up on a point of the grand cross, there have been some rough spots. Have only been in the relationship about two years, but we did sort of attempt to break up a year ago and that didn’t work long at all. I do feel that if we ever try to end this, it will be a challenge to disentangle.

  10. Hi

    So facinating. I am entering a relationship and notice that we have both a grand cross and a grand trine in our composite chart….What does it mean???

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