Super Bowl XLV: The Pittsburgh Steelers Vs The Green Bay Packers by Nota

This Sunday, 5:30 PM Central at Cowboys Stadium (aka Jerry World, aka The Death Star) The Pittsburgh Steelers confront the Green Bay Packers to determine this year’s NFL Champions.

To the right is a chart for the start of the game. You can click on it for a larger image.

The game opens with Leo on the horizon making this a Sun ruled event. Mars in the heart of the Sun trine Saturn is a hot but slow burn. These are the guys who have gone the distance. Expect aggressive but paced play.

Commenting on a previous article, our friend nathan elderkin suggested when looking at a game chart, use the ascendant to represent the home team and the descendant for the visitor. I like this method, but will have to wait until future games to use it, because in the Super Bowl, both teams are visitors.

Talking to my dad on the phone, he suggested I look at it this way; The Packers are named for the Indian Packing Company which processed canned meat. Meat is associated with Taurus, that makes them Venus ruled. The Steelers are metal workers making them Mars ruled.

Under my Dad’s schema the Packers are under intense pressure. Venus is conjunct Pluto with hard aspects to Uranus,The Moon and Jupiter straddling the Aries point. I’ve heard there’s no such thing as a bad aspect to Jupiter But if you’ve ever seen a hard situation go from bad to super-ginormous-gargantuan-cataclysm then you understand the exaggerating power of Jupiter.

The Steelers are represented by that Mars cazimi which is either a magnificent fire or a terrible burn out depending on who you ask. I mentioned in my last article that Ben Roethlisberger is headed into his Saturn Return. His Mars is also conjunct Saturn reiterating the days theme. This just may be his big day in the Sun (or his date with karma.)

Who do you think will take home the coveted Lambardi trophy this year? The Packers or the Steelers?

You can vote in our board poll here.

Check out my previous game analysis with charts for Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.


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Super Bowl XLV: The Pittsburgh Steelers Vs The Green Bay Packers by Nota — 13 Comments

  1. Why not use the earliest important dates for each team? After all, it’s the team which wins, not the quarterback by himself. Unless you assume the quarterback having a good day is a necessary and sufficient condition to win the game.

    Green Bay Packers: August 11, 1919, Green Bay, Wisconsin (team founding)

    Pittsburgh Steelers: September 10, 1933 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (first game)

    Granted, no times are given.

  2. Ok, I’m going with Steelers mostly because there my team. Running with what you said Nota, here’s my really watery logic:
    If the Steelers are mars, they have luck (jupiter) and emotion (moon) on their side (in aries). Also mars is conjunct the sun, so strong & shining (add that the asc is leo and that’s more umph for the Steelers). Packers being venus, Taurus is empty (and ruling the 10th) so an empty career day. Libra has Saturn sitting on it (and you associated Ben with Saturn, due his SR) so there again, the Steeler’s are disrupting the Packers. Saturn is also trining the sun/mars conjunct, so and easy flow there. Pluto on venus in the 5th to me reads the Packers will have to do something very creative to tranform all this other energy. However, the nn sitting here shows it maybe in their cards to do just that.

    I find it very interesting that venus (Packers), Pluto and NN are squaring (vs) Aries (Steelers) luck/jupiter & moon/emotion. Mercury is also sitting there in the cappy 6th house of day to day work, and sextile to jupiter/moon Aries (Steelers) but semi-sextile for the (Packers)Venus/Pluto. So I’d put that more in the Steelers favor as well.

    What a fascinating chart, thanks Nota! :o)
    Any chance you’ll be doing the quarterback charts for that day as well?

  3. I’m a cheese head;-) And even though I’ve never been a fan of football, I actually kinda of loathe it (which was tantamount to being exorcised from the family, growing up in WI) I secretly kinda want the Pack to win;-)

  4. The Packers are the designated home team, wearing green uniforms, not the usual white home uniform.

    And the visiting team will win 🙂

  5. I didn’t! I’ve always got my eye on him too! Neptooon! I’ll watch out for sure now.

    Coming back slow and steady…keep it up guys! *crossing fingers and swigging beer*

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