Surviving The 2016 Mutable Grand Cross

mutableHi Elsa,

So we survived the cardinal grand cross. So now, how does a mutable grand cross energy feel like?

I see mutable grand crosses every darn chart, solar or lunar return I check for the coming year. Neptune & Chiron (Pisces) Saturn (Sagittarius) Jupiter & nodes (Virgo), combined with mutable moon ( and asc)… every hit of moon makes me cry for no reason.


Serious leoscorp

Hi, leoscorp. I’m glad you wrote, I’m sure I can help.

First, you’re overplaying this. I like that it goes with your screen name. Drama (Leo) and doom (Scorp).

Second, you seem to be experiencing this energy is the worst possible way. Your worry (Virgo) and fear (Saturn) is overblown (Jupiter). You’re disabled (Pisces) by your emotion (Moon).

It’s possible to reconfigure your view on this and get a completely different result. Remember we’re dealing with mutable energy here. It’s actually easier to morph than it is to stay in one place.

You’re triggered when you see this grand cross in all these various charts, because of what it means to you. If I can give you a new, positive meaning, you can look at the same grand cross in the same charts and see something completely different.

Now about this crying…

Has it occurred to you that you are emotionally blocked?  Has it occurred to you these transits are dissolving your blocks, giving you access to your own emotion? Has it occurred to you, that releasing your tears might be benefitting you greatly?

I remember the first time I really let loose my tears (in 1993). Please, please read this: Crying Capricorn (In Public No Less).

I think you’ll see that your tears are opening doors. You’re becoming a more sensitive person. These transits are enhancing your life. Once you relax, I bet this will become apparent.

If this doesn’t work, and you really feel you’re going crazy or coming unglued, buy this for intellect: How To Stay Stable As Structures Dissolve.

I’m extremely attuned to this energy, natally. The workshop is a sophisticated and will get your feet on the ground for sure.

Good luck!

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Surviving The 2016 Mutable Grand Cross — 8 Comments

  1. …well here I am crying again- but now because you touched my heart. I think you are right about the emotion block. fixed hates to admit to this…fixed hates cry babies.
    thank you for your kindness & wisdom. this helps alot!

  2. leoscorp, Elsa, THANK YOU FOR THIS. This Pluto on Asc and Cap moon (1st house) is feeling emotional after reading this. ..

  3. Ok so waite to you hear this one. I am Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon and Sagitarius asc. Talk about emotionally blocked. I started to sing again and it really helped. She used to be mine by Sara Barrelles really gets out all the emotions!

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