Synastry In Real Life

love vintage magazineMy husband left his coffee cup on his nightstand. He usually brings it into the kitchen and must have forgotten when he went to work.

I’m glad he did. I had to walk around the bed to pick up his cup. I glanced and saw that a small amount of the creamy coffee he likes was left in the bottom of the cup. I drink my coffee black and remembered making his, early in the morning.

I have served my husband breakfast in bed every morning we slept together for going on ten years. Every morning.

I’m sure to continue to do this because I enjoy it and it’s easy for me. It’s easier than anything else I can think of doing.

I don’t really want him in my hair in the kitchen. He likes to sleep and I like to wake up.

I bring him his food and coffee and leave him to eat it. He’s happy and I am unhindered. Unhindered and happy mean the same thing in my world.

You may know or be able to guess that my husband is a Taurus. He’s very easy to please, but it’s our Moons that harmonize so well.

When a couple’s Moons are in harmony, they have an easy time at home. They make each comfortable without a lot of effort.

You may think my husband has the good end of this deal, but it’s not the case. My husband understands if I have to sit in bed and eat with him, I’ll go insane… so he doesn’t ask for that.

This is astrology in real life. You and your partner may have Moons that harmonize or you may not. But you have things like this too and it pays to acknowledge them.

You can check for compatibility of this kind with a Relationship Report. It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself.


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  1. I’d call you a kitchen nazi but that would be racist?? I find that funny because there are areas that I reserve for myself too.

    I live in a semi rural area and most men make space for a man cave on their property. Basically a shed where they can mess around and do it their way. Sometimes when I need to borrow tools, I am allowed to peer into these places. Some of them are awesome. Workspace. Virgo gets it.

  2. “You may think my husband has the good end of this deal, but it’s not the case. My husband understands if I have to sit in bed and eat with him, I’ll go insane… so he doesn’t ask for that.”

    Such a familiar feeling! Well, my Husband doesn’t do breakfast at all during the week, he just doesn’t have the time to enjoy it the way he’d like. But there are so many things on which people suppose my Husband has the good end of the deal here, when I tell them about our life, but that’s not the case. Our Moons aren’t a traditional “made in heaven” synastry match, but it works. We’re both Cardinal Moons. Husband’s Aries Moon initiates, while my Capricorn Moon just has to feel concretely needed. And, our Composite Moon is in the 6th.

  3. Was this a newsletter?
    My parents have Aries and Cancer moons and I have never heard them agree on a single thing when it comes to the house except for decorating. Most of their fights are about the house. And in true aries and cancer fashion, my mom screams and my dad guilt trips 🙂 When it comes to decorating though everything is 100% Libra (both their suns). Usually the problem is my dad can’t throw anything away (cancer!) and refuses to prune bushes and trees because it will “hurt them” (cancer!) They also can’t agree on pets, or on if their kids should be allowed to live at home. And there is always the mess (which is nonexistent but my mom has virgo) and buying new things, and ugh. They fight about so much in the house, they’ve lived together 27 years, you would think they would be over it by now.

  4. I thought my ex had a taurus moon (I’m Virgo moon) so was extremely shocked when we moved in together to find we simply did not nurture each other on a day-to-day basis. I then discovered his actual birth time which meant he was an Aries moon not a Virgo moon. Penny dropped. The break-up was hard but this knowledge about our moons helped tremendously.

  5. My best love was my first true love and I really wish I’d had more info than L. Goodman’s Sun Signs. He was a fellow Gem moon….. Libra Sun ( I have Lib rising) He died nearly 3 years ago. I always thought we’d be sitting on a front porch swing together somewhere up in Wisconsin in our old age.
    We stayed in touch and always confessed our love for each other. He pops into my dreams and it always feels very real.

  6. Hello Elsa! I think it ‘s my first comment on your site. I like the way you approached this subject. Well, this time in my life I have a boyfriend that we spend many hours together and I love it. I ‘m not used to it at all but we nurture each other very much. Our moons make no aspect. His 17 of Pisces and mine 24 of Aquarious. His moon squares my Sun in Sag (and Venus and Uranus) and mine squares his in Scorpio. There should have been conflict right? In the end, are the squares so bad in real life?

    • *Oh, and as for the breakfast example, sometimes he has to wake up at 6:30 and even then, I love waking up with him so that we can have breakfast together and he loves it too. I have a Taurus ASC, he has Libra.
      My ex, with whom we had a great synastry but a not-so-great relationship,in 4 years we rarely had breakfast together, sometimes he didn’t even drink coffee and he certainly didn’t know how I drink mine. Our moons were in sextile and his in conj with my Sun, Venus, Uranus and mine in conj with his ASC and mars. I NEVER felt nurtured with him.

  7. My husband and I have a composite moon in the 4th house, so we love our home, and the space it provides for us, but Saturn sits in our 5th house and really puts a damper on the fun factor…even when we are on vacation or doing some fun activity with our family, it always ends up in a fight or just a general feeling of a black cloud always being overhead. Our natal moons square each other, his in Aquarius and mine in Taurus, so its a good thing he works out of town for 2 weeks. Then he is home for 2 weeks. He is gone just enough for me to miss him, and he’s home just long enough for me to get sick of him. I don’t know what we will do when he retires! Maybe I will go out of town for 2 weeks without him every now and then, just to maintain our status quo!

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