Surviving 2020, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn stelliumI send a newsletter out about three times a week. It’s independent from this blog.  A few times a year, I publish the letter on this blog.

This is today’s dispatch. I want this known as broadly as possible.

“…I’ve been busy with consultations. There’s an upside to this, other than the fact, it’s how I pay my bills. Clients tend to arrive in groups or present with clusters of problems. This gives me insight into what people are dealing with.

    • People with planets around 20 degrees of mutable signs are really struggling with the Neptune station.
    • People with angles around 25 Cardinal are also under siege.
    • People will planets in early degrees of Fixed signs are dealing with Uranus in Taurus and scared of Saturn, headed their way.

These groups are flared up at this time but there is something common to all. I’m sure it’s brought on by the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction! Simply put, people are scared to death!

I have found myself telling people, they best plan for their survival! This includes people intermittently, wish they could die. I know the feeling, but chances are you are not going to die, so what does that mean?

It means you should plan (Capricorn) for your future (Jupiter). Because while this conjunction will be sustained for months, it is not going to be sustained forever. You will come out of your depression. Now is the time to prepare for that.”

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Got plans for your survival? What are they?


Surviving 2020, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn — 20 Comments

  1. Stellium in late degrees of Capricorn, dealing with virus, Bighorn fire, and recovery from severe illness….Yet having a pretty good time! What’s the astrology for that, Elsa!

  2. I read your newsletter this morning in email and I thought, “This needs to be posted online!” So, thank you.

    Plans for my survival involve:

    * not leaving the house except when forced to, until there’s a vaccine, pretty much. I won’t see other people even with “social distancing” because I just don’t feel okay doing it, it’s way too weird and dangerous to be around humans now and I can’t enjoy them while always having to think of The Virus if they are in person. I have plenty of online chatter I can do for that.

    * I’ll see my therapist but otherwise my sanity is going out the window so that I can survive, and that’s what I’m going to do. I will sell my soul to the devil to keep my job so that I can stay alive, if I have to. (Though at this point they are so short staffed that they are stuck with me, so maybe firing isn’t as much of a risk any more.)

    * I’m giving up on the crush, maybe it can be revisited in three years or whenever this special hell ends. But I just don’t know how to talk to him at a distance any more and I don’t think he knows how to either. I wish we could, I’ve asked the universe for help, but got no answer, so I guess it’s not doable. Maybe he just needs to spend three years by himself alone and brooding, I don’t know.

    * I will distract myself and work on performing and writing and seeing shows as much as I can. Distraction is the best.

  3. Yup, alot of deathening going on. Like I could get shot in the crossfire, die by virus, get shot for wearing a mask since that has now become political. It brings death into focus. I have had to face my mortality before, and while that is for shit, it also makes every day precious. If anyone else has been there before, you might be able to relate to that. Or you may have heard the dying talk of it. Some sort of duality in that too. Don’t want to leave the planet, but the eventuality of that happening makes me appreciate life and see everything I had taken for granted.

    The Cancer Cry Baby write was helpful for my interaction with Dolce who reaffirmed for me the experience of life and living. The wonders of living on this planet and that is carrying me through.

    The outer forces have a life of their own. I can do what I can do to protect myself and others by masking and distancing. And where in the past, I would engage in battle to take a stand for what I feel to be right, I let those people’s words fall to the ground. And you know what, they wanted to fight and they could count on me for it. No more. And they go away. Who needs more strife. Why would I let that in to my life experience.

    Financially, I’ve always been pretty much borderline poverty level on one side or the other. I am a saturn square pluto so have had to learn to live with less, so that is helpful at this time. Survival has been ingrained through surviving the challenges of living this long.

    But I do believe that living and enjoying and experiencing as much love as possible is key to my survival. While pluto opp natal venus it also sextiles transiting Neptune conjunct natal mars. I think that may be a great help in softening and spiritualizing my life experience.

    • “… get shot for wearing a mask since that has now become political.”

      OMG YES! I am sooooo sick of the dirty looks!! WTF is that all about??? I just don’t get it.

      • WTF is that about? It’s kinduv like viewed as treason or something. Some anti mask guy at the rally said, I hate dat virus. I am not going to get dat virus. Ya, well nobody likes the virus but I am not that spaced out in the neptunian wave I am experiencing that I am ignoring what’s happening with dat virus.

        A young woman at a garden store told me that I looked stupid. I don’t think it was because my mask looked any maskier than any other. I just looked at her and continued on my way. Note to self: don’t look at anger, don’t make eye contact with it, don’t feed it. I don’t think it is that anyone is angry at me, but really angry at the virus for messing everything up. The mask becomes an icon for the virus and the mess. So attack the icon I suppose. So complicated. I just don’t want to get sick or get anyone else sick is all. It’s really quite simple.

          • Yes I agree – there is some sort of “we’re both wearing masks so you’re OK” vibe out there. I’m like you, I don’t want to get sick or spread if I’m asymptomatic.

  4. Oh I did not consider Pluto moving into square with natal Neptune at the end of my house of libra. That’s something all us oldsters are and will be experiencing. Them there outer forces changing things around out there and nothing to do about it. A life of it’s own, those outer forces.

    And now back to a day of experiencing life on the ground. Some culinary action in the kitchen. Salivate salivate. And some playing in the dirt.

    • It gets better. Neptune is trining Venus. That explains alot. If I could bottle this I would. So yes, I am riding the neptune wave.

  5. My plans for right now include stocking up on food and supplies over the next few months, working with my plants, maybe learning how to can food and sew in case our supply chains get further disrupted (with the surges in the virus we’re having now, that’s pretty much a given).

  6. Hey laughing goat, I heard some commentary from Palm Beach County FL about how wearing a mask is an affront to God’s wondrous breathing system and the mandate to wear them is the devil’s law. And Drs who support mask wearing as a deterrent are creating crimes against humanity. So that’s what’s up with that from the horses’ mouths. I would not have guessed all that. But that is where people are at.

    • And looky where FL is at now…. and AZ and TX and CA…

      I can only make “sense” of it in my head that these claims/beliefs are just pure ignorance.

      Just the basic definition of ignorance: noun. Lack of knowledge or information.

      Didn’t they glean anything from what New York went through???

      • The place where I work is telling people to come back and they have this whole safety plan. I talked to ‘because that’s the way it’s supposed to be cappy’ via phone this week on a work matter. She’s still Safer At Home too. So we have these online meetings daily and she is monitoring what the workers in the background behind the faces in the meeting are doing and pointing out all the rules they are not following. Of course, they aren’t following the safety guidelines. She continues to make me laugh just because she is always looking for compliance. I usually just listen and continue working during the meetings, so I did not notice. But she is on it. They still think I am indispensible which no one is of course, so I ain’t going back there.

        They are pushing here to get kids back to school in fall. It was just supposed to be us golden oldies and those with health problems that got it till the beaches and bars opened up and it hit the 18-29s. So with schools opening??? And the little ones who got it, their immune systems went into overdrive and had difficulty resuming normality. Yikes. I think it is only going to get worse unfortunately. The US botched it. Botched it big time. Too little way too late.

  7. “People with planets in early degrees of Fixed signs are dealing with Uranus in Taurus and scared of Saturn, headed their way…”
    Yup! This is me…
    Aquarius in Saturn 5 degrees in 5th house, Taurus Moon 10degrees in 8th house.
    Im scared witless. Im scrambling to clean up old things and put new diciplines in place before the end of the year when Saturn enters Aquarius.
    It wont stop the sh** show that comes after but at least Ill have tools in place to deal with it…I hope…

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